Im 49 with 2 Adult Children- overland pk kansas

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I decide one day I was going to get a ba. I was...

I decide one day I was going to get a ba. I was getting tired of my bras leaving bruises and scars. My bras wasn't cheap and I was buying mederma to help with the scars. Last yr I decided that for my 50th birthday I would have beautiful boobies. I have been a dd forever. I didn't change my size I love my dd's. I can't wait for them to heal and move in to position. I have a trip planned for my 50th bday to the Dominican Republic. Can't to put on my swim suits and sexy dresses. To all that are considering a ba do your home work find a good surgeon in you r state or a state this is about 20 to 30 mins away. The pain wasn't bad at all the 3rd day I was on Tylenol. The swelling and the tightness and the heavines is what you have to get through.

49 in Missouri

My new boobies

First day back at work, I've been off for 20 days. I'm moving slow because I don't want to hurt myself. Everyone is helping with things I can't do by myself. Morning boobs are a bitch!!!

My new boobies

Today was my second day back to work, to say the least It was challenging. Driving had gotten a lot better. Still have some swelling. I've started using mederma and the silicon scar away.

My new boobies

All of my steri strips are gone. I've started using mederma in the morning and at night I use the scaraway silicone strips at night. My surgeon Dr. Bortnick did a wonderful job. My scars won't be that noticeable.

1 month post op

I'm feeling a lot better my right breast is lower than the left. I have a little soreness in the left breast. My Franken boobs is slowly disappearing and I'm very happy about that. My incisions are healing good. My doc appointment is June 1st.

Scar care

Hi ladies. Here is a pic of the silicone areola scar care. I purchased them off the internet be ready to pay close to 40$

No bra

Hi ladies it's my 3 day wknd I'm feeling good today. Boonies still need to drop and fluff.I was trying on different clothes I'm going to the Dominican Republic on my 50th b-day in September. I have to get some clothes altered by then boobies should look beautiful. I haven't went bra shopping not interested.

A pic before my ba

This one of my favorite dresses I had on a half bra and my boobs still sit low. I've had that same dress on after my ba and it was wonderful not to have a bra on and my boobies made the dress look good on me.

Morning boobies

To I notice that the morning boobies wasn't bad. I have to say I'm happy that it's leaving. Driving had gotten much better I had a full anchor lift, so turning the steering wheel was my issue.

Massaging the girls

Today was my doc appt. I have to start massaging the girls 3x a day for 5 minutes. The right breast is on the way and the left breast is being a little stubborn. I thought the massage was going to hurt but it doesn't

Bras bras bras and bras lol

I was buying specific bras for work because I move around a lot. I was buying bras for sexy look. I still have bras with tags lol. I order my bras from lane bryant and the red one in the pic I fell in love with it didn't love back. I tried it on today and I love love the way it looks on me.

It's the weekend

Hi ladies, it's my weekend off so it involves painting loved it. Trying not to rush the boobies i wish they would drop and fluff now. I am glad I don't have to wear a bra it's optional.

Uneven and frankenboob

It's almost 2 months since ba. I got implants under the muscle and a full anchor lift which causes the frankenboobs. My right breast looks the way I wanted it to look I love the way it looks and feel. The left breast has a mind of her own it hasn't dropped it's the frankenboob. Dr Bortnick dedcided on my last visit to cut a small incision and pull the implant down in August if she hasn't dropped. It is so important to have your ba close the state you live in or in your state and also paying full price
I don't have to pay him one penny more for that procedure if I have to have it done.

2 months post op

It's been 2 months the right breast feels like I don't have a implant and the left breast is gertting there. I love the right breast all I need is for the left breast to drop. My lollipop incision scar is barely there the anchor incision is getting there. At work I move and bend a lot and I notice a little soreness at the anchor incision so I used Neosporin and the soreness went away. Can't wait til 2 more months pass to see how the girls will look .

Working out

Today will be my first day of working out. My surgeon told me in June it was ok, but I had a full anchor lift and the incisions were still a little sore and tight. I can move and extend my arms without any odd feeling and I'm so ready to start back exercising. I have a gym in my garage.


It's time for me to go and get it on. I'm gonna do 2 days this wk. Next wk I'll exercise 3 days.


Thursday my daughter and I went to Vicky Secrets. We had a wonderful time shopping. I purchased a maximum sports bra love it and undies. As time passes the breast looks better. The left breast has dropped a little bit I'm still uneven. So I'm still loving them and I love how I look in clothes now. I can pick out sexy clothing and not have to worry about how it's going to look or having to buy a bra for that dress or using body tape.

Post op update

I'm 5 days away from my 3 months post op. In still uneven not so much frakenboob. I'm still happy with my decision to get a BA.. I don't have any sornes a couple of zings here and there.

3 months post op

I'm 3 months post op today. The left breast has start to feel not so tight or feeling like it was heavier than the rigjt breast. Still uneven but I'm not worried about it. I love the way my scars are healing and the way they look.


Hi ladies, exercise is going great I'm also watching what I eat thank god for blue apron like the portions. My target weight lost is 20lbs.

Post op update

Today is my 4th month post op. It went well, we made a date on pulling the implant down in the left breast. My surgeon is happy with my healing and scars. He asked me how I feel with the new boobies and I replied I'm happy with them. He didn't make them look fake or like something round stuck in my chest.

Just having fun

On Aug 6 me and my better half went to a outdoors concert. We had a blast, a really good time. He was worrying about being hot and I was worrying about the mosquitoes. We worried for nothing. The dress I brought fit the way I wanted it to.

4 months post op

I'm 4 months post op today. I have to say as time passes the girls looks better and my scars too.I've been having a wonderful time shopping I don't have to over look certain clothing.

Turning the big 50 and my boobies are 5 months old

Hi ladies I turned 50 on Sept 23rd and boonies turned 5 months old. Me my daughter and my sister went to the Dominican Republic. We had a wonderful time we stayed at the Excellence Punta Cana Hotel adults only. The boobies are looking better as time goes by love them.

Left breast

Today Dr.Bortnick revise my left breast to bring it a little lower. I was not sure i wanted to but he assured me a faster healing time and it wasn't that bad. I'm home in the bed watching t.v. I have to go back in a week to see how the beast is healing.

Happy Birthday to my boobies

On April 25th made a 1yr of me getting a breast augmentation.
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My surgeon listen to me and he asked questions. Questions about me and what I wanted to achieve.

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