Juvederm in Upper Lip- Great Results - Canada, CA

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I just had Juvederm in my upper lip, which was...

I just had Juvederm in my upper lip, which was very thin, and am very pleased with the results. It was not really very painful, used a dental block, lips a bit sore to the touch for 2 days after but no visible bruising or swelling.

Like another person here, I was very wary of the cost because I also read it only lasts 3-4 months in the lips. But the doctor told me it lasts a year. I just had it done so will see.

I would suggest being conservative with it since what seem like small changes actually make a dramatic difference in your appearance.

Reading other reviews it seems to depend on the doctor performing it-- I went to an emergency room surgeon who does this on the side. He explained his approach which was to inject along the vermilion border first and then in the middle. He told me upfront he is conservative, and will not do the 'porn star' look.

The thing I really liked is that he used less than half the syringe and it can be kept for over 2 years for more injections--which allows you to plump gradually so you can see how far to go. I paid $525(Canadian) for one syringe.

One thing that happened is the syringe broke toward the end, and some jel leaked out-- I am not sure what they will do about that but I intend to contact Alloderm the makers, and ask them about it.

I intend to do this again.

I have had a second full syringe in upper lip...

I have had a second full syringe in upper lip about 8 months after first one. After about 2.5 months however the largeness has gone down although the shape and contour and plumpness is still there, but it is not as big as I want it to be. So Juvederm is quite expensive if you want a much bigger lip rahter than just a bit more plump and full, that lasts. Probably takes a couple of syringes to achieve this-- too costly. But no doubt my lip is better than it was naturally. I have a small mouth so bigness is need to balance my features however.

I am thinking of trying Beautical which is supposed to last longer however i wonder if it could also achive the bigness that I want.

I don't know his name, at Julie Spa in Burlington Ontario Canada on Guelph line at New Street.

She is experienced and trains others, she seems to have good eye-- it is not possible to know if the injector is skilled or not unless you have direct experience or closely look at other patients they have done. You are taking a chance. But lips is pretty safe area. Still-- you can get uneveness. It is like sculpting.

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