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I just got the eyebrow transplant 2 days ago. I...

I just got the eyebrow transplant 2 days ago. I looked into tattoo first but was very doubtful about it as I've seen people with it and I don't like it very much, also I think tattoo makes you look a bit older. So one of my girlfriends told me about the eyebrow implant and I started a super fast and quick research and decided to go for it! As I'm a sporty girl I really wanted to do this because when I'm exercising I sweat and the make up on the brows doesn't look nice when you are all sweaty, or it just simple fades, also when on the beach. So I really wanted to have real hair to be able to, for example, grab water and rub my face after a run, which I do very frequently.

Anyway, I did this in Monterrey, Mexico (I have family there) . At a Kaloni center. I have to say I'm not 100% satisfy yet, I guess I will have to wait to see how things evolve. They do treat you really nice and with lots of respect, they are very friendly, but I don't know, I feel there's a sense of quality or commitment missing.

After the procedure I can tell you that I'm happy that the the missing part of my eyebrows is cover by hair now, which is great. What I can't understand is why the dr doing my procedure did a horrible job at the eyebrow start. When I saw me in the mirror I said, Oh my god, why do I have too much hair over here? he said i could remove it with tweezers later, but what's the point of placing some hair that you will be removing after??? Doesn't make much of sense to me. I think the idea should be to do the less of damage as possible right?
So I went home with something that for me was a bad eyebrow design, and I've been at home ever since the procedure cause I don't want people to see me with this eyebrow I currently have. And yesterday I truly was super stressed, looking at the eyebrows every 10 minutes as expecting something to get better. But on the contrary, I look even worse because of the swelling, I have lots of swelling.

And I keep asking myself did the doctor do such a bad design. Why didn't he place some lines or something to help him with the design, i just don't get it. I've been thinking that maybe If the design was better, I could be able to stand this a little better.
So, if you do this, make sure you get a good design cause otherwise you will end up with horrible eyebrows for a while. And paint some guidelines, spend lots of time drawing lines with the doctor before you jump into the procedure in hopes they will understand what you are expecting. If it weren't for the crappy design I think I would be able to go out 5 days after the procedure. But like this, no, I will stay at home until the red marks and scabs fade.

Other than that I'm happy with the eyebrow. I will need to shape it once the swelling goes down and the scabs fall down. I just want time to pass by and see the results. What's done is done and we will have to wait to see. But gladly, I'm more relaxed now and I'm taking things better. The worst to happen is to get my old eyebrow which wasn't that bad after all.

Oh, and about the back of my head, everything ok with that. I did had some bleeding but its under control now. We used the FUE extraction, which is by single follicle. My scalp does itches but I restrain myself from touching it. And my hair cover this area pretty well. I cant wait for the hair to grow!

And about the swelling, looks like its progressing fast. The only problem I see is that I will not be swollen but will not be able to go out anyway because of the ugly eyebrow design I have. I have to wear a fake bang or hat and sunglasses every time I want to go out. Which I mostly avoid. Again, I cant wait for the time to pass and get a beautiful eyebrow. Will post more pictures of the following days.

3rd day after transplant

Things are evolving and I feel better, more relaxed. I'm still anxious about trimming my eyebrows and see final results. In the morning I was really swollen but I applied ice and by night it was definitively better. I still have purple marks under my eyes, but that will fade away too. I'm wearing bangs and sunglasses to go out, I think I will be able to leave my sunglasses at home from now on. Which is cool cause I looked really bad at night and with sunglasses on. I definitely feel more confident of myself today.

getting better

I've completed 12 days since my procedure and things are improving. Looks like I'm going to end up with good results. The scabs started falling off by day 7 until day 10. I still have red skin on the eyebrow area, I was told the red should fade in a week or so.

1.5 months

It's been almost a month and a half since my procedure and since day 10 I haven't seen major changes in my brow. The skin took a brownish color because it hasn't recovered from the process.
Before the procedure, I used to wake up and go straight to the bathroom to do my eyebrow. Now, I go straight to the kitchen to have breakfast (LOL). I absolutely love this!
I've seen I've lost some of the hairs and I've seen some of the replanted hairs growing. As the implanted hairs grow large I've been using scissors to keep them under control, but this is totally ok with me.
I've also been using eyebrow shadow to hide the brownish skin and to hide the spots where I've loose some of the hairs (although I think I haven't loose much). I've also removed some of the hairs at my eyebrow start, but just like 1.5 millimeters maximum on each side, just a tiny bit of hairs. And I've been using concealer to cover the brownish area at the eyebrow start.
Everything is going ok and so far I think I feel satisfied. But I still need to wait to see the final and absolute results.
Although I've had so many compliments about my brows and that makes me really happy.

3 months

It's going to be 3 months now since the procedure. I soon will be able to be under the sun. Because all of this time I've been taking care of sunlight because it can damage the follicles. Anyway, I think I have less hair now but I do hope it will re-growth. So far I still feel better than before doing the eyebrow transplant. Even though hair is still missing, I have more than before.

Final steps

Im pretty much in the final stage for the hair transplant and I feel good about it. Im not 100? satisfy with the results; more likely a 92? or so because i think there are some things that should have been handled differently. Anyway, i feel happy with my eyebrow. There are some small spots that doesnt have any hair but with a tiny bit of makeup I end up with a magnificent eyebrow. I could go and fix those spots but Im not sure I want to go through that process again. Besides, I have had lots of complements about my eyebrow from random people on the streets, so, that says a lot about it right? And for the price.... That was the best of it. The picture shows my eyebrow as is, without any make up on it nor anything else, just out of the shower. I do have to trim the hair from time to time and to use gel to keep the hair in place. What I love most about it, is that I cant go running and/or swimming and still look Nice! Not like before that i used to end up without eyebrow, truly horrible. I do recommend to go for this procedure, but check the design prior to it, so your recoveey process is as smoothest as possible.
Jorge Guerrero

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