30 Yrs Old, 110lbs, 500cc - Kailua Kona, HI

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I am 5'2 and 101lbs. I have had 4 babies and...

I am 5'2 and 101lbs. I have had 4 babies and breastfed all of them, this last baby, for a year. In high school, I had the perfect c cup breasts. Now, after babies, I have very little breast tissue and my breasts sag somewhat. I am very lucky that I have not had to work to lose weight following having children, but really, I want my breasts back! I moved to Hawaii, and was fortunate enough to have found a great Dr. here. My husband will miss my tiny breasts that nurtured our children. But he is totally on board and will embrace the new me. My consult is on tuesday, Nov. 11th, and I am beyond excited. I would like to be a large c, but I will go to my appointment with an openmind. I am thinking silicone unders. I can't wait!

my goodness

So I have my consult in 3 hours, and I am having an anxiety attack thinking about this appointment! I am so excited, but I don't know what my problem is. Ha. I am nervous that I'll faint in his office and he won't want to work with me, lol. I once fainted in my child's pediatricians office (my son was crying after getting shots), and it was a huge ordeal. My husband is so sweet, keeping me calm by helping me write a list of questions to ask while we are there. After my consult, I'll post before pictures.

Had my consult with Dr. Schlesinger

Wow, that was a great consult. My husband and I found it to be so informative. I decided on 350cc silicone dual plane mastopexy. Yay! Also, my husband asked about my muscle separation in my abdominal muscles, and the dr. explained that I would get great results from a TT. I have wanted one, but my husband didn't want me to do it, and now my husband is comfortable wit the procedure. But now, I may have to wait because if I do both procedures, I need to come up with an additional $10,000. Hmm.

before photo

I can't believe I'm posting this.

Counting the hours till I can schedule!

my hubby gave me the go ahead to pay for, schedule, and arrange for hotel accommodations, and schedule flights for my BA. I've gained a few lbs, went from 101 to 104, and my tummy looks a little better and I just do cross cross crunches for the muscles, so I'm thinking I am not going to do the TT, at least for now. I am also thinking that I want to go with 375 or 400 cc. I want a noticeable difference. ????

BOOOO, ugh, I have to wait 3 days to schedule.

I'm so disappointed. My hubby called to have the money for my BA transferred to his account from a mainland account. Usually, this would happen the same day, but since we moved to Hawaii, they have to mail a frickin check. To overnight it will take 2-3 days. Then the check has to clear the account. I was really hoping to schedule today. I called the PS office on Friday and they said that there were only a few openings left in December. Then the hotels are all booked the beginning of January for New Years. Oh well, everything will work out. I'm just happy that I get to do this in the first place, and that my hubby is so supportive. Hey, has anyone used the mentor website to alter pics of themselves? I'll post pics to show mine.


Finally agreeing with my hubby on size.

So, my hubby went through old pics he has taken of me, he takes pics of me in the shower and doing my hair and makeup in the nude lol. Well, he found pics that he had taken of me about 10 days after having my last baby. (I can't believe how thin I was!) but anyway, it shows and it reminded him of how big my boobs were then, and that's when we had liked the size of my breasts. I'm so happy that he found those pictures. Now I can take them to my Dr. In the pics of course, my boobs are uneven from nursing, and a little saggy, but the general size, I think, is a good jumping off point for my dr. Hopefully, I'll get to schedule today!

Wish boobs

Waiting game

Soo called to book with my ps's office last Saturday. The earliest surgery date available was January 16th. I think that they can sense my excitement and are trying to get me an earlier surgery date. I'm so frickin excited!!! Yay!!! And my hubby is now thinking go bigger. Im glad. Im petite but, I've actually put on some much needed weight (I was underweight my whole adult life), since my initial consult, and I have a booty now. My hubby thinks 425cc's. I personally like big boobs, I just never though he would go for it. Yay, so excited!

Wish boobs

Another real self member with the same stats


So I put down my deposit, booked flights and hotel. Now I just have to wait. Jan 16th is the big day. I'm so excited!

Rice sizers

So I wore 400cc rice sizers today and my hubby didn't even notice, lol. So then I tried 475cc sizers. He liked those. I'll post pics, let me know what you think!

Pre op today, 10 days till boobies!!!

Yay, so I got my meds, signed a million papers, got a folder, paid in full for the procedure. Now I just have to make it 10 days!!!! Oh and we decided to go with 500cc to get the look of 450. I'm crazy crazy excited. I'm so tired though, from all the excitement. Whew. I think I'm going to give all the research a break for a few days. I've made all the important decisions, it's time to wait. Then on the 15th, my family will take our trip to Oahu, and I'll have surgery on the 16th. I'm all smiles here.


So my family and I spent yesterday traveling to where I'm having my surgery done. I guess I didn't drink enough water, because I woke up this morning very dehydrated. And I report to the surgery cent in 45 minutes, so I can't drink anything! Ugh.
So last night I put the nausea patch behind my ear, took Prilosec, and washed with dial soap. I washed with dial soap again this morning, and am wearing a track suit and flip flops to my surgery. The center is only just down the street from our hotel. I think I'm just going to walk there. I hope my hubby can handle the kids and have no problems picking me up after surgery. I'm not really worried about surgery right now, not nervous or anything. I'm just (unreasonably) worried about my husband caring for the kids, lol. I don't know why, he's a great daddy and can take great care of them. I think it's just that I'm used to being in control. He handled everything when I had my tubes tied last year. and when I went to deliver our last child by myself, lol.
I'm just killing time right now, waiting to leave. Wish me luck! Thank you to everyone for all of your reviews and helpful comments. I'm especially thankful for following Heaven's review, since we share the same dr.
I'll try to update again at the surgicenter. If I can't though, I'll let you all know when I'm on the other side!

On the other side

So, I'm back at the hotel. It's more pain then I expected, but totally doable and worth it. Dr. S and all of his staff are so amazing and nice! I'm taking Percocet and Xanax and just resting in bed. When I just relax, there's hardly any pain. But to move, like getting out of bed, oh hell no, it hurts. I've figured out that rolling on my right side, and not trying to hold my weight, help me to get up if hubby isn't around. My boobies look amazing. I have drain in, so I'll post pics tomorrow. My hubby is doing an amazing job with the kids and taking care of me. I'm drinking prune juice and taking a stool softener, since I already have issues with constipation. I'll update again tomorrow at the latest with before and after photos.

Before and a few hours after

Wow! I hurt!

Omg, my breasts don't necessarily hurt except for the muscle spasms. It's my arm pit and liposuction areas that are killing me. I've been taking Xanax and 3 per parts every six hours and I'm still just shaking like a leaf from the pain. This hurts more than labor to me. I love the girls though. I get the drains taken out in three hours. I can't wait to really see them! And ask for a different pain medication. Well I'm going to rest now. Oh yeah, my arm its hurt because of the transaxillary incision (my Drs specialt). Oh and they look totally symmetric now so far. Night ladies!

One more thing

I really thought that 500ccs was going to look giant, but so far they look AMAZING and not too big at all.


I am in so much pain it's not even funny. I got clearance to shower, but I'm not ready for that. I'll totally faint. My boobs swelled up after having the drains removed. My tummy is super bloated. I look 6 months pregnant. I'm 5lbs heavier today. We finally are home from Oahu, so I'm just trying to take it easy. Luckily I have a serta memory foam bed that is adjustable with a remote. I've never been so happy to be home.
On another note, my dr is absolutely amazing. He is such a warm and welcoming person. My arm pits, by far are the most painful. I'll try to post another pic, but I keep getting an error message.

Trying to post a pic

Error messages are driving me up the wall, lol.

Day 3 Post Op

Ugh, I feel like crap. My dr warned me about a headache and depression around day five. I guess mine came a little early. I have a low pain tolerance maybe. I have no appetite, I've only had chicken broth yesterday, and a few bites of a sandwich 2 days before that. Each time I ate, it made me really sick. The Percocet doesn't help, just makes me itch like crazy. At least I have Xanax, which helps with the pec muscle spasms, and it helps me sleep. I've had a migraine since last night. All I want to do is sleep. I wish I could take ibuprofen. That would work better than the Percocet. I'm not going to bother taking that anymore. So again, today, I am just laying in bed, sleeping most of the time I hate that the ace bandage touches my incisions in my arm pits. My incisions are way bigger than I expected. Although, I should have since I went with 500cc silicone. It's funny because I really thought that 500cc's would give me big boobs, but they look just like my boobs when I was in highschool, before having babies. I knew that day 2 and 3 were going to be rough. But going through it and experiencing it for yiurself is different than reading about it. It's all still been worth it. I love my beautiful new breasts. I just am patiently waiting to heal, feel better, and have this awful bloating in my abdomen go away.



No feeling??

From right after surgery, I noticed part of the left side of my abdomen was "numb", I figured it was just part of the anesthesia wearing off. This morning, I decided to finally touch my breasts to see if they were still hard as rocks. My entire left breast has no feeling at all. It's extremely off putting. I'm more than a little freaked out by that. It's my whole breast not just nipple, and not even that, it's my whole breast plus part of my stomach. Literally no feeling whatsoever! Thankfully I see the dr today, but this is very stressful, even if it is a normal occurrance. Which I don't know if it is. I'm just trying not to freak out right now. I'll update after my appointment. My breasts are beautiful.

2nd post op appointment

Everything went well. I feel just awful today. My dr said today and tomorrow would be the worst and then I'll be just fine. He said to drink gatoraid to balance my electrolytes. I had all but one stitch removed. My left breast implant needs to drop a little bit more, so I'm wearing the ace wrap until Monday. So I'm back home now, drinking gatoraid, and I'm going to try to take a nap. I hope everyone is doing well. My breasts are beautiful by the way, but very swollen and large haha.

Anyone else have a problem updating?

Anyone else have a problem updating their reviews or posting pictures? 1 out of every 100 times I try to post a picture, it works. And only half the time I reply to someone or update my profile, it works. I just keep getting an error message. Am I suddenly doing something wrong that I'm not aware of?

Day 7 Post Op

Still sore

I'm feeling so much better these last few days. My husband is so sweet, he is still taking care of the kids 100%, he is still sleeping on the floor next to me so that I can have our adjustable bed in a comfortable position for me, he brings me breakfast in bed and cooks dinner and does the dishes! I'm so lucky. I'll be glad for things to get back to normal though. I am surprised by how sore I am still, under my arms and surprised by how painful it is to use them. I didn't realize before having the surgery that the way my surgery was done is not typical. I got 500cc silicone implants put through the armpit incision, which is huge btw, and I am a small girl. My incisions go all the way across my armpit. I still wouldn't change a thing though. My breasts are beautiful and my incisions are healing beautifully. The worst part of the day is in the morning, my chest burns and hurts so much, so I take a half a Vicodin and then take Tylenol the rest of the day. So far, I am really impressed with my ps work and I am very happy that I got my BA.


I keep trying to post pictures and it never works!

Side profile

Full body pic


10 days post op


10 days post op

2nd post op

So I met with the MA yesterday and had ultrasound therapy for the lipo areas by my armpits and also for the tightness. All I can say is OUCH!! She said I have a lot of swelling in my armpits and that the areas that were lipo'd would go down way more. It's unbelievable, that area has bothered me all my life, it would pudge over the top of tube tops and tight shirts. It never occurred to me that I could do something about it! Then I decide to get a BA and my dr lipo's that from all his patients. I'm so lucky. So the MA said that I have a really great BA, and that they will of course still settle and bring my nipples up when that happens. I definitely shouldn't bra shop yet because the girls are going to get fuller at the bottom. At first I was a little worried about the size I chose (500cc), but now I'm really happy with my breasts. They were totally asymmetric before, and my dr made them perfect. I am very comfortable with my body right now. I am extremely happy that I had Dr Schlesinger as my dr. I'm glad that we took his advice, because he recommended 400-500cc's and we originally only wanted 300cc's. I am just really happy overall with my whole experience.


I feel like I should mention though that 500cc's isn't meant for everyone. I am petite but I was a gymnast and I have broad shoulders and the breasts to accommodate large implants.

32DDD or 32F

Yeah I said it. Hubby took me shopping for all new clothes, complete with two leather purses and a hat (yay hubby), and before we left the store I decidid that I should get sized, even though I haven't dropped and fluffed yet. She measured me at 32DDD. All they had there were 34 DDD, so she had me try one on to show me that the cup size is perfect but I'm way too thin to wear a 34 band. I'm going to wait a few more weeks till my girls are settled, then get resized.

3 weeks post op pics

3 week update

So I am feeling great. I still have a little swelling. My girls are just perfect! I have mondors chords in both armpits so I can't extend my arms out all the way, shave my armpits all the way, or reach over my head without a lot of pain. All I can do is give it time. My breasts are the absolute perfect size for me. I am extremely happy.

Sleeping on side

So I realized after starting to sleep on my side that my girls need some support. So I got a new sleep bra from Walmart. I got a medium but I should've got a large. I'll post pics next. If I try to post pics with my update, it won't work.

2nd attempt to post pics :)

Nearly 4 months after.

Everything is settled, swelling is gone, and they are beautiful and fit me perfectly.

New bathing suit!

Got this online, I love it!
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