43 Years Young and let the fight against gravity begin! 415CC Ideal overs

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I am scheduled for my breast lift with an implant....

I am scheduled for my breast lift with an implant. I am super excited. I wanted to get to a D cup, currently B and C. The doctor suggested 285CC max with the lift. Not sure if that will be big enough for my frame. I am 5'7" and 165lbs. I am also trying to lose 20lbs before the procedure in Nov. I wanted to avoid getting a second augmentation after the lift.

Preop Appt and Surgery scheduled for Nov 7th

Well today I went for my preop. I have decided to go with 400CC to 425CC Ideal implant above muscle, and a mini lift if even needed. My surgeon seems to think I am not going to need a lift.
I am going with above muscle because I have enough breast tissue to cover the implant, above the muscle gives more of a lift and feels and moves more naturally, and faster recovery. I believe that the right candidate like me can really benefit from above muscle implant and like everything else , we are all different, therefore not everyone has to have the same exact implant procedure, even though some surgeons seem to believe that.
My preop went really well. I tried on the 400cc sizer again just make sure. Got my prescriptions filled. I am very excited and ready for my new boobies.

Surgery Day and Post Op

Surgery went very smoothly , no complications as of yet , and didn't get nauseated or dizzy after , just a little loopy and sleepy. Boobies look high and swollen, I would guess it's about a DD cup now but I know they will drop and the swelling will go down knknow knknow they

Post op photo

They are high and swollen right now . Pain is not too bad , took half a Vicodin so far and keeping me comfortable . Can't wait to see them tomorrow when a take a shower.

Day 1 post op

Doing great, took Vicodin at night and slept propped up on the couch. This morning I switched to ibuprofen. Took the bra off and took a shower and now into my sports bra, still very sore and swollen but love them already:

Day 3 Post OP

Doing very well, I am off all pain meds completely. Boobs are sore and tender. Still very hard and high. Trying to massage them to soften. I am able to sleep on my back but waking up with a back ache. Right they feel heavy and unnatural on my chest, I hope that will all change. I hope I didnt go too big :-(

Day 5 post op

Boobies swollen , high and hard, can't wait for the softening and dropping to begin, because right now I dont like how they feel and look. Also having backaches from hunching too much and not exercising. Missing my workouts ...

I will love them once they in position

Today is Post Op Day

I'm going back to see my PS today and have the bandages taken off from my incision. Curious what they look like . Boobies are still super swollen and sore and hard but haven't been taking any pain pills. Probably a DD right now, hoping for a D when the swelling goes away and drops. I love how they look in a sports bra.

11 Days Post Op

Well the doctor has cleared me to start exercising today. I am going to start out slow and keeping my heart rate under 140bpm, and only 20 mins. The swelling has gone down quite a bit but they are still pretty tender. I think I will end up a D cup at the end which is what I wanted. The incision looks great.

2 weeks post op

I can't believe it has been two weeks already! They are looking a lot better and the incisions are healing nicely. Also for overs they look very natural.

3 weeks post op

They are settling nicely and the swelling is almost all gone. I think the right is still a little higher. I think my bra size is 36d but I also fit into a larger 36 C. I love my new size . Not too big and not too small.
Dr Richard Korentager

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