Just Started Invisalign and Love It

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I didn't want to wear regular braces at 45, and go...

I didn't want to wear regular braces at 45, and go through the recommended 4 extractions. Went to invisalign provider and found out I was a candidate. I have an overbite, crossbite and some crowding. My teeth didnt look bad and none of the above mentioned were really obvious. I was most concerned by the fact the one front tooth was not aligned with the other.

I had to quite a bit of slenderizing as they call it where they file inbetween the teeth to make them smaller and make little gaps between the teeth to make room for the movement tht needs to occur. Had that done on the first visit along with some tooth coloured buttons attached to make teeth move in direction needed. After that trays put in.

A little sensitivity today and the trays are really tight so a touch difficult to remove, but it will get easier. I love that I can take them out to eat. Even with the buttons you hardly see those and the aligners are not at all noticeable.

Estimate for me is about 26 weeks, you cant beat that! Will add before pictures if i can get them from dentist.

Ok, so after 22 weeks, not 26  as projected,...

ok, so after 22 weeks, not 26  as projected, all I have is a gap to close and a tooth to rotate. The teeth have come along brilliantly. Very very pleased. I have not had the issues that others have spoken of. I was advised of the need for buttons, was advised of the limitations, and am confident that after the refinement the one small remaining gap will be closed. After my last visit my dentist filed my teeth evenly as after the straightening the ragge edges were noticeable. I am waiting for my refinement trays (not sure how long) but it doesn't matter, the investment is worth it.

My personal belief is that Invisalign takes a committment on the part of the wearer. Yes I brush my teeth and aligners after every meal and snack. I also floss after each mealand snack. And again first thing in the the morning and at night. I wear them 22 out of 24 hours a day as directed. I was advised in the beginning that I would need a retainer at night for the remainder of my teeth life. But having spent $5100 for the invisalign and committed to $500 for retainers, it is a small thing. i want to keep my amazing results.

I wsa initially concerned that all the gaps created by slenderizing the teeth wouldn't close. With the exception of 1 all have and we are addressing the remaining 1 with refinements. Yes, the aligners were tight, yes they were a touch uncomfortable for the first few days, but teeth are moving. It was more so with some sets than others. I have been supremely pleased with my dentist and the service. I am really pleased with the results thus far, and know that my expectations will be met. I think that having a thorough consultation to explore my expectations and explain invisalign limitations  has definitely contributed to my satifaction. My teeth won't be perfect (top and bottom alignment is off and overbite not totally corrected although significantly reduced) but I knew that going in....they are however straight!! Goal accomplished. It will only be better after refinement. Will post pictures at the end. I would advise interviewing more than one provider as I did before making final decision, doing your research, asking questions and then making a commitment to follow the establishe and set out protocols for optimal results.

Hollywood Dentist

She explains everything very well. Works fast and efficiently. Has a good sense of humor, office staff friendly. Clearly explined limitations and thoroughly exlpored my expectations.

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