What Did I Get Myself Into?

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Except for 2 years while high school, I have been...

Except for 2 years while high school, I have been moderately, to morbidly obese. I topped out at 277# and I am just shy of 5'3". I worked really hard to heal my mind and body through exercise and eating healthy food.
My surgery was last thursday 6/6, I had an abdominoplasty, lipo, and a mastopexy with small implants. The day of my surgery I weighed 138.2#...so half my body weight!!!. I started doing CrossFit about 9 months ago, and it has saved me from self destruction! It is the thing I am most worried about getting back to.
I am a surgical nurse by trade so I know about the procedure, but I'm curious about after care. I haven't had a BM yet which is worrying me. Im on a stool softener and I'm hydrated and eating fiber. Today is day 4, I'm trying to get up and move around to help address the constipation and swelling issues, but my back hurts so bad when I'm upright. Anyway, I'd love to get to know you others who have survived the recovery!!

Just finished!

This is the view from my anesthesiologist right as surgery ended. I hope it doesn't seem gross to anyone, but I love it!

Day 5 PO

I finally pooped today! Seriously the most exciting day ever. I also got a shower, I feel like a new woman! The swelling is unbelievable!
My mom freaked when she saw the bruising from the lipo. I'm down to 2-3 percocets a day now. Trying to get down to just Ibuprofen, but not quite there yet. I'm trying to get up and walk but I live in a split level house so the stairs make it tough. I have my first follow up tomorrow, which I can't wait for. I keep thinking I should have a lot more drainage with all the swelling, but I don't really know. This has been very hard, but I'm so stoked for my new body to heal!!! Just reading about your stories has been so fantastic for me. Thanks ladies!

Day 6

Well I had my follow-up this morning, and he said I'm doing great. I had a breakdown trying to get ready this morning. My mom is leaving saturday and there's still so much I can't do alone, so I'm getting scared. Drain stays for another week, no driving, and he said the band for up to a month. I'm starting breast exercises now, which might be fun...paid enough for them, somebody should enjoy them! I just can't wait for the swelling to go down, I'm fatter now than before the surgery! Thanks for all the support ladies, I hope everyone is doing well!

Pic...couldn't help it

I just had to try it on! I'm supper swollen and bruised still, but this was irresistible.

Death by boredom...

I am dying to get back to life! I don't know how unique my situation is as far as living alone. Since my mom left I have been so bored!! I think going in I was for and healthy enough that I'm recovering quickly, but that's somewhat a problem for me too. I live alone with pets but not having anyone to help me shower ( mostly wash my dirty hair), or clean the house or just have another person around "just in case". I have lots of friends who would help me if I asked but of course I hate to ask for help. Mostly just little things like loading or unloading the washer etc. I am a super social person too so the solitude is like hell! I've read more books in the past week than I have in the last decade I think. I get lots of texts and occasion visitors but sitting home alone all day without being able to do much is making me crazy. Sorry, just needed to vent a bit! I know they say the swelling can take awhile but I'm really pissy when I sit down and see a little belly pouch. I paid a lot of money to be flat!!! Ok I'm done. Thanks for listening.

Post op day 13

Well today was a very exciting day. I had my drain pulled. I was nervous it would hurt but I'm so numb I didn't even feel it! Stitches cut and bandages off. Still a lot of swelling on lower abdomen and small muscle hematoma over left breast. I'm not loving my right nipple, but we will see how it looks when I wash it and massage the scar down a bit. I drove for the first time today. It felt like being 16 and getting that new freedom all over again...I'm no longer a prisoner of my house :). I still tire super easy, but the pain is tolerable without meds. I am getting some weird electric shocks through my breasts and nipples from the nerves regenerating. Those hurt, but more positive than negative. I'm still feeling the prickles all over from the numbness, but pretty happy overall for where I am!

Help! I'm freaking out

I'm having all sorts of doubts and wondering if I screwed myself by doing this. Most issues I believe will resolve with time, but I just don't know. I'm post op day 19 today. Pre-op my right breast was pretty significantly larger than the right so during my surgery he did a small reduction on the right to even out my breasts. Well my left implant is still sitting higher than the right, but today I can tell a big difference. My left breast is now much larger than the right. I don't know if there is just a lot more swelling that's why, but I'm so upset. They hurt a lot more than I anticipated also. Has anyone else had one breast that wouldn't drop or stayed much more swollen than the other? I'm so emotional the past couple days and I just want to cry.


Oh my hell!! I'm 3 weeks PO today and of course still really swollen, but I started my period yesterday and holy shit!!! My whole abdomen is hugely swollen! Not just below my bob, but all the way up. I feel so fat! Is this normal ladies? I never really noticed too much bloat with periods before, but this sucks!

4 weeks today...happy Independence Day!!!

Well I had my follow up yesterday and I got good news and bad. Bad news first so I can focus on happy things. I am an avid cross fitter..hence the now 144lb weight loss. I am still very swollen although there is no seroma just overall edema. Because of that when I asked to start jogging etc he said no because increasing my heart rate significantly will decease my body's ability to absorb the fluid. Please go away!! He told me to buy a corset so that I can make my compression garment tighter.

Ok on to the good stuff. No more bra band!! Yippee I hate that. I can start wearing an underwire bra because my breasts are pretty good as far as position. Yay for bra shopping! He pulled a couple of stitches and everything looks good. Best of all my belly button is ok and will heal well. I was so worried after it opened up. Anyway...it's been a hell of a journey this far, but definitely worth it!!
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