6 Weeks Post Op. 500cc Mentor MemoryGel Mod +

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Okay ladies I have my first consult Wednesday help...

Okay ladies I have my first consult Wednesday help me with some questions I should ask?, Also any other woman on here fitness buffs how long was it before you were actively able to work out I am asking because I am military sooo I cant be inop for too long, was it worth it any ppl on here with regrets? All your input is very appreciated!!! Hope to here from you!

So I seen my PS last week and she answered a lot...

So I seen my PS last week and she answered a lot of my questions I have decided on either 450cc-500cc not to sure yet I don’t want to be HUGE but I want them to be nice and noticeable lol! I am going with Mentor Memory Gel “Gummy Bears” they are supposed to be the best on the market right now I am going to have to pay a little extra but seems well worth it!, I am having to go over the muscle because I have a minor “deformity” so I don’t have a lot of breast tissue underneath my nipple so to make it full we have to go over the muscle. I am going to make an appointment to go back and bring a tight shirt and a front closure bra to get a better idea of the difference between 450 and 500cc.

Hey so I am picking my surgery date on the 9th of...

Hey so I am picking my surgery date on the 9th of April but my surgeon is very very busy but she is going to try and get me a date as soon as she can! On that day I will also decide if I am going to get 450cc or 500cc!!! I was just wanting recommendations for things after surgery like how did you pick the correct bra size before the BA? I have also been hearing alot about Arnica? Any information or help is appreciated!!!

So I finally got a surgery date of 13 June!!!...

So I finally got a surgery date of 13 June!!! Can't stinkin wait ill go 3 weeks before to have another consult and to officially decide on what size I want! We are in between 450-500cc I wanna be a Good size D!, But I would like some recomedations on after care! Thanks so much!

I was wondering when is the absolute earliest you...

I was wondering when is the absolute earliest you think I can work out? Like push ups and excersixes like that? I am in the Military and I am hoping this will not effect me to much. Thanks for all your comments! I will be taking 30 days of leave and hoping when I come back to work I will be partially able to do everything.

I am hoping some ladies who have gotten 500cc...

I am hoping some ladies who have gotten 500cc implants can comment if you have pictures and what was your size before and after? I know it is different on everyone but I would love to actually see this on a woman! I cant decided between 450cc & 500cc but I am scared 500cc will give extremely large breasts that dont look natural! I am very broad shoulder and dont have much now but I would love to see some ladies who have gotten this size! My surgery is in June and my Preop is May 15th!

Welp, it is getting closer and closer to my...

Welp, it is getting closer and closer to my surgery date!!! I have excaulty one month before I am part of boob land :) Can't wait to have my new girls!, I am getting pretty nervous and all just about getting back in shape after the surgery because I am in the Army and fitness is one of the top prioritys plus I will be attending a school come August so any advice on how to shorten the recovery time is greatly appreicated! Wednesday I got for my pre op and I will finally pick the size I am going to get right now I am set on MemoryGel Moderate Plus Profile 500cc Sub-Glandual. Any ladies who have gotten the same?

Well this morning I had my last appointment with...

Well this morning I had my last appointment with the DR before surgery which is just under a month away! All I have to do is go get my blood work and talk to the ansetheaisolgist, it's crazy how real it is now!! Getting nervous!!! But anyways this is what me and the DR. Decided on!

500cc MemoryGel Moderate Plus Profile ( she is ordering 450 also just incase I don't have enough to cover the 500)
Over the muscle
Under the breast incision
I will wear a surgical bra for 4-6 weeks ( recommendations on a good one?) I will not need to massage she said because that is only required if you have smooth implants and I will have textured!
Also I will wear a "girdal" for atleast to two weeks minimum to make sure my breasts fall into place correctly!

But I think that is it, oh and I will be staying overnight DR way of knowing everything is going good because she require drains to make sure no bleeding occurs she said it happens normally within the first few hours. & to make sure pain is at the minimum :)

Now everything is so real so any pointers for anything will be great!!!!!!!

Okay so I had my very last consult before surgery!...

Okay so I had my very last consult before surgery! I am starting to get very nervous at this point!!!! But just so everyone knows this is the plan for surgery!

500cc MemoryGel Mentor Moderate Plus ( 450cc ordered just incase we cant fit 500cc"
Over the muscle
Under breast incision

I will be staying overnight which is required by the DR to moniter her patients she will also attach tubes to make sure no bleeding occurs she said if it happens its normally within the first few hours. Also, to monitar my pain! I think its a great Idea I will feel better I think the next day!

I also have to order a surgical bra does anyone recommend a good brand? She did mention to make sure the band is narrow and not wide!

So also said she doesnt recommend massgaing it is not needed unless you have smooth texture implants ( she also commented she has no idea why anyone would want them lol) .

But I am pretty excited yet nervous its gonna be strange waking up to a altered body!!!!

Surgery in 3 weeks!!! Ladies with subglandual implants how are they?

Well I have my surgery in 3 weeks, I am super anxious & keeping reading all these horror storys about over the muscle! I would love to some reassurance on this lol! I am having to get over the muscle to fill in my bottom portion of my breast because of my minor "deformity". But I keep reading horror storys about bottoming out and stuff! Oh me oh my too close to surgery to be stressing like this!

10 Days Until Surgery! 500cc Mentor Memory Gel Subglandular Crease Incision. Tips for post op? When to start taking Arnica?

Hey beautiful ladies! I am now 10 days from having my surgery I go get my blood work today! Its becoming so real! I was just wondering if anyone had any tips for an easy recovery! I have bought compression bras & boobie ice packs ( actually made for the boob for breasfeeding) & I have scar cream, Arnica tablets & gel, also bought a body pillow. What else should I get to prepare & when should I start taking the Arnica tablets? Well any advice is appreciated thanks!!!!

3 Days till I join boob land!!!

Hopeing I didnt go to small!!! Ladies what do you think 500cc will bring me too? I am hoping for a full D or small DD! Well too late now to change my mind haha!!! Monday is the day!!!! Any pointers?

Today is the day!!!!

Welp today I finally have boobs, the morning hasalready been rough woke up with a migraine so hopefully it doesnt get worse after the surgery.... Well I am headed to the hospital now then in 2 hrs I am scheduled :) eek! Cant believe I am finally doing it!

Just got done!

I just got brought back to my room, when I woke up after surgery it felt like a dump truck was sitting on my chest, like i havent really moved to look at my new girls yet! But as soon as I do I will post pics :)

Ready to be in my bed, back is killing me

Not a good picture but its all I can get until im able to get up which will be tomorrow plus my drains are in until then! Pain is minimal but there. & chest is really heavy! & this dang strap aint not joke!!!

Expierenced What Morning Boob Was

Well i woke up this morning and def. expierenced what morning boob was, my boobs are more sore today than yesterday :( is this normal?

Pictures added!!! 1 day post op!

1 day post op!

One Week Post Op

Well I will write a longer review tomorrow! But I am one week and the girls are coming along nicely! Wearing that strap has been a major pain tho! But gotta make sure the drop nicely and my cleavage comes in! My right nipple is still numb but I think im starting to get feeling in my breasts completely back now! The ony pain i really have is when I tense any of my chest muscles! Just ready for the swelling around the incision site to go down i thought it was the implant lmao! My surgeon insures me it wasnt!! What size do you ladies think i will be?, tomorrow i have my one week post op hopefully my surgeon clears me to shower having my husband wash my hair is horrible!!, When did you ladies start to soften?

2 Weeks Post Op

Well im a few days past two weeks but the pics are at exactly two weeks post op! The pain is minimum ready for the swelling in my sternum to go down! The only real pain is when i wake up in the morning!,when did it become comfortable or you to sleep on your sides or stomach again? This whole back sleeping isnt for me :(

2 Weeks Post Op Pic

Forgotthe picture lol

6 weeks post op

Dr. Jost

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