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Just got Cosmelan done for the first time this...

Just got Cosmelan done for the first time this past Friday. I am half Asian and have hyperpigmentation from taking the pill for many years. Areas of concern are temples and upper lip that seem to darken when exposed to sun. After inquiring about IPL facials, and microdermabrasion, this seemed to be the most effective option.

I got the cosmelan with hydroquin and am in the 4th day after the treatment. I feel I am over the hump but not sure. Day 1 was red face. Day 2 was red, tight and dry and it hurt like crazy applying cosmelan 2 and the vital K cream twice a day. Day 3 was peeling super tight and dry, I could barely move my mouth and eat. The best way to describe it is when you're a kid and put paper glue on your palm and it dries: where the glue is thick it cracks, where it's think you can pull off stretchy thin layers. Day 4, today I am less red and the application of Cosmelan 2 and Vital K still stings like crazy but not excruciating. Face is less red but still peeling especially around the mouth area. I still see my spots so perhaps I'm nowhere over the hump yet, but at least my skin feels less painful.
Ignore other reviews that say you can go out in public or cover with makeup by day 4! The dryness makes it impossible to hide with make up.
Will report more as the days progress.

I am now at day 7. Yesterday I had a meeting so I...

I am now at day 7. Yesterday I had a meeting so I did not use Cosmelan 2 the night before or the day of to avoid cracky face. But last night I reapplied, as a spot treatment to my spots. It still stings a bit but I definitely think I'm on the mend. Spots on my temple don't seem to be fading yet, but according to other users, it should still be fading over the next week to come. The upper lip darkness is starting to fade however, and the smaller spots that made my complexion seem uneven, are disappearing and I do feel my skin is starting to look better than before the peel.
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I chose Kalologie because the doctor that works there was super knowledgable. When I originally inquired about IPL facials she could have easily sold them to me to make money. However she told me what was worth the cost for my skin and what would be lost efforts and money.

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