Juvederm Lips. Love It! (After the First 2 Days)

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So I have been thinking for quite a while about...

So I have been thinking for quite a while about having my lips done. I was able to smooth talk the husband (finally) into letting me get my lips done. I was very anxious and excited to get the procedure done. I was a little scared and quite concerned about a few different thing when it came to having the procedure done. I told the doctor that I didn't want a hard cord like look to my lip outline, I didn't want my lips to look like a few notable celebrities (Lisa Rinna anyone?) and mostly that I wanted it to be subtle. I also wanted something that wasn't going to wear off in 2 months( incase I loved it) and nothing that would be permanent (incase I hated it) after we talked about all my concerns and expectations she told me that she really liked Juvederm and made sure to let me know that this was an off label use of the product. she said that it's not as lumpy as some of the other fillers and it's not colored.

I asked her what sort of pain I would experience. she told me that most people get a nerve block and are completely numb, but some people opt for a topical numbing cream and do it that way. she even told me she had had it done herself before with no numbing! (wouldn't recommend that!) so the big day came and I was nervous and excited all at the same time. I’ve never had any problems with needles before but my palms did get a little sweaty when she was injecting the Novocain in my gums for the nerve block. I just closed my eyes and pretended I was on a beach. all in all I couldn't feel much of anything and before I knew it I was done. before giving me the mirror she warned me that I was very swollen and that I couldn't love or hate anything for 2 weeks. I took a look and I immediately regretted it! I looked like a duck.

my lips were bright red, swollen and I could barely move them. I played it off and kept telling myself that it was just swollen and it'd be better in no time. she told me that most of the swelling will go down in the first 3 days or so and that we can touch up afterwards if we need to. within the first hour I’d say 50% of the swelling went down. I still though I looked a little crazy though. my lips felt hard and a little lumpy when I ran my tongue over them (she warned me that it'd only feel that way the first few days especially when I felt with my tongue). I got home and over the next 24 hours the swelling was almost all gone but on came the bruising. I wasn't THAT bad, but I did have one big bruise in the cupids bow that went away after about 4 days that covered up nicely with lipstick. anyways, by the time Monday rolled the combo of me getting used to new plump lips and the swelling going down had me convinced that I looked the same as when I started.

I was a little discouraged. I knew that they were bigger; they had to be. I took a picture of my face and pull it up side by side with another older picture and sure enough! I had beautiful pouty lips! I cannot tell you how much I love them! I stopped in to the clinic on Monday to have the doc check things and we did some before and after pictures with the camera and they look great. I told her how I was getting discouraged and she said that some people experience the same thing about the swelling going down and just getting used to them and they end up thinking they look the same until you compare side by side pics.

only people that I have told and people who see my often enough were able to recognize something different. I love how subtle the plump is. I still have my same shape, just bigger. I cannot say how happy I am about my lips. I will definitely do it again!
Dr. Victoria Hagstrom

she gave me a realistic idea of what i can expect. she let me choose if i wanted a topical numbing cream or nerve block. she answered all my questions.

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