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Hi guys, i've been reading a lot of your stories...

Hi guys, i've been reading a lot of your stories about acne and what you've all been doing to help so I decided to write my own review.
I had perfectly clear skin until about the middle of my freshman year in highschool when I started partying, all of the sudden my skin broke out and I had no idea what was going on! I mostly broke out on my jawline (so painful and embarassing) and my right cheek also gave me problems. Anyways, in april of 2012 I started using retin-a & I remember in the beginning it was so itchy\irritated\red.. you can imagine how horrible it is to have ugly skin in highschool, i'm sure many of you know what i'm talking about. The initial breakout was very defeating and disheartening. Unfortunately I didn't really keep track of my progress cause this was 2 years ago but I do know that I was seeing improvements by 3 months and it got better from there! By April of 2013 (a year of retin-a) my skin was almost perfectly clear! By june\july of 2013 I had basically perfect skin and the few scars were virtually gone. Buuuuuut, sadly by August I got too cocky and stopped using retin-a. My skin stayed pretty for about 6 months. In February of 2014 my skin did start to breakout again, not horribly, not enough to ruin my confidence, but still breakouts are no fun. So now it's April of 2014 and i've been back on retin-a since March 24th (so about 2 weeks back on it) and my skin is improving! However it's only been 2 weeks haha but i'm thinking my skin is probably still used to retin-a so I might not get dried out or have too bad of an initial breakout. We'll see!
the point of me making a review of retin-a is to let you all know that it WILL HELP, I know that it's very hard in the beginning and it makes you want to sit at home and be a hermit (go ahead and be a hermit I did the same thing) but in the end you will be so thankful you stuck through it!
Keep your rountine simple and use moiturizer :)
I'd also love to hear comments back from you guys, tell me your stories! :)

I'm a junior in highschool and i'm really hoping my skin is clear before my senior photos in 5 months haha

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