Fractional Skin Resurfacing for Cystic Acne Scars - Kansas City

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I've dealt with "regular" acne since my teens but...

I've dealt with "regular" acne since my teens but suffered from cystic acne after getting the mirena. I have since removed the mirena and cleared my acne up but have pitted spots and a few forehead wrinkles. I've been wanting to do something about this for so long and finally took the plunge. Today was the first of 4 treatments. I have had chemical peels in the past (ouch) but, the pain today was doable. I would describe it as getting your face tattooed with added heat. It hurt most on my forehead and near my ears. Hoping for a much clearer face in the end! Fingers crossed!

before and after pictures

ready for round 2!

I haven't shown much an improvement since the last post. Though, I could tell a slight improvement with the pictures I posted. I go in for my next treatment on Dec 29th! I can't wait to get the treatments over!!

picture to go with update

After taking a new picture I really see an improvement. Woo!

round 2

I had my second of 4 treatments yesterday. It felt like it went faster even though it was the same as the first. I had mild redness for the rest if the night. Couple of blotches were left this morning and burned a little after cleansing. Nothing too serious. I am setting my hope really high seeing how well my face us taking to it. Happy, Happy, happy! Pictures soon :)

next week will be my third treatment!

I always come out doubting my face looking better after each session, but, slowly it's looking up. Its one of those slow processes where it keeps getting better. I hope 6 months from now I'm scar free, but, I'm blessed how far I am now. I think I have decided to add some botox. I'm 27 and,have these wrinkles on my forehead that start looking,better after treatment,but, creep back. I was tol by my old esthetician to start early. So I'm going to ask next time I go in. Why not? Lol.
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