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I am 5'2 and 140lbs I am hispanic and do not have...

I am 5'2 and 140lbs I am hispanic and do not have a butt like most hispanic girls I was so excited to hear about this procedure hopefully I can get the booty I've always dreamed of. If anybody has any advice for me I am all ears. My ps said he is gonna try and get as much fat out of me as possible but for sure 400cc I was hoping for more like 600cc. I've read on here girls smaller then me have gotten 600-800cc so I really hope I can get that much thank you to everyone for all your post it has really help me decide this is what i want to do

Measurments befor sugery 39, 35, 40 no waist...

measurments befor sugery 39, 35, 40 no waist whatsoever

Im starting to get discourged. My ps and many...

Im starting to get discourged. My ps and many others have told me 300-400cc per cheeck is what Im looking at. My ps said he will try for as much as possible but what if all he can get is 400cc is that even worth it? Im afraid Im going to be very disappointed. I even thought about going to Compos but even he said maybe 500 and I dont think the possible extra 100cc is worth the travel. I dont get it I know I have fat and I know alot of ladies on here are smaller then me and are getting 600-800cc at least. I guess I will see come sugery day :-( Hopefully I will get more then the predicted 400cc per cheeck

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and for those of us...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and for those of us trying to gain weight its the perfect day get that extra serving of turkey remember its all going to you booty

I just made my deposit with Dr Compos! No turning...

I just made my deposit with Dr Compos! No turning back now

Ive come along way since I started this process in...

Ive come along way since I started this process in October. I've gone back n forth so many times on what Dr to go with because I did not what to travel but after hearing so many sucess stories and seeing amazing results and with the help of some amazing ladies (BaddBrown) I've gotten over my fear to travel and Im going with Dr Compos and now I am all set! I've paid my deposit to Dr Compos. Ive purchased my plane ticket and I just made my deposit to Club Med today now all I need is for June to hurry up and get here

Change of plans I will be staying at Beauty Care...

Change of plans I will be staying at Beauty Care Recovery house. HURRY UP JUNE!!!!!

Ok so it just occured to me I have 3 1/2 months...

Ok so it just occured to me I have 3 1/2 months before it is my time to shine. This has been a long process and I still have time to go. Ive paid beauty care recovery house. I have my plane ticket. Im going to get my pass port next week and will be paying my remaing balance to Dr Compos come April. Total I will be spending about 5,500.00 for everything (procedure, recovery house, labs etc.) not bad but the one thing I gained out of this entire process that can not be bought is the meeting of some amazing ladies I have made some true friends throughout this process and I can not wait to be at the recovery house with these ladies. We are gonna kick it pain and all!

As of today I have 72 days left until I see Dr...

As of today I have 72 days left until I see Dr Campos. Im still waiting on my passport. Beauty care is paid and Campos will be paid off by the end of this month. My bag is packed and Im ready to go. I havent been this excited since I was waiting for my 3 little boys to make their entrences into this world. I hope this time goes by quick this has been a very long process and Im ready

Woo hoo I got my passport today

Woo hoo I got my passport today

Ok so I have exactly 53 days left until I am on my...

Ok so I have exactly 53 days left until I am on my way to TJ for Dr Campos to work his magic on me. I have everything I need thanks to Ready4ABBL love ya girl. I ordered my epifoam and that's the last thing on my list. Ive made my apt with my Pcp for labs and to discuss aftercare and that's it everything is done. I must say I never thought this experience would put me in contact with amazing ladies so that has been a wonderful extra to this entire process. I'm already to go next time I update I will be on my way to TJ. Thanks to all you ladies who have given me advice and answered my many questions. Ready4ABBL thank you for listening to me the worry wort all the time and for being such a good friend

Ok I was not going to update until it was my time...

Ok I was not going to update until it was my time to leave but i cant help but to. I dont want to discuss this with my hubby because I DO NOT want to worry him. I have exactly 30 days and I thought I would be super excited but as my time draws near im getting more and more nervous. All I can think about is every negative thing that can possible happen. I have 3 babies I have to come home to and all I ask myself lately is "IS THIS REALLY WORTH IT?" Im so scared of all the bad things that can happen from getting burned to needing a blood transfusion and all sorts of other things including not getting the results I want. I sure hope this is just a normal part of the process because I can't even get excited anymore and its starting to get depressing :-(. Im adding my current pictures at 150lbs Im not gaining anymore weight so these will be my official befores

I got my labs back today and faxed them to Dr...

I got my labs back today and faxed them to Dr Campos. The only thing left to do is get on the plane I leave in 3 weeks and 5 days

I got 22 day left to go and I can hardly...

I got 22 day left to go and I can hardly wait!!!!!!!!!!! I decided to post the awful flat butt from behind pic so everyone can see just how flat I am and hopefully Dr Campos can work some magic and give me a nice big full juicy booty. Hopefully the next pic I post I will look like my wish pics.

I got one week left before I leave for TJ and 8...

I got one week left before I leave for TJ and 8 days before my surgery. Im soooooooo excited my time has finally come I just gotta knock this week out but I will be spending it on a cruise with my family so it should go by pretty fast then HELLO TJ. Dr Campos its your time to work your magic on me I will see you in one week WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!

I head out to TJ in about an hour. Im actually...

I head out to TJ in about an hour. Im actually pretty calm I guess I got all my freaking out done yesterday. I had an all out melt down I cried to my hubby all night because I hate the fact that Im leaving my children for 8 long days. I feel like such a bad mother but cant turn back now. From here on out I am going to try and stay as positive as possible. I know God is with me and he will get me through whatever comes my way. My consult with Dr Campos is today and surgery first thing in the morning. Im getting lipo and BBL and a tt if he thinks I need one. Well ladies next time I up date I will have my brand new body!!!!!!!

Thank you ladies for the prayers I had surgery...

Thank you ladies for the prayers I had surgery yesterday I ended up needing an extended tt was not happy about it but as of now I have to say campos did his thing my waist is really tiny and I know it will get smaller because being one day post op I'm still very swollen I believe I got 1064cc to each cheeck but not for sure because I was still out of it when the nuse told me and I lost the post it note she wrote it on but I will ask campos when I see him. As for Beauty care I was told there was a pipe burst so they put a friend and myself in a hotel I will post more about this once I get home I don't wanna jump the gun and say its been bad a good yet. Now my question to the ladies who have had a tt and bbl when the heck do you feel some what normal and in not so bad I feel like I dying here I will post pics when I get home because I'm unable to post from my iPad

I just wanted to thank everyone for the prayers...

I just wanted to thank everyone for the prayers and well wishes this recovery is hard especially being in a hotel but I have to say beauty care us doing a very good job caring for us giving the circumstances. I really feel they have our best interest at heart even letting us use there personal phones when the hotels Internet is down. I will say if you can come to mex with someone pls do I came with a friend and thank god I did I can't imagine being down here by myself with all that has gone down with beauty care closing down even when you plan well shit happens that you can't control. I will post more when I get home and I promise to post pics soon but I will say as I recover more I'm happier and happier with my results i feel I got the hour glass figure I was wanting and I finally have a butt woo hoo!

Omg I put clothes on today and I have a butt you...

Omg I put clothes on today and I have a butt you guys woo hoo im so excited if I can keep most of what I have now I will be extatic and more then satisfied Campos definitely did his thing on me now I just gotta hope my butts stays for the most part

I went to my post op today all looks well he was...

I went to my post op today all looks well he was able to remove all my stitches except 2 in my belly button and I have to go home with my drains but that's ok as long as I'm healthy I received 1140cc to each check I couldn't believe I had that much back fat especially since that and my sides is all he lipoed he took out a total of 3500 cc I think I don't know how much i got to the hips because I forgot to ask I will be home in 2 days ladies and will post pics again as soon as I'm home thanks again for all the prayers and well wishes

All these pics were taken days 2 and 3 Im still...

All these pics were taken days 2 and 3 Im still very swollen even today day 7 Im still swollen I will post more pics once most the brusing goes down and I feel a little better

Im sorry for not answering questions but on July...

Im sorry for not answering questions but on July.3rd I started running a high fever and have been admitted to the hospital im receiving iv antibiotics every.8hrs I dont know what went wrong I am a nurse I made sure I used gloves clened my incision properly and here I sit in the hospital this was so not worth.the risk my husband loved me flat ass and all my children are healthy I had a beautiful life and I feel so selfish and shallow for making my family go.through this because of my bad decision my family has to suffer and I don't even one think about the financial once these Dr bills start coming in I cant believe I made such a selfish choice

Im finally home from the hospital! I wanna thank...

Im finally home from the hospital! I wanna thank all the ladies that took time out to send me well wishes and your prayers it was really appreciated. I haven't even attempted to look at my butt I'm thinking itd probably all gone since being in the hospital I had no choice but to sit on it but at this point all I care about is being healthy I still have to take a 14 day dose of antibiotics but its oral meds and I get to be home with my family. Had this not have happened I would be typing a different review saying it was 100% worth it but being on the other end I have to say it was not worth it nothing it worth your health no matter how good your results are

Im doing alot better Im almost 3 weeks post op and...

Im doing alot better Im almost 3 weeks post op and although Ive been sitting on my butt since day 11 due to my hospital stay Im still happy with what butt I have left with. I dont know maybe its because I really dont care about my results as long as I have my health. But heres my almost 3week post op pics Im still swollen and was without a garmet the 6 days I was in the hospital

Im one month post op and Im happy with my results...

Im one month post op and Im happy with my results I will say again they were not worth he health problems but I Campos did do his thing even after sitting on my butt Im still very happy with whats left. I pray that I stay healthy so that I can start enjoying my results I will take some better pictures within the next couple of weeks. Compared to what I looked like before my body looks so much better I have curves and I actually have a butt Its not a huge butt but its way better then the flat square butt I had before

Im all most 4 months post op and I have to say I...

Im all most 4 months post op and I have to say I love my results. Was it worth gettn MRSA no but who ever goes in knowing they will get an infection with that being said Yes I would do it again Im so much more happier I love my new body. Booty greed is setting in and Ive been thinking about a rd 2 just not 100% sure because of course I do not want to get another infection. Would I reccomend this to others YES. I did not realize how flat I was before this and Im so glad I did this even though my recovery was not 100% complication free

Ok so Ive been going back n forth on wether or not...

Ok so Ive been going back n forth on wether or not to do a rd 2 and I have decided Im going with Dr Salama. I put my deposit down and Im scheduled for July 15, 2013 I feel like a newbie all over again just cause I dont know How Dr Salama runs things so if any of you Salama vets have advice Im all ears. Ive decide on rd 2 just cuz I want a lil more prejection and from the back view my butt sometimes looks flat. I need the back to be fuller. I dont wanna go through all the stuff that comes with going out of the country any Salama's booty's always look good so thats why I chose him to finish me up

Just want to do a quick update I'm still going to...

Just want to do a quick update I'm still going to Dr Salama in July for rd2 I've paied my deposit and now just waiting for my day to get her I need my entire abdomen lipoed and I'm having him re do my back Campos missed a lot of places in my back I'm also doing my arms this time I can't wait for July to get here

My time is almost here

So my time is finally almost here I'm having rd2 on July 15 and I'm super nervous because my rd1 didn't go so well I'm praying for a complication free sx and recovery may the good Lord bless me with both

Rd 1 pre op

Day 1

I made it through sx alive lol I'm doing pretty good I drank about 128 oz or Gatorade last night it hasn't been hard pushing the fluids because I'm so thirsty I've after about 5 small meals last night and lots of fruits oranges pineapple and bananas and soups I tried eating some chicken but my mouth is so dry right now it literally feels like I'm eating paper I've been making sure to get up and walk the walking hasn't been bad either it's the gettn up part that's hard because I had my arms done too I've only taken 1percoct so far because medicine tends to upset my stomach and I've managed to keep away the nausea without any zofran so far I didn't almost take one when I got outta the car to my hotel but the feeling passed Thank you to whoever posted about laying a shower curtain on the bed and peeing in styrofoam cups with holes at the body those 2 things have been lifesavers my bed looks like a murder seen so its a good thing I put the shower curtain down well this is all for now I'm gonna lay back down now thank you to all the ladies that have supported me throughout my journey Also I will try to post pics today once I get outta this bloody garment

Shower day1

So I was able to take a shower today so far so good I haven't gotten nauseous or lightheaded right now I'm just waiting to get my garment out of the wash so far the worse is my arms and my butt those two things hurt the most here's a quick pic of the front I will post booty pics when I'm able to snap a good one everything is so hard because my arms

Front pic

Day 2

Day 2 iis worse then day 1 my arms are so sore along with my butt I love my waist to hip ratio it's my ass that I'm not into it's to big so I'm praying that it goes down I'm still super swollen my hands face everything I look like a damn puffer fish I can't wait to be passed this faze of recovery

Day 2

depression kicking in

today is day 4 and not a good day Im freaking out about getting an infection just because i had one rd1 not because of anything else one butt cheek is a little bit more sore then the other so thats not helping the situation and my butt is huge I'm praying for this thing to go down because right now i feel like a damn cartoon I'm not a happy camper about that either I did have my 1st massage yesterday and yeah that was the most painful experience ever I almost cried heres are some pics from day 3

Day 3

God please let this booty go down

1 week post op

Well I'm home as of Monday and just removed my front drain today so I'm really excited about that so far recovery has been good since I've been home I do have episodes of weakness and feel shaky so I'm hoping that passes I'm liking my results more and more especially since my booty is starting to drop and the shelf is going away I'm very excited about how things are looking but don't wanna get ahead of myself so just taking it one day at a time

3wks post op

I am 3 wks post op today and in love with my results as long as I can stay healthy I'm good So far all has been well I haven't had any complications and I'm loving my body more and more everyday I still taking it day by day because I know things can always change for the worse I think once I make it to a month post op I will be more at ease here's my 3 wk pics Dr Salama is an amazing doctor he gave me exactly what I wanted which is good because I was nervous for a little bit I thought my booty was to big but it's shaping up nicely


4wks post op

I'm 4 wks post op and in love with my results Dr Salama gave me exactly what I wanted I have no complaints I am so glad I went to him His staff took great care of me I am so grateful this his been a good experience this time around


6wks post op

So I made it to 6wks post op and I love my results and most importantly I'm healthy and have had no complications

6 weeks post op pics

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