Just Started my Treatments- OK So Far

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*Treatment results may vary

Well, I wish I had read this board before...

Well, I wish I had read this board before yesterday. I thought I'd done my homework- UGH!

YEsterday I went to {edited - provider info is located at the top of the review}. The location is in the Mall, but very sterile, professional, etc. They also had this 50% off sale so WOW, lucky for me!!

The girl doing the injections is NOT a Dr, nor and RN. She is a LPN, which was a bit alarming. There is a Dr that oversees the clinic, but she's only there on Mondays. (I was not there on a Monday).

I am treating my love handles and back fat that has accumulated over this past year (see photo). The girl injected my lower back so we can assess my reactions to it, and so I go back on Jan 3 for the entire treatment of my affected areas.

I paid for 6 sets of treatment. I can use them wherever I want so if my back shapes up at 4 sets, then I can use the other two on my legs, etc. Also, I was given a free 7th treatment for allowing them to take photos of me for their portfolio.

The needles are needles, the hurt. I have one small bruise and my back is sore, but I am drinking water and massaging it.

Will keep everyone posted- I hope I get good results!! Seems all the complaints are on this FIG place- even the one here in Scottsdale. Glad I didn't go there AND they cost more too it seems.

Nu U Med Spa, Glendale

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