3 and a half weeks of my BB revision- Miami, FL

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I'm going to start off with my body info. I'm 5'1,...

I'm going to start off with my body info. I'm 5'1, 131 pounds, about a 32B (not even sure myself) and I'm 25 years old! I have 2 boys, a 9 year old and an 8 year old (I know I had them young) For the last 1 year or so I have wanted a mommy make over so bad. I started working out and weight trainging aout a year ago and I have never felt better about myself! I know I look good, but the only thing I do not like about my body is my chest and tummy! before I started working out my weight was 165!!! Wow.........right? When I went to my consultation about a month ago, I told the nurse I wanted 400cc's saline but after I went home and saw alot of pictures of people my height and around my weight, I told myself, "400cc's are way too big" So I'm going to pay Monday (10/22/12) a total amount of $13,000 and will tell the nurse then that I want 300cc's instead. I will be getting my breast done, tummy tuck and lipo around my flanks.

Now that the date is getting closer I'm thinking what ifs and it's driving me loca!! My husband tries to clam me down, but I'm the type that thinks about the furture. Also, take note that I live 3 hours from where the surgery will take place, so my docter said I will have to stay in a hotel. After everything is said and done, I hope I look good and feel better about myself. Heck, I want to hit the gym right after lol JK I really want to hit 123 or maybe as low as 120 (maybe) after my surgery (which hitting the gym will help not just the surgery) I know I will be in alot of pain, but I hope after the pain everything will come out good! I will keep you gals informed as much as I can! Wish me luck!

So today I called my nurse and told her I wanted...

So today I called my nurse and told her I wanted the 300cc's and under the breast instead of going with the nipple area. My nurse told me that a 300cc and a 400cc is a lot of difference and why the change. I told her I have been looking at pictures of people my height and close to my weight and I feel that the 400cc's are just to big. She told me that I should stop by the office and try different sizes. I wish I told her, but remember I live a few hours from the center. I told her I'm still sticking to 300cc's and that on the day of surgey I will try the 300cc before I go under the knife and from there we shall see. The nurse was telling me how she got her breasts done about a 3 weeks ago and that she was a middle/full A and she got 320cc's and that for now she is a 36B. I told her that I jog alot and don't want then 400cc's to hurt my back or anything like that. I just want to have nice, round breasts. I want to be around a 34C and not go passed a D remember I'm 5'1 not 5'7 lol. Awwww.......my head hurts now! lol I added another pic check it out im trying to suck in my tummy!

I got a call from a job offer and they wanted me...

I got a call from a job offer and they wanted me to start on the 2nd week of Nov!!!! I told them I will have surgey so I wouldn't be able to start the 1st week of Dec. They said it was fine (yeah) but I want to know when some of you went back to work and if you were ok going back soon????? I also took sum pics off (since my mirror was dirty) lol I had my husband take better ones, clear ones (I guess you can say that....)

Where did most of you get your girdles from? I...

Where did most of you get your girdles from? I seen some at Wal-Mart, but don't know?????

WTH!!!!! The only thing that is freaking me out is...

WTH!!!!! The only thing that is freaking me out is the pain! My husband will only be with me a few day after the surgery and then he has to go back to work! Tell me ladies.....is it as bad as contractions (having a baby)??? I know with my 1st one I felt like I was dying (no lie) I was screaming, yelling and saying just about all the bad words in the world and ended up with a c-section at the end. My husband went out to buy me a smart phone so I could use it while i'm in bed and also to calm me down, lol O gosh......it is what it is no there is no going back!!!!

O yea, today we were at a b-day and my mom tells me that her friend (sitting a few seats from us) had a tummy tuck and lipo. She had it a year ago. My mom then tells me, if your gona end up looking like her then stay the way you are, lol. She still looks the same, but then again I haven't seen her in 4 years and I guess during that time she gained alot of weight. Gona try to go to bed and think about rainbows :)

OK I'm good for now. I will call my doctor here in...

OK I'm good for now. I will call my doctor here in a bit and ask about the Q-pump (twinsmomma suggested) I don't know if it comes with my surgery already or if I have to purchase separately. Today I'm going to clean my home, return a girdle that was way too small and take my boys to thier doctor since they have been sick :( Around late afternoon I will leave to Kansas City and stay with a friend (good thing I bumped into her about 2 weeks ago when she came down to visit her family) This will be my last update until after my surgery. I will try my best to post somepost ot pictures and let you ladies know how everything went! I might check later and reply to comments or messages. Wish me luck and keep me in your thoughts, please?

Hey girls, surgery went great! Since I woked up...

Hey girls, surgery went great! Since I woked up from surgery I have't been in a lot of pain more like discomfort in my tummy area and a bit sore on top. I have gotten up a few times after the surgery to walk around and pee. I have been sleeping a lot since the surgey, I think that's why I'm awake while everyone is asleep lol o well. I really thought I was going to be in a lot of pain (remember I was freaking out a few days. ago) but I'm pretty good so far. I'll try to post pictures ASAP. O yea, doc took almost 2 pounds of skin....wow I knew I had a lot of skin, but 2 pounds! I didn' ask how much lipo was taking out. Also, instead of the 300ccs I told yas about I got 325ccs instead. I know I said I didn't them too big, but I'm pretty happy I got the 325ccs :) well girls I'm gona try and go back to sleep nite nite

I just ate a salad and took a pain med. Right now...

I just ate a salad and took a pain med. Right now I'm just watching tv with my little family. 2mrw I get to see my tummy and take a shower, yea!!! Hope everyone has a good night and some rest.

I didn't take a shower but more like a sponge bath...

I didn't take a shower but more like a sponge bath which I'm ok with. My husband did a great job cleaning me up. I feel much better and cleaner :) I got to see my tummy, only by pictures since my breast wouldn't let me see lol I'm feeling good and doing well. I hope it stays like this....I hope!

How is everyone feeling so far about thier...

How is everyone feeling so far about thier surgery? I've been good but this morning I got a bad headache! After 2 hours it went away awww. Today my parents came over and took my boys, yes a mini break! Before my mom left I should her my tummy (only the scar last) and my boobs. My husband was laughing bcuz my moms eyes opened up wide! Lol she then said shes gona go get her boobs done too :) I told her its not to late (shes 44 years old) Well girls, I hope everyone is doing well and for you girls that have up coming surgery, I wish you luck and a happy healing. P.S I would upload pics, but I cant from my phone and I'm comfortable where Im at to go to the computer lol I think I might upload sum next week when I visit my PS. I'll update soon!:

Today has been a good day! Today I took a shower!...

Today has been a good day! Today I took a shower! I sat all the way down onthe tub, took a while to get up with the help of my husband but over all good. Today I haven't taken any pain meds since 7am this morning. I had to take one right now since I was laughing hard at a joke my husband said. I was laughing so hard that when I did feel the pain I told my husband, be quiet!!! Lol poor guy, he just wanted to crack jokes. To tell you the truth, I never felt that much pain even right after surgery. Also today I had my 1st BM since Tuesday morning before my surgery. I thought I would be in so much pain, but it was the other way around, no pain!! Today I got out of the house to go rent a movie with the hunny since my boys are at my parents :) It was a little hard to get onto my husbands truck, but once in I was AOK! I must admit, this surgery has been pretty good to me. I thankful that I'm doing so good and hope all you gals that had your surgery are doing better and feeling no pain. For you gals that have ur surgery this cuming week, I wish you luck, easy recovery and painless healing.

How everyone been??!! I've been feeling real good...

How everyone been??!! I've been feeling real good these last few days. Yesterday I had my drains taking out, YES! When I got home I laid on my side for once! My right side where my drain was taken out is closing kind of slow since it got irritated with what I was wearing and my dressing moved so only my top was covering it all night. My left side is closed and doing well. I'm still swellon in my lower tummy and around my back, but doing good. Also, I got my tape taken off and found out that I had muscle repair!! I didn't know until my PS was telling how and where on my body!!!!! Nice!!!! I got to see my scar and new belly button! Don't get mad at me, but I have been driving already since Monday 11/12/11. It's been good, just hate when there is a bumping road, awwww...lol I was going to tell my PS, but thought he might get upset soI didn't say nada! After I saw my PS, I went shopping with my friend (that lives in Kansas City, remember I live a few hours from KSC) I only got me a top and my boys some PJS. After an hour I was feeling I had to take a break since I'm not standing stright. Since Tuesday I haven't taken pain Med. during the day only at night time so I can fall asleep. Well girls hope you guys are doing well and getting your rest! For all you gals that have surgery soon, take care and stay calm Good luck!!!!!

Well last night I went to my tias wedding and had...

Well last night I went to my tias wedding and had a good time. If you've been to a mexican wedding.....they are a lot of fun!! Anywho, I ate all kinds of good food and danced a little for about 20mins or so. When I got home my belly was very swollen. I laid in bed and message my tummy for a while before I went to bed and this morning it's good and not swollen any more. I need to stick to my furits and heathly meals after last night. I still can't stand stright, but had fun. O yea, forgot to also say that I had 3 1/2 heels on last night, not good when you can't stand stright.....lucky for me I brought my sandels lol How has everyone been so far? Hope everyone that has had their surgery that you are doing better and feeling like yourself again. For you chicas that had your surgery this past week, I really hope your not in too much pain and take it ez. For the gals that have their surgery this cuming week, please stay calm and hope everything comes out great or if not perfect!!

Opps forgot to also say that my right hole (where...

Opps forgot to also say that my right hole (where my drain was at) is closing a little slow, but getting there.

Happy Thanksgiving friends! My husband had to put...

Happy Thanksgiving friends! My husband had to put the turkey in da oven, since it's heavy (18.5 pounds) My close family will come by later this afternoon. Anywho, for the last few days my nipple area and the sides of my boobs have felt really sore! I move...sore, I get a baby wife to clean then...sore, my husband tries to play with them....PAIN!! Lol I'm a lil 2 weeks post op and I remember the 1st few days of surgey I was only sore around the top part of my boobs and now it's the nipple and the side of my boobs.....mmmmmm? Also, my left boob is dropping a lot faster than my right one. My right one is a little higher and a little more swollen. I just have to give my body time :) My tummy is still very numb and still get swollen at times. When I'm sitting down, I take my garment off because it so tight around my waist that by the time I take it off, my tummy area is swollen like no other. I only wear it when I know I'm going to be standing for a while, nap time and when I go to bed. My back, flanks and my upper tummy part are still sore from the lipo, but much of the brusing is gone now. My right hole (where my drain was at) has closed!! It closed about 2 days ago. It's crazy how my left one closed over night and my right one took days. I'm still not standing straight maybe like 85%. Well friends, I hope you guys have a thankful, safe Thanksgiving!

I was thinking about adding pic around my 3rd or...

I was thinking about adding pic around my 3rd or 4th week, but what the heck! lol If you have questions feel free to ask! :)

Well it's been 3 weeks since I've had my MM over...

Well it's been 3 weeks since I've had my MM over and have been doing well. I'm still not standing sraight, but I'm thinking maybe by next week I will :) My doctor said I can go back to the gym next week, but to start very slow and to use common sense. I don't know if I'll be ready by next week, but I'll you gals know how it goes! I don't get very swollen all around my body, it's mainly gets swollen in my bottom tummy area. My Va jay jay gets a little swollen tooo lol I still have parts of my back and my hips sore and numb. My boobs are looking better and better everyday! My right one has dropped a lot in the last few days and isn't swollen as much anymore! I can say my boobs look about the same.....a little :) I. Have been driving for a while now and also since about a week or so ago, I started taking showers with my husband! I missed that a lot. The 1st
time I took a shower with my husband, I could see from the corner of my eye he was checking me out :) I haven't weighted myself and don't plan on it for at least 2 weeks, I have been eating just the way I was before surgery just not over doing it. I still wear my garment but not when I'm sitting down. I only wear it when I know I'll be standing for a long timem nap time and when I go to bed. Well girls, hope everything is going perfect in your lives and loving that new body of yours cuz I know I do :)

25 days post op - So I started my period just last...

25 days post op - So I started my period just last night and I have been cramping like no other. I stopped taking my birth control pill 2 days before the surgery (so I wouldn't throw up) and now my cramps are killing me. So if you guys have bad cramps, get on the pill...it helps a lot. Besides that, I'm doing good and not having much pain from my tt. My scar is healing real good. The only part that is looking a bit darker and looking a bit different is where my right drain was at. It took a while to close up and now that it's close it looks a bit darker. I just started scar treatment about 2 days ago and that right side is looking a bit better, only time will tell :) my boobs or I should say my nipples are still very sore! My boobs feel softer and my right one is still a bit swollen. O yea, I sent a pic text to my husband wearing a little something, something.....let's just say when he got home I felt like we were like teenage kids just getting to know each other, how cute! NO sex yet! Lol Besides the nipple part, my boobs don't hurt or bother me as much. For the last 1 or so I have been sleeping on my sides, which feels so good giving my back a break :) You guys should try it, but start slow. When you take mini naps, lay on your side with a pillow behind you for support. Also, where your CG when doing it, because you will move a bit to get comfy and so you won't feel pain in your tummy area.

2mrw I get to go to the gym! Yea!!! I haven't been to the gym since 2 days before my surgery! I know I'm not gona go all out, but I will try to sweat, cuz if you don't sweat...then ur not buring nothing. The good thing is a friend of my will be there to help me out! I'll update 2mrw and let you guys know how it goes and if I got swollen like a ballon lol

Have a good night everyone! Happy recovery to you gals that just had your surgery and happy healing to you gals that had surgery before me or around that time (11/6/12 my surgery)

Opps I meant the last week or so I have been...

Opps I meant the last week or so I have been sleeping on my sides

These last few days have been the best compare to...

These last few days have been the best compare to the 1st week! Anywho, I'm still swollen and numb on my bottom/top tummy area and both my hips and my lower back. I don't know if I told yas, but I had 2 other drains in my back instead of the front. I have a lil stitch trying to work it's way out on my left side of my tummy tuck where my drain was at. I saw it about 2 days ago (didn't go to the gym) so I put a bandage on it with pressure on it and it looks way better. Nothing was oozing out or anything, just was a lil pink. Besides that I'm doing pretty well! I don't know about ya, but I have noticed that I don't fall asleep as fast as my family does. My husband pointed it out to me last night before we went to bed. I was like "o yea" My family goes to sleep around 9 and I'm still up until 12!!!! My husband says it might be that I have a lot of energy in me and since I'm home all day and haven't gone to to the gym, my body is acting up and not used to me being lazy lol If this stitch goes away by this weekend, I might just go to the gym Monday!

So far I'm so happy I did this for me! To tell you guys the truth, I'm feeling real sexy about myself. I mean, I knew I looked good before this surgery but NOW I starting to feel sexy! I don't care that I still have some stretch marks on me, it's looks way better than before that's for sure!! Friends, if I was you I would dress cute and send a cute, sexy text to your husbands! Watch, when he gets home he won't stop telling you how sexy and good you look!!!

5 weeks post op - How's everyone so far? Well 1st...

5 weeks post op - How's everyone so far? Well 1st of all I went to the gym last night! Yea!!! I only used the treadmill and a bike machine which I didn't go to fast on it but fast enough to sweat. :) I didn't feel pain on my boobs but they were going up and down even with a sport bra, everyone was looking at me lol My tummy and everything didn't hurt at all and I didn't swell. You know what's so different about me, since day 1 of surgery I ate the same foods. I never once changed my eating habits and I never swelled to the point that you felt so uncomfort and where my belly was sticking out. Well, maybe just the night of my tia's wedding lol. I read how some pple eat fast food that day or some chips and they hit swell hell. Shoot, give me a number 3 and no swell hell by night time nor the next night lol I still haven't weighed myself and don't plan for a while. I don't think nor feel like I have gained weight. I have tried sum pre op jeans and they fit so loose around my tummy area or some other brands feel good. This weekend the hubby is taking me shopping and to watch The Hobbit....how fun!!! Everyone tells me I still look the same just with big boobs and no tummy which is good news to me! I like curves in the right places:) anywho the gym went great and will get ready here in a bit to go.
I'm still a little swollen/numb in my bottom/upper tummy, hips and back. Does anyone know when that will go away? My husband tried to slap my booty last night when I was picking up some of my boys toys and instead of slapping my butt, he slapped me on my right hip!!! That hurt so much =I felt that pain all the way to my right calf??? WTF That's what I get fo being married to someone 6'2 lol I had the pain for about 10mins and went away afterward. My hips are numb, but if you bump into something hitting the hip area or any other part of your body that had lipoo, it will hurt so watch out forr that! My belly button is going inward which I'm liking how it's looking now!! My scar on my boobs are so light you can't even tell they are there. My tummy scar is looking real good and getting so light! On my sides where my drains were at are still a little darker but getting there.
I went shopping with a friend yestday and I showed her my tummy and boobs and she was like holy cow woman, you look so good and you have a flat tummy. I felt good!!!!!!! My friend is thinking about getting a tummy tuck but well see! I have more energy now and feeling a lot like myself now. I can stand stright like 98.99% lol but sometimes I'm standing 100%. Well ladies I hope you all feeling good and sexy about yourselves cuz that is how we should feel! You ladies having surgery soon.....good luck and don't worry about pain. It's not that bad :)

2 days from my 7 week post op mark----Hello hello...

2 days from my 7 week post op mark----Hello hello hola! lol How has everyone beem these last few weeks? I hope all yas have been feeling good about yourself and taking it EZ for those that just had surgery! Well I'm still numb/swollen from my tummy area, sore/numb from my hips and back. I think threw out this whole recovery I shall say that my back has hurt the most! I don't think from laying on your back, but from the lipo. I also think becuz I had 2 drains in my back unlike a lot of yas that have it in the front. My sides where my other 2 drains where at are looking better and getting lighter/better! So good news there :) My BB is still a little darker a little around part of the scar, but hopr with the silicone sheets it will get better! I don"t know if yas remember that I had a stitch on my left side trying to come out, well at the end it never came out. I think I dried it out, I would say. The only thing I did was when I saw it getting pink I put pressure on it and when I washed I would cover it up and when I put scar treatment or body lotion on I would skip that part. I had a stich trying to come out my BB kind of inside my BB and I did almost the same thing as the stich on my left hip. The only thing is that I did pop it (since it was swelled up like a pimple) and ow there is a scab over it and now it also looks like it's drying out :)
My boobs are doing good and falling into place little by little! I went bra shopping last night and I fit into a 38C perfect! Before the surgery I was hoping for a 32/34C but a 38C....it's all good :) My boobs aren't as sore as they used to be nor the nipple part. I can squeeze my boobs and they feel so soft. Don't think I squeeze too hard, don't want to hurt them lol I weighed myself at 5 weeks and my weight at 5 weeks was 126! How sweet! Keep in mind I never went on a diet or nothing like that. I ate what I wanted and when I wanted, but I didn't over did it. I think that is why I never really had what some pple call swell h3ll. I only had it once and thats about it. I don't think you should change your eating habits after surgery since your body needs food to recovery. You can't just go and eat yogurt, crackers and them food trays you heat up in the microwave. Think about it....you were eating different right before surgey and over night after surgery your eating half (or even less) of your calories, protein, carbs you name it and all of a sudden your body is going haywire! All of a sudden your body just had 2 big surgeries over night and is trying to heal and then your eating different. Of course your body might swell and go all over the place. Your body is not used to these changes, so do what you have to do....but also remeber to take care of it! -just saying
I have been going to the gym since I was 5 weeks post op and I'm doing very well. I h ave started walking with weights around my ankles when I get on the treadmill, elliptical and bike machine. I stay on them until I have burn at least 300 calories to about 350 calories every day (I go to the gym 5 days a week and out of 3 days I weight train) Right now I haven't jogged nor have done upper body weights. I feel that I will mess up my boobs lol either way I have never been an upper body freak :) Anywho I have been working out my bottom body and doing pretty good so far. I try to do work outs that don't really use your tummy area. I not saying go ahead and do weights right when you hit the 4, 5 or 6 week mark, only if YOU feel that your body can take it. I know my limits and I know my body very well. Also, when I workout I still wear my CG no matter what :)
O yeah, I have been standing straight but sometimes I catch myself leaning forward and my husband says "hey gma, stand straight" lol Well girls I'll update maybe around my 2 month mark or even my 2 1/2 mark. I told myself that I wouldn"t update every week after my 5th week post op, but there have gotten a lot of request for updates and pic so here you go :) if you have questions feel free to ask!

Opps! I didn:t mean I burn 300-350calories on each...

Opps! I didn:t mean I burn 300-350calories on each machine. I meant I get on all three until I burned a total of 300-350 calories. For example: I burn 100 on the bike, then 100 on the treadmill and the last 100-150calories on the elliptical!

Today I'm 2 months and one day- Hey chicas, how...

Today I'm 2 months and one day- Hey chicas, how have all you been?? I hope the girls that are around my time frame are looking good and the girls that just had thier surgery hope you are doing well and hope the swell h3ll has gone away.....or at least a little :) Well I've been doing good and getting back to my almost normal life. My boobs are still dropN little by little. I remember when I 1st saw them after surgery, they were so high! They feel soft now. I haven't wore my wire bras all the time yet, I still perfer to wear my surgical bras. Since week 3 I have been sleeping on my sides, but haven't tried sleeping on my tummy! I feel that I will mess up my boobies lol I'm still numb, sore and swollen on my bottom/upper tummy, back and hips. WHen I get up from bed I feel my hips and back having this warm, burning feeling. I think it's from the lipo. My tummy scar is doing good, but my sides were my drains were and half my BB are still a little darker then the rest of my scar. Then again, I'm only 2 months :) I don't like sitting down for long periods becuase once I get up I can feel where I had my muscle repair on my right side a stitch still there. It doesn't hurt but I don"t like when it rubs inside me....feels weird...awwwww lol I haven't weigh myself since my 5th week and don't plan to for another 2 weeks or wait a month. During the holidays I ate a lot of good food! Mexican tamales anyone lol
So far I feel so good about myself and like how I fit into a lot of cute outfits! Before I couldn't cuz my gut would pop the heck out, yuck! I went to a club and let me tell you how many stares I got lol besides that I really likes that my husband would whisper in my ears, "you look beautiful" "babe you look hot" lol I love him so much for eveything he has done for me....tear :') Well girls, I hope you all are doing great and feeling good/sexy about your new self bcuz that is how we should feel!!

I forgot to add that I have been doing good at the...

I forgot to add that I have been doing good at the gym! I haven't ran......just yet :) I have been doing good at my weight trainnig area that I have added a few pounds to my weights, yea! If you have questions feel free to ask!

Today I'm 3 1/2 months but decided to up load my 3...

Today I'm 3 1/2 months but decided to up load my 3 month pics! How has everyone been? These last few months have been good and good lol. The reason I was pissed is because I up loaded a pic of my self on my FB with a top showing off my tummy and looking cute and what do you know.....my "good" (that has had ber boobs and @ss done) does and comments that my PS did a good job on my tummy tuck!!!!! RIght when I saw that she wrote that I deleted her comment, took her off my friend list and blocked her like in 5.2 secs!!!! I was so mad that she wrote that when a lot of my other friends have written comments already!!! Most of them knew anyways but the ones that didn't, I hope and I think they didn't get the comment since I deleted it fast! If they did, then whatever :) I didn't think she would have done shuch a thing like that to me! I never once told someone about herself getting implants and fat transfer to her @ss! so becareful about who you share you surgery with even if it's a good friend! Anywho.......I have been doing good with my whole mommy make over! My boobs are still dropping a bit and looking more natural. Since surgery I have only wore my sports bra and just last week I have wore my under wire bras (Just when I go out) and I have to say the underwire bras make my boobs look big!!! lol When ever I talk to someone they look at my boobs or my boobs! lol I still feel a bit of sharp little pains here and there, but it"s the implant moving to it's place!
My tummy tuck has also been going good. My front part is stil numb and my womans part is still a little swollen. My back isn:t as numb anymore but it still burns a bit and my hips when I get out of bed or pull my GC off since it"s tight. For that last 2 months I haven"t used any scar cream and plan to use it more when I'm 6 months along. I felt that the silicone sheets and cream would irritate my scar and also made a stitch pop out more. I remember I put the silicone sheet on and left it on for 8 hours like it said on the package and when I pull it off there was a stitch out of no where! So yea......Anyways the gym has been going well and my eating habits going pretty good too! Right now my family and I are thinking about moving to the South Florida area!! WHoot whoot! I hope everything goes as planned so pray for me on that! lol See ya when I see ya!!

Opps.....I had a lot of typos lol I meant to say...

Opps.....I had a lot of typos lol I meant to say that a good friend of my commented on my picture about how great of a job my PS did on me! I haven't talked to her since (like 3 days now) and don't plan on it for a while just to let things settle down. Don't let noone put u down or make u feel bad about ur surgery! We have all worked hard for our bodies to look good but sometimes working out won't help the tummy area!!! Do what makes you feel good and don't listen to others when they call you selfish!

Hey girls, manana I will be 17 weeks since my MM...

Hey girls, manana I will be 17 weeks since my MM surgery! I had my appt with the PS last Friday and told me that everything looks great and that I'm doing so well so that I don't have to see him, only if I have issues or concerns in the next few months. I told him about my swelling right under my BB. He said that the way he worked on me has to do a lot with the swelling. He did lipo and tighted my muscles really tight. He said I should see less in the next few months :) He showed me my pre op pics and asked if I remember "her" lol I looked at him and said "nope" lol The nurse then took pics of me and she's like "I don't see any swelling at all" I told her I know my body pretty well and know it's there. She smiled and said that I do look great :) I know I do, but I just want this swelling to go away!!!! I'm starting to feel a litttle sharp pains more around my tummy. the nerves are cuming back (tummy still numb a lot in some parts) and also my tummy isn't as hard. My boobs feel so natural and look good now. I still have a little numbness on my hips and back. When I get out of bed I don"t feel it as much. I still use my faja and might buy that board thing that goes inside the faja around the tummy part and see if that will help with the swelling. Over all I'm happy so far! I put on a cute bikini and I have to say "DAM" lol I'll have to post a pic of that soon :) I went out last weekend with only a tube top and I got a lot of stares from everyone :) a few friends came up to me and told me I looked good....I told them "I know right" lol Happy healing to all and take care!!!

Just wanted to update with my scar pics and...

Just wanted to update with my scar pics and swollen pics! Just so you gals that just had surgery can see that ur going to be swollen the 1st few weeks and not to worry! I know I'm still swollen but it seems that every month my tummy area is more and more flat! Don't give up girls and don"t lose hope! it will take a few more months we all have to wait patiently ;) ------I haven't used any scar treatment for a few months now since it irritated my scar on my tummy scar and BB scar in the beginning. So far I'm happy and if you gals have questions comment or message me! Hope you all are doing well and feeling good/sexy about yourselves!!!!!! :) < I mean it! :)

Where my girls at! update and pics

Hola chicas!!! How has everyone been!! I haven't been here for a while and have been so busy! Remember I said I was moving.....well I did and now I'm in South Florida :) anywho I haven't regreted my MM once and so far everything has been going ggreat! I will admit that at 1st there were times that I thought my boobs were to big and would catch att. when I would go out even at the store. I wasn't used to it and now I love them! They have settled well and are real soft. The scars are still there under my boobs but have faded a lot. Depending on bbra sizes, I can fit into a 38c or sometimes a 36C. I have noticed that my nipples are so sensitive! When I walk into a store.....nipples get hard lol when I wash them it kind of hurts a little so I try not to wash them as much. My tt has also been doing good. I'm still a little swollen between my bb and lady part lol I haven't worn my faja for the last few months. Also I haven't used any scar treatment even thou my PS said I could since my 4 month check up. I think I might start using it soon. I'll put a scar pic soon :) the color of my scar is a llittle dark. You know how your armpit and womans part are a little darker than your arms and legs well that's how my scar is lol best way to explain anyways. I went swimming for the 1st time a few days ago and let me tell u my implants felt like they were floating inside me lol I still try not to carry real heavy things nor try to pull hard on things also becuz I feel like I will pull something inside me and also becuz I swell a lot if I do. The other day I was helping getting boxes and stuff moved around and when I was done my tummy was like "BAM" and I had to use my faja. So girls....yes (I'm one week shy of 8 months mark) you could still swell depending on how ur PS worked on u. My PS sai that he pulled me real tight so I will swell a lot for the next few months! I really want to explain what all I got done: I had muscle repair, lipo in the flanks a little in my back and my abdominal. I had 4 drain sites one on each hip and 2 on my lower back. So girls, if you have a lot of fat in the tummy area make sure ur PS dose lipo in the front cuz I remember my PS said that not only did I have loose skin but fat in my tummy....dam lol anywho my bb is doing good also, around it where the scar is a still a little darker than my skin but over all I still love it. You guys know how I just said that when I carry or pull a heavyitam I feel I will pull something....well when I do I feel a tug on the inside of my bb too. It' kind of hard to explain but that's the best I can explain :/ I have been doing good at the gym and pretty much doing everything I was doing before the surgery. The only thing I haven't been doing is ab workouuts. I still don't feel like my tummy is ready for it. I try to do a little but not hardcore....yet! my husband tells me I can do it but like I said before, I know my body well so yea. As of now I weigh 130 but hey better than last week cuz last week my weight was 132!! I moved to South Florida a month ago and they have so much different good food that I pigged out and didn't work out for 2 weeks cuz of the move lol but now I'm on track and would like to be 125 at least. But well see :) this MM has been good to me and also has made me feel better about myself!!!!! I hope all of you have been doing well and the newbies.....just go for it and things will get better! If you all have questions or anything, feel free to comment or message m until next time girls :)

Hola chicas 8.5 months post op

Hey girls! It will be 8.5 months manana since I had my MM. I told yas I would post a scar pic! Anywho....just about 2 days ago I purchased a scar cream (Mederma) I have yet to try it lol I guess cuz on the directions part it says to use it 3 times a day! I'm so lazy lol I'll start using it next week and we'll see how things go from there. I let you guys know if it works or not. Some things I forgot to say in my last update......I haven't slept on my tummy yet. I feel like my implants will move toward my armpit and stay there. I only sleep on my side and some times on my back. I'm not numb no more in my lower back and sides where I had lipo. I have noticed that when I get the chills, I feel it a lot where my drain sites where at on the sides. I really like how my tummy is doing even thou sometimes I still swell at times or most of the time. Lol but it gets better every month baby steps....I hope I don't sound like I'm whinning I just want yas to know that some of us heal different and have changes going on with our bodies after a big surgery. So if your just as far as me or more or even less and don't feel normal yet, its ok cuz your not alone :) I love the size of boobies I got and so does my husband. I'm glad I didn't go smaller or bigger, I feel that they fit me perfect! (Now anyways lol) I haven't wore wire bras everyday, I mainly wear sport bras that are a bit padded. Well girls, I hope you all are healing well, doing well and eating well lol I'm still trying but I love my limon chips lol until next time chicas!!!!!

8.5 months post op

Check out how high my implants were! That was taken my 1st night of my. MM

realself has made a lot of changes lol

Opps here it is and check out how swollon I was that night


Hey girls just wanted to mainly update with scar treatment pics. I have been using Mederma for almost 2 weeks now. Can you tell? Lol yea......I thought the same.....no. I was trying to download a comparison app......no luck. Anywho here are my pics and for you gals that stress about having swell h3ll, dont worry check out my recent pic of me swollen compare to now. It will take time but you will get to the flat side!!!

left this one out

My husband says he can tell my scar getting lighter, but well see in the next few months :)

Do I need to say more?

Hey chicas!! How has everyone been so far! Sorry I have not been on here for a while. It's just that my family and I had to move again and you guys already know that moving sucks! Anywho, lets start with my boobs :) So far I still love them and happy with my size! You know how in the beginning I wore a size 38C, will now that the swelling is no longer present around my boobies, they are no longer the 38C. To tell ya the truth, I really don't know what size I'am. I buy my bras from a little store and the bras run small or big depending on the brand. For example, I purchased a 40C and a 36D and they both fit the same. I know right.....bras!!! as for my tummy, everything has been settling fine. I'm not as numb anymore around my tummy. It does not feel firm as much and has loosen up a bit. On my sides where I had lipo, the skin is not firm feeling anymore and has loosen up. I was thinking about maybe getting the sides lower since I feel that there is enough skin to bring my scar lower on the sides. I'm not completing since I did tell my PS to get rid of my love handles and he did a great job! My bikinis cover my front scar and side scars pretty well, but hey, if I can get it lower....why not! Adding to that, I was thinking about maybe getting a BBL!! I wanted to get it done with the MM over but didn't have the $$ for the travel expenses, hotel stay and so. Now that I live in Florida and see all these beautiful women, I really want to get it done! I have a little booty/hourglass shape going on, but I want more! I want that beautiful, womanly shape! That my friends, shall be another story within later this year or next! :) Back to the tummy! I know I'm still healing from the inside since I still swell every now and then. Also, when I squeeze I still feel a little bit of pain and always have to hold my tummy for that. My scar is doing pretty good. I have been using Mederma for about a month an a half until it ran out a few days ago lol I really feel that it is working and my husband tells me the same. I was thinking about using the silicone sheets, but for some reason I feel that it will make my scar look wider. I guess cuz on the label it says it will flatten and lighten. the flatten part freaks me out or I'm just freaking my self out lol As for my weight, I'm stuck at 129! I let go of my lemon/line chips....so sad to see them go hahaha I got down to 127, but with the move and my boys starting school I feel that my stress is not helping! I hope I get to lose a few pounds before the holidays! We all know what happens when the holidays are here lol

I'm really happy with the outcome of my surgery! I'm glad everything came out good! I feel so sexy and my self esteem is like no other. I had my kids young, so I never got to enjoy my body. H3ll, even when I was younger I never wore a bikini! lol So for you gals that are back and forth thinking and thinking, go with your gut! If you have support and the $$ to get it done, than by all means DO IT! For the gals that are just recovering, take it one day at a time. You will get your results and I know time is not our friend, but you just take it ez and by the time you know it, you will be looking good! Don't let swell h3ll get you down, because it's going to be there for a while so might as well get use to it. Trust me! For the gals that are as far as me! I'm so happy we did this!!! Who would of thought that we would like so hot! I hope the girls that are as far as me and haven't update in a while, go for it and let us know how everything it going! We all will have good results but we all won't come out looking perfect! :)

I'm going to add 2 pics from early 2012 since I'm on my laptop and will upload the recent pics from my phone here in a bit! I have come a long ways!

Here are my most recent pics!

I can't believe my one year mark is coming up in Nov!!! Yeekk!

Wow!!!! Almost 2 and a half years after my MM!!

So mad!! I just wrote a whole review and than everything is gone!!! Just to make it short, I like everything about my MM! I'm not a numb, I can work out abs with no issues. I do not swell ( if I eat a lot than my tummy starts to pop out) no pain. My scar under my boobs are very light. One side of my tummy tuck sccar is very light as well. My other side (whre I had the drain issue 'read my posts') The only thing I dislike about my tummy tuck is the way my belly button came out. It has a lot of scarring around it. I have went to a new PS here in South Florida to go over my belly button, but I thought the price was a bit too much just to fix my belly button. I might just visit my MM PS when I go back up north and speak to him about my belly button. I will leave a pic. Any questions please feel free to message me! Much love girls

Booked? Checked!

Ok girls, so I went to see another PS a few days ago and was happy on how I was treated by him. He told me options and what he recommends for my BB. I have set a date with him for this coming summer! Yeppi!!!! He said that he would like me to take a few weeks off from working out :( bummed by o well, I need my cute BB back! No lifting heavy items and moving the BB to much. What I want to do now is lose about 5 to 6 pounds before the Surgery since I will leave working out for a few weeks. I really want my cute BB and will try my hardest on not to move too much during my Post op. Well, girls I hope everyone is doing well happy healing to the newbies!

The Zombie BB

Here the pc with the bad, thick half side of it. The other half is good.

New BB sooner

So I scheduled my BB a few months from now. Now, based on my job, I might have to get it done at the end of April. Which might be better anyways. Summer is around the corner and I wana lay net to the beach lol I have a friend of my that told me she is getting implants! I was happy for her it's next month! Ok gals, I hope to hear from some of you soon!

New BB soon...

Yea!! So I got my surgery date moved sooner!!! In less than two month, I will get a my BB revision! I really hope my BB comes out looking better! Take note that they will trim the thick scar. Only half of my BB will get the revision part. Wish me much luck...again! Happy healing to you all!

my bb

Well girls I'm excited for my bb to gey fixed. In south Florida, we have to have a nice body plus a cute bb. I hope it comez out better than what it is now. Don't wana go under again.......I was thinkinh about a bbl but I'm a biy more scared about it. I havr been working out my butt so for the time bring, it's growing little by little :) girls, if you have any questions, message me. I have been in yas new bras lol happy healing

the thick part

I did it and I hope it stays cute!!

Hey girls! So I got my revision done on my BB, whoot whoot! I was in and out lol. The revision took about 20mins or so. That was quick. On our last appt the doc said 45mins. Anyways, they poked me with the needle 4 times which stang a bit but afterwards I was numb in my BB. I saw when he cut out my scar. It looked like a worm. I feel like I had a TT again, since I,m limping forward abd have been laying down the whole time with my legs up on a pillow. My husband is treating it like a new TT, lol. He so sweert trying to help with everything. So far I like the way my BB is looking and I hope it does not develop a thick scar. cross them fingers! I will try not to move as much and let it heal right. here are a few pics....I'll post some of my BB soon!

20 hours after my BB revision

So all day yesterday and today, I have been laying down and sitting. When I went to bed last night, I had my husband place a pillow under my legs. You know what I'm talking about. I will try my very best not to move around a lot, stay still so I do not pull on my BB. I cleaned around my BB this morning and some of the.alcohol got on the cut and it stung a bit. I place neosporin on it and a new bandage over it. So far I feel that my BB looks way better! My husband had to put his glasses on just to take a 2nd look. He says it cute, even with blood on it lol. Girls, I really, really hope it heals right and holds it's shape! Let's say no to thick scars! Whos with me?? lol oooooo as you can see, I'm also showing you my scar which is almost 2.5 years old. My PS did a great job on my MM over. The scar is low, it healed nicely, my scar under my boobs have faded better than the rest of my scars. I'll update pics in a few saysand on my next visit which is just a little over a week

Boob pic!?

I'll upload that another day. They belong for my hunn's eyes only haha

11/30/12 pics before

Here are my before pics after pics. My tummy was so nasty, I have come a long ways!

We will have our ups and down....

I want you all to see that we can have a great outcome a bad bad out come. Thankfully I had a great out, but my BB. The current PS I went to for my new BB told me that for some reason, most of the time BB willl delevop more scarring than any of the other scars. I want you all to know that yoou could do everything your PS tells yoou to do to take care of yourScars, but based on family genetics, your scar will come out light, thick or dark even if you use scar creams and so like I did.. My BB over time went from a cute thing t a year later to an ugly kelorid scar. I have lived with it for another year and a half until now. Like I said, I hope my BB this time around comes out and stays cute! Happy healing to you all and much luck.

a week after BB rev.

So far I'm doing better:) I'm leaning forward, since I don't want to.pull on the scar itself. The upper part (where it looks a bit darker is a little blister or so. it is still soft and lets out little yellow crust. I'm not worry about it, I try to let thr air hot my BB as much as as I can. I swear in person my BB looks better. The pic brings on too much detail. I go on next week to get the stiches out. yea! I wana hit the gym so bad. My PS said no heavy lifting for 3 weeks. He wants little tension as poss. on my BB. I'll ask him on our next appt. if I can do.some light lifting. Hope you ate all doing well and here is a pic of my BB. BB keep your cute shape!!! oooo

pic did not load :( maybr 2mrw


the blues

Ok........the 1st few days I was so happy about getting my BB rev. now that it has been a week and a day, I feel a liittle sad/blue. I hate now that I can not work out for 3 weeks. The doc is no heavy lifting for 3 weeks. So on Wed. I will start light. Now i feel like i should of never got my BB rev. I feel like i stepped back 4 months out of my workouts :( My hhsband has been fee,ing a bit sick so he bas been ho e since my surgery, but now nes going to the gym 2mrw and i'm over here feeling fat. He is so sweet thou, he tells me to go work out with him 2mrw...bht that we will go light :) The the MM over I did't feel this low once. I just hope it's worth it at the end!!!!!


I don't want to lean forward anymore!!!!! I want to stand straight, get dressed and wear cute stuff with heels! I can't because of the stiches pulling and b having that thought that by standing straight i could possibly mess up my BB and cause scarring again.......:(

So glad!!

So happy I got the stiches out! I feel like they were slowing down my healing process! I felt like they should of came out a 5 to 6days after the surgery. but any who, I told the doc to be careful on taking them out. It took a min. for him to take them out. Good! lol My BB looks great so far, but like you guys have seen my pics.....that can all change!! BB, all I adk is that you heal good and cone out perfect after all this. Please :) I can stand a bit more stright which is what I want. No more tagging from tjhe stich. O yeah, I did go to the gym yesterday. I stayex on the treadmill for about 45mins and than did a lil bit of becips. So far so good......

Here are the pic

what a big difference!!!!!!

Looking at my BB pics before and now.....OMG! Huge change!!!! :)

so far.....3 and a half weeks

I took a pic from posting pics since i was so obsessed with taking photos of my BB everyday. Today I finally took a pic. My scar around my BB is still a little pink. I know it will lighten up, but i wish it hsppened now! One day at a time.......... i have been working out again whoot whoot! I have not done abs since Im freaking out about popping something lol. I have been using silicone sheets on my BB for about 2 weeks now. I will use it every day hoping the outcone of my BB will be perfect in my eyes. Like you girls have seen from my pics and others, yojr BB will and or develop bad scarring. Im liking it right now and crossing my fingers for my BB to stay cute!

3 and a half weeks after BB revision


Look at these BB after surgery. Not good at all. Hope these pple found help with these scars.
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