Just Had the Procedure Done on my Love Handles and Back

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Just had the procedure done on my back and love...

Just had the procedure done on my back and love handles (12 holes.) After 4 days, I do see a difference in my love handle area..had defined lines where they were showing on my lower back...They are now gone, but I hope the skin now will tighten up a lot more..I'm trying to remain patient and will wait until around the two month mark before complaining...

I just need to say that the procedure was painful to the point where I almost had the doctor stop towards the end because it hurt sooo bad..I guess the suction part sucks out all of the numbing solution so one can really feel it!!! The doctor said I was very "fibrous". I also saw the container of fat and they took out around 400ccs..is that a lot??

However, the pain was minimal AFTER the procedure (recovery.) I took one pain pill the night after the procedure, but really didn't need it..1st night, expect to change bandages a few times before you go to bed since stuff will be running out of the holes..2nd night, the holes will start closing up and the 3rd night, you shouldn't need any bandages to cover them up..However, bruising will start to show just a bit and swelling will make it look like you didn't even have the procedure done at all...I guess this is when a lot of people look in the mirror and start asking themselves the question about whether it was worth it or not...After all the research I've done on this, most experts say to wait 3 to 4 months..

4th night, I'm itching because I'm healing and wearing the compression garment 23/7. The doctor said to make the garment "uncomfortable" tight..I'm making it tight, but I sit at a desk so the tightness is relative. Doctor said I need to wear this for 2 weeks, but I want to start running again..This will not work while wearing this garment!

I'm now looking to see if I see any change to my back and love handles and will update this email in a month..I think it's still too early to tell you if it was worth it..

I went back for my 1 month checkup and my doctor...

I went back for my 1 month checkup and my doctor told me that he had taken out as much fat as he could...and then he paused and said he had taken out all the fat that was in each area...He stated that he knew I was in a lot of pain (I was); however, if that was the case, then he must not have used enough numbing solution in that area..After everything I've read, most people aren't feeling a lot of pain.  He was evasive when I asked him about "touching up" the love handle area..I didn't really press him on the matter since It was only a month after the procedure.

After 2 months-I'm feeling good.  My back has improved significantly as far as tightening, however, the areas around my "love handles" are still loose...I'm starting to become discourage at the whole process because I was expecting the handles to be completely flat so they wouldn't stick out anymore or at least that's what my doctor told me before I had the procedure done...I'm checking out the pictures from the "Smart Lipo" reviews and their flanks and love handles are completely gone...That's what I wanted to look like!! 

I'm going back in Feb 09 for my last follow up visit and will start to complain and demand a "touch up" at that time IF I'm still not satisfied with the results.


This past Saturday I had my "touch up'...

This past Saturday I had my "touch up' the MD promised (without paying anything for it!)  I have to say that I think he and I were more relaxed this time...We took approximately 20 minutes to go over exactly what I felt I needed to have done to my "love handles".  We agreed to the specific areas and then he marked me accordingly...This time, I think he gave me more medication to help me relax...because an hour into the procedure, I was in "La La Land"!  Anyway, this time around, the procedure had minimal discomfort and pain..I only lasted an hour and a half because he concentrated only on the "love handles" (last time it was more on my back and flanks.)

I do have to say that the second time around (touch up) was a more pleasent experience than the first...I only had 5 holes this time without much bleeding..I feel great and I'm planning to go back to work tomorrow (had the procedure done on Saturday.)  I have not used any painkillers because the pain is minimal.

As for the results, I really see a difference now in that section of my body..I just need to wait a few months for the swelling to go down, but I think I'll be very happy with the results....Please note that with everything I've read, "touch ups" are very common in this industry so don't become discouraged with your initial results..Make sure you ask your doctor if he/she will provide free touch ups before you make your decision to go ahead with the procedure...

One more thing....I've had a few people email me about the cost of my procedure..Please note that every procedure will be a different cost to each client...Just because we've paid a certain amount for our procedures doesn't mean you will pay the same..There are a lot of variables that go into the cost...

I will check in with everybody in few months after the swelling goes down again, but as of now, I think the doctor did a great job!

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