24Yrs Old , 5'2 , Abt 130lbs . Asymmetrical. 600 Moderate plus Kansas City, MO

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Alright, after many many years of hating my body...

Alright, after many many years of hating my body because of my breasts... I'm FINALLY going to have my consultation on February 29th!! A little back story:

I've always hated my boobs, hated the way they fit (or rather didn't) into clothes and bras. One breast (left) seemed to be bigger and droopy. I say bigger, but both are not full. making bras a nightmare, and pushup bras a necessity(still never fit right). Which along with the constant push up bra wearing comes those awkard moments of stiff boobed hugs.... ugh. Also the horrible struggle of wanting to go swimming and wear a damn bikini... but you can't. Apart from that I have a thin (in my opinion anyway) a fluffy kind of skinny,, not toned work out bod. (maybe one day..) but a rather large butt. Hey, I love my butt. I just need matching boobs to help me feel proportionate. Currently i'm butt heavy. I really cant wait to see how I will look, and have a much more curvy, sexy body!

I'm wondering if I will need to get my left breast lifted first... Any ladies with a similar case?
(I know that it will vary due to different cases and doctors)

How soon after your Consultation were you able to get the surgery done?
(I;m anxious to get the surgery done and over with so that I can heal! I think that I am a size A or small B and I would like to go to a full D or DD. I feel like I know what I want, So I don't think i'd hold myself up with indecision)

Moms with young children, this one's for you.... HOW?
(I have a 30lb toddler that's 2, and a 4month that's 14lbs. Am I insane for wanting it now? I may or may not be able to have help for the week or two after from my husband. Is that enough time?)

Advise please

Alright I've seen that some people talk about doing back exercises. How do I find a good effective work out?

And on another note, I'd like some effective arm and thigh exercises. I feel like with this big change I will be motivated once more to workout again. And leading up to the surgery, a bigger wow factor and total health and beauty transformation goal for myself.

The anticipation is going to kill me

So many emotions this morning... I decided to take some pictures and sit back and really think about everything. Looking at these pictures, I think things like 'sad boobs' 'saggy' 'gross' And really, I am beautiful. We ALL are!! And when we make these changes to ourselves, it just enhances our beauty! We all have goals of what we would like to look like, and for me, I don't have the skinniest body, but I love it! And I will love it even more when I enhance my breasts :) Remember ladies, we don't need to justify our happiness to anyone!

Consultation date moved up!!!!!

My consultation was originally Feb 29th... horrible right? A whole month of waiting from when I had called to schedule... torture. So I decided hey, I'll just call and see if there were any cancellations. And sure enough, Monday the 8th had opened up!!! I was like heck yeah put me in for that date! Lets get this going!!!! I'm getting closer and closer to saying goodbye to my sad little boobs. Bring on the sexy plump ones!!!!!!

I'm becoming terrified

As I look through the stories, and research more doctors.. I'm becoming more and more terrified. I don't see any cases that are similar to mine... And i'm starting to get scared about doing this.. what if it turns out horrible?

I'm needing some words of encouragement :(

I am beyond happy to announce...

After much research.... I have chosen my PS!!! I have chosen Joe Gryskiewicz! This man has beyond amazing reviews and photographs. Not only that, he took the time to write me a (more personal than most) response to my questions on this site! After researching, I realized to get the breasts I want, I HAVE to get a lift. And I was horrified at the scars that the lifts leave behind! Not only that, but I scar very easy as it is and would not heal well. After countless doctors told me to be prepared for a scar on only one breast, he told me I could have a scarless lift. Thinking it was too good to be true, I researched his history. And sure enough, this man delivers on his promises. SO, I will be traveling to MN to this amazing man, and I'm only sure that I will be raving about my experience and be posting many, many pictures after the procedure ;) now to fill out my paperwork (that he so conveniently provides for out of state patients) that will take me one step closer to confidence!!!

Next Step!

Paperwork: Done
Awaiting reply for his thoughts for the procedure and estimated cost, then...... SETTING A DATE!!

This is a longer process than I thought....

So, after speaking with Joe's receptionist on his ideas for the surgery... I wasn't too happy. I did more research, and I found a PS that has patients that have similar cases to mine, and the afters...... amazing! So I have my consult with him on the 21st of July. This time, instead of letting myself get overly excited in anticipation for my new breasts, I will wait to see what he says before I confirm that he is the one ;). But I think that's what a lot of women do though.. Right?

Surgery is a big deal. Especially when you've been dealing with insecurities since puberty. So it makes sense that you may be overcome with anxiety and anticipation.

Fingers crossed that this PS is the one, and that I can get this process started so that I may cross to the other side sooner rather than later :)

What size?

So I've been wearing a Victoria's secret bra for a long time now. They are the kind that add two cup sizes. I'm posting a pic of me in it, and all I can think is how I can see the asymmetry, see terrible uneven cleavage, and always have to fight my right nipple (the smaller breast) to stay in the damn bra! Asymmetry sucks. But after reading reviews, this bra might actually help me get used to the size and weight!

So I measured myself with the bra on, and came up with 38c. Now, I think that I'm pretty set on DD's. I've heard you shouldn't go in saying a cup size, but rather the cc's. So how can I know what to say?


Wish pics!

These are the pictures that I'll be showing the potential PS next week. I'll be showing the likes and Dislikes, for a hopefully better understanding of my goals.


So I finally tried the sizers, don't think that I did it right though.. 600ml of rice each. So... 600cc? Idk but I'm liking the size ????

For the real selfers like me..

So, research is great. Especially for a procedure that is sure to change your life. So, for anyone reading this.. don't pressure yourself to choose a surgeon as fast as possible. The more you delve into this process and world of cosmetic surgery, the more you learn. And boy do you learn... and learn... and learn. I became nervous after looking at countless doctors, 4 doctors (speaking with) and reading reviews where ppl had "known they found the perfect surgeon" after only a few. So I put pressure on myself to choose one. But what I recently read on a review is, making sure the doctor has done plenty of procedures that align with your vision. Many surgeons have their own ways of doing things that won't match up with your view. And with that insight... I actually feel like I have now found "the one". Make sure your wishes and views match up with your surgeons, and if something they say doesn't sit right, DON'T FEEL PRESSURED TO SETTLE. Keep looking for as long as it takes! Best of luck ladies!! We are on this journey together :)

Sizers take 2. Large sports bra

My tuberous sisters... advice please?

It's been quite a while, but all that while I've been looking over SO MANY doctors, photos, reviews, and advice. It's SO MUCH to process! I've set up a few consultations in my area, really hoping that I find "the one"

To my tuberous compadres, ask your insurance provider if reconstruction of tuberous deformity is covered. I did, and they said YES. A little over 80%!!

My consultation is the 19th. I've looked into this surgeon quite a bit.
1. He has his own surgery facility. In my mind, a pro.
2. He has done extensive reconstruction. Another pro.
3. He is in my insurances network. A pro that I just recently found out AFTER deciding to go to him. BONUUUS
4. In this consult I will get to try on sizers, along with going over a LOT of important points of implant, expectations, and surgery. (A big pro, because I want to go over everything. I don't want to span out over multiple consults)

My only complaint is that he didn't have many tuberous before and after pics. But his overall work is pretty great.

I'm very nervous because I really want to get over my anxiety over my breasts. Having tuberous deformity, I feel quite hopeless sometimes. Other times optimistic. It's not a very fun roller coaster.

Any advice on what questions to ask? Not only (but very important) tuberous corrective questions, but in general.

I just know what I want, and I want to make sure I get it. Or as very close as possible.

I'll post the wish pics I plan on showing the surgeon. Also I will post everything about the consult, and be as descriptive as possible!

Consultation DONE!

I met with Dr Frederick Thompson, he was very professional and funny! He cracked a few jokes, made sure he knew what I wanted, it was great! For my width I measured at a 16, so we are looking at getting 600 mod+ silicone implants! I tried on 500, but it just wasnt enough for me. And with my width there is no problem fitting more! We went over before and after care, when I pick a date then they will go over it again. They gave me shampoo to use before surgery, and mupirocin ointment to put in my nose a few days before. I'm just wondering if I should go to someone else just to see their opinion... but I feel like he would give me nice results. Uggghhhh so much to think about!

I also just realized that I didn't take a picture with the 600cc, whoops. I was too distracted by HOW REAL the implants felt!! My husband kept laughing cause I couldn't get over it :P
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