Stubborn Tire on Otherwise Slender Woman. Kailua Kona, HI

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I went to a very good plastic surgeon with a short...

I went to a very good plastic surgeon with a short laundry list of things I would like to correct. Two were facial and the other my small "tire" that won't go away. The surgeon suggested Sculpt Sure and said she had both lipo and the Sculpt Sure was the way to go. Her consultant also had it done, she is a larger lady than I and her tummy was perfectly flat. So I decided with no anesthesia and no down time it was worth it, one session was quoted at $1562. The SculptSure location utililizes one of her office locations but is a referral, not part of the practice. Just days prior to my procedure they offered $1350 each if I Booked two session at once. So I decided to do four pack on my belly and two each on my flanks. I was not given any special instructions prior or special clothing to wear, just pulled my own pants down far enough to place the the packs. The "belt" that houses the packs were tightened so the fat bubbles up thru the brackets where the laser packs would go. This in itself was a bit uncomfortable as the plastic is hard and dug a bit into the front of the hip bone. It was adjusted somewhat but wasn't what I would say comfortable due to the structure of "the belt". About 4 minutes in the heat was getting pretty darn intense. Technician showed me a chart of 4 categories describing the feelings one would experience. I told her it was a definite 4, but nothing was adjusted or turned down. The cooling simply felt like the heat stopped, I didn't find it soothing at all. Then about 10 minutes in I had very severe cramping, very much like heavy labor pains. The technician stated that men have a much harder time with this part and that this was normal. She was very good at verbal therapy, but had I not already spent the money I may have quit. She assured me the flanks were much easier and kept encouraging me with reporting "you are only 12 minutes from achieving this"... And counted down the remaining time about every 3 minutes to comfort me. I had a natural childbirth, no meds whatsoever, and this was right up there with the pain, except it was only 25 minutes.

I took a 5 minute break before doing the flanks. Because I am thin, I had to stand for this part as the packs wouldn't stay in place when I was reclined. There was no set up for standing so I faced the machine and could only hold the top of the chair with one hand to support myself. Perhaps because I had to stand, the flanks were every bit as difficult to tolerate. I had a couple " Oh Jesus" moments, I broke into a sweat and started shaking like I was going to pass out. I am hoping that's because this technician was giving me a full blast for optimum results. She held my hand and continued to talk me thru it.

Afterwards I could barely tolerate my stretch pants against my skin, it felt like a 3rd degree burn, and walking with the fabric rubbing the tender skin was difficult, not to mention the 2 hour solo drive home. My skin was more sensitive than a super nasty sunburn and it as all I could do to apply Aloe Vera to soothe my skin. This lasted about 12 hours and not too bad the second day, just a bit tender. I never got "a hard workout" at the gym feeling. Only when massaging the areas did I experience and soreness.

Now at two weeks post procedure, the body is starting to eliminate the fat. Think about this... Only one way that occurs and I Would hate to be away from home or far from a bathroom during this period. I checked with the surgeons office and she confirmed that she and other patients have had the same experience. Part of the elimination process.

I am encouraged by photos I see online and the very flat tummy of the consultant. I just think there should be more disclosure about possible pain and the elimination process. I am guessing folks with more fat than I might not feel that much pain, or perhaps I had the full throttle and others haven't. In any event, it is far to soon to expect to see results and I am hopeful it was worth it for me. If it were offered to me for free I still would never do it again. I took before pictures and somewhere around the 6 week mark ( the earliest they say you see results) I will post before and afters. If I loose most of the tire, I will be glad I survive the entire process.
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The technician is an RN. She was very supportive and her verbal therapy was helpful.

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