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I've been reading these reviews daily, so I...

I've been reading these reviews daily, so I thought I should post my own.
I've lost a total of 60 pounds since 2011, 35 pounds in the past year.
I feel so much more confident and healthy now, but the effects of being overweight on my body was tough. As we're the effects of losing weight. My whole body is covered in stretch marks and loose skin, especially my breasts. I never had a naturally large chest, but they were previously much larger as I was overweight.

I actually quite enjoy having a small chest now, but I'm having a breast augmentation to help add shape and fullness to my upper pole.
It saddens me to think that expensive surgery will still not change the very visible stretch marks all over my chest, but I am doing this for me to feel more in love with my body when I am naked or In a bikini.

I worry about them being too large, as I don't want to have a big bump in my shirt, or to feel fat once again. My plastic surgeon suggested 400cc. He knows my concerns and we've decided he will bring 350, 375, and 400 into the OR to try them in and see what is the best fit. He says he cannot go too small as the loose skin would not be filled out.

I am going to Mexico 20 days after surgery, and really hoping they will not be obnoxiously high and odd shaped by then. I have one week off work initially to heal. Pretty excited and nervous! Surgery is 14 days away!


Paid for the surgery today, getting excited!
Has anyone else gone on vacation soon after surgery?
I wear a 32D now.

Big day tomorrow! 400cc mod+ silicone under the muscle.

Pretty much dreaming about boobs every night!
My boyfriends birthday was yesterday so unfortunately it was a night of drinking and poor eating leaving me feeling sluggish before surgery.
My check in time is 8am tomorrow morning, surgery at 10, and pick up by boyfriend at 1!
SO excited and SO nervous.

Any last minute tips of what to stock up on today for preparation? I'm back to work after 1 week, and headed to Mexico 3 weeks post op.
Wish me luck!

On the other side!

Getting ready to leave the centre now! Currently SO happy! Everything went perfect said the surgeon. Said they have a great shape, excited to see tomorrow morning! Ended up getting 375cc round smooth moderate plus under the muscle. I'll post more pics tomorrow! Blurry eyes, dry mouth, no pain upon awakening, pain increased a little but mostly tightness. Happy girl!

More pics, 375cc

Feeling ok!

Day 1/Day 2

Day 1 went pretty well,
Going to sleep and waking up was a huge worry of mine and it went very smoothly. I know the anesthetist and nurses and they were all excellent. I was in no pain, did not puke, had a very dry mouth, was very thirsty, and very chatty.
I went into the drug store after a few hours with my boyfriend and felt fine but then felt dizzy and needed or go back to the car.

Once home I ate a few meals and watched movies with my friend, did not sleep at all. I should have slept but I'm not a napper and was having more fun being awake!

My first sleep was horrible, the tensor bandage was so tight and I hardly slept, took drugs every 4 hours (no narcotics tho) and could hardly move.

Saw my surgeon at 7am and he removed the tensor and revealed my new breasts!
Using this site prepared me for the extremely high implant, low swollen nipple, and very strange profile view,
My implants need to drop a lot and soften but I am already in love! Talk about self confidence boost! I was worried about feeling fat but they make my waist look tiny!
My boyfriend has been great, and very emotionally and physically supportive, waking up to help me take pills in the middle of the night and dressing and cooking for me, he also likes them more than I imagined as he was against me getting them.
Now that the tensor is off I feel 100 times more comfortable, the night and morning were just rough. Spent some time playing dress up this morning!

More pics

Some more pictures of bras and bathing suits!

Nipples! Day 2 pics

Nipples are very numb and much larger then they used to be as very swollen. Also sitting very low as the implants are sitting very high. Very awkward side profile & lots of stretch marks but no loose skin, love them already!

Gaining weight?

The scale tells me I've gained about 8 ponds,
A number I have not seem in quite a Long time.
The doctor Says the implants weigh 1.5 pounds total and the rest is water weight, I sure hope so!
Has anyone else experienced a large weight gain right after surgery, and did it return to normal?

Day 3

I think they have dropped a little,
Also I slept 9 hours last night without taking any pain killers. That was much needed as the first nights sleep was absolutely horrible. I was sure to take pain killers when I woke up tho. Still very tight. Originally my implants on day 1 were so close they were almost touching, now they are so far apart making zero cleavage. Is this something anyone has experienced? I'm kind of worried. Also just wondering if I can expect my nipples to become smaller like they once were.. They are huge and unsightly.
Still waiting for them to move up. The waiting game sucks, also still have very numb nipples.

Current before/after

5'10 150lbs (currently 157 after surgery!?!!)
375cc silicone under the muscle smooth round mentor
Missing my before nipples :(


The day of surgery my implants were nearly touching, now they have spread apart and I have zero cleavage. Is this how my breasts will be forever? Example wearing a V neck or triangle bikini there is now round cleavage present at all....?

More pics

Day 5

Trying on a bikini for Mexico, feeling a bit better about myself today, dropped all the swelling pounds that we're keeping me down, actually weigh the same as before surgery now. Washing my hair is still hard, back to work on Monday!

Day 6 post op! Back to work tomorrow

Feeling better about my nipples and cleavage, starting to drop and soften up I think. Very little discomfort, can almost do everything normal again!

Day 6!

Feeling pretty good! Went back to work today, I'm a dental assistant so a bit of running around, carrying somewhat heavy instruments, and using my arms. Surprisingly the hardest part was wiping the counters!

Saw my surgeon today for a one week checkup,
Normally he see's his patients at two weeks but he is away next week and I am away the week after. He said everything is looking just as it's supposed to and gave me the okay to workout normally at the gym with the exception of no running (bouncing activities) and no chest press, and take it easy on the heavy weights. I went straight to the gym and biked for 30 mins, stairclimbed, walked the track, free lunges and squats, and some bicep curls with 10lbs. I got worked into a sweat and felt great.

I am off to Mexico in 2 weeks and my surgeon gave me the go ahead to swim in the pools and ocean and wearing a bathing suit top during the day is okay as long as I'm not running around and advised wearing my sports bra every night. I will be 3 weeks post op on my trip. He said he has no concerns about me travelling 3 weeks post op and said any issue that could arise would not be an emergency and I could call him on his cell or email for guidance, but that he does not fore see any issues.

He also said to expect lots more dropping and difference In shape and feel, also lots of my dresses still fit well!

Feeling happy :)

Update, almost 2 weeks post op, 375cc silicone mentor under the muscle. SCARS

Back to normal life, exercise (no running yet) daily, go to work five days a week, not in very much discomfort, a few limited movements, but doing well! Got sized 32DD or 32DDD depending on the style (34 is too large around the band)
Headed to Mexico next weekend!
Took my steri strips off today, scar reveal! A little bigger then I expected but scabs need to come off, patience!

17 days post op

Now 17 days post of, very little discomfort, life is back to normal, just waiting to start running again, off to mexico this Sunday!

On a side note, I have developed a mondor's chord under my left Breast, anyone had experience with this?
Incision bandages have come off and I've been instructed to start using polysporin while scabby, then bio oil.
One of my incisions in my opinion is quite lower than my Breast crease (more visible) however that Breast is also higher so hoping it will drop and cover that incision better.

Just over a month until my revision.

Havnt posted on here in a long time, but unfortunately I am under going a revision on August 18. One of my implants has bottomed out slightly. I noticed this at my final appointment and my ps said everything was fine and that wouldn't happen, but as it got worse I made another appointment and he agreed. I have a slight double bubble appearance and from the side profile you can see the inplant much lower then the fold. He says the other Breast is fine but I personally do not feel it is fine. We are having another consultation soon to discuss again before I go in for surgery. I would like both revised. I feel they have dropped significantly and I no longer have any height to the upper pole. I also have loose skin, which was the only reason I got implants. I was told I would have no loose skin, and when I mentioned I do he said he would have had to go much larger to fix that completely. I do believe him and agree with him, I understand, but it just leaves me still not happy and not confident in them. What he has to do is remove the inplant and clean it out and replace it and place internal sutures as my body did not form enough scar tissue. I am going to inquire/request some more medial pocket dissection as I feel they are far apart and I have no cleavage. I think it may be my anatomy but whatever bra I try on I do not have round cleavage breasts. My ps said those girls with their inplants cleavage like that have tape holding them up but I know that is not true for all. Even my friends with natural breasts have better cleavage then I do. Also I can feel the inplant edges in my crease and they often change shape, bumpier in certain areas and not smooth. As soon as I raise my arms you can completely see them. As much as this update sounds very negative I am not overly upset and I do like them sometimes. I just needed somewhere to vent as its really hard to tell people that you aren't happy with your plastic surgery. I am hoping to discuss all these issues with him, however in each consult I usually end up not saying these little things. It doesn't help that I have lost muscle and gained 6 pounds recently so I am not feeling very confident.

Photos of the problems, revision in August, doctors opinions?

To add to the list I have bad muscle flex deformity. He said I would have animation but this is pretty bad in my opinion
Dr. Michael Jacoby

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