Breast Reduction/Lift Surgery

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I went for a consultation last Wednesday with Dr....

I went for a consultation last Wednesday with Dr. Thomas R Chang and then today for a second consultation with Dr. Marilyn Nguyen. I am not sure who to get surgery with but I am thinking of Dr. Nguyen. I found a few reviews on here about Dr. Chang but can't find any on Dr. Nguyen. I know Dr. Nguyen is fairly new to Kaiser and she came from practicing in Baltimore. Neither could really tell me exactly what size I would be they said the insurance requires a minimum and a maximum amount they can take out so I guess I will know once that amount is determined. They also said they can't guarantee my cup sizes, which sounds a little strange to me. However, they said I am a great candidate for the insurance to cover the procedure and can schedule my appointment. I am a 34 G right now and would ideally like to be a 34 full C-D. I am disappointed they cannot do a short scar (because I am concerned about scarring) and said they can only do the anchor procedure but I am happy it will be covered by the insurance. I also wanted to get liposuction (that I would pay for out of pocket) and they said Kaiser won't allow them to do procedures on the side so I will have to get that done another time by another doctor, which sucks.

Anyway, any advice anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Had Breast Reduction & Lift - Concerned About My Results

I had a breast reduction/lift on Monday and am very concerned about how my breasts look. I was a 34 G and said I ideally wanted to be a Full C or even small D. I think I am smaller than I wanted. My PS said she removed 500 mg from each breasts for a total of 2 1/2 pounds. I know my breasts are still swollen and healing but the sides of my breasts are big and the middle of my breasts are not full. My incision scars are scary and my nipple asymmetry is off (my right breast nipple is higher than my left breast). I did my research before the surgery and stayed on this site so I would know what to expect but my breast did not come out as I anticipated. I didn't want to originally get the anchor procedure but that is what Kaiser would pay for. I knew that I would have scars from having the anchor procedure however, from my research the cut is in the shape of an anchor (hence the name). My incision however is around my entire breast and it looks like an incision was placed in between my breasts and raised. I am very concerned about this and how it looks.

I had my drains removed yesterday and don't go back to see my PS for two weeks (which is when I will address my concerns so that I can show her). However, I did reach out to find out when I can use the silicone gel sheets to help out with healing of the scars since no sterile strips were placed over my incisions. I was informed I could use Vitamin E and scar gel (which I have Mederma) when the swelling goes down but from my reading the silicone gel sheets work better.

If any plastic surgeons can respond and let me know if it is typical for the incisions from the anchor technique to look like mine (especially with the stich in the middle of my cleavage) and address my concerns about the nipple asymmetry, I would appreciate it. I am trying to be patient since I just had surgery but I am very worried.

Pics After Breast Reduction/Lift - Concerned About Nipple Asymetry and Incision Technique/Scarring

Breast Reduction/Lift Pre Op Markings

I know the PS use the marking as directions to wear to make the incisions. Since my nipples are uneven and the right is higher than the left I wanted to upload a picture with my marking to get some PS opinions to see if they look uneven, Do the markings look uneven, especially the nipples?
Dr. Marilyn Nguyen

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