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I want to thank all of the folks who have posted...

I want to thank all of the folks who have posted on this web site for their insight, feedback and information. I have decided to post my TT experience on this web site since this really was my go to place for information prior to my TT experience. After two large babies, two c-sections, ten years, three consultations, years of running (including marathons) and exercise I could not get rid of my saggy, wrinkle-filled, stretch mark covered ponch of a belly.

I am one week out of TT surgery and I feel great (still little tugs and pulls but no pain). I am off meds, not completely upright, and drain-free at this point. I know everyone has a different experience but I want to share mine in hopes that someone else might find the info useful as I did prior to my surgery.

Here are some lessons learned (not in any particular order):

1) Find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and office that you really like or even love. He/she should be happy or, at least, very tolerant of the millions of questions you should ask. My office has a patient coordinator available 24/7 and is the most personable, patient, and genuine person you could ask for while going through this experience.
2) Ask a million questions. Your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon should be able to show you a ton of pictures of his/her patients who have had the exact procedure you will have.
3) Buy extra big underwear and maxi pads to catch any leakage from the drains.
4) Ask them to place and remove the catheter (if they use one) after you are sedated and prior to you waking up from surgery.
5) Drink a ton of fluids and walk every hour...even if it is a little around the house. I learned from my c-sections that the sooner I walked the sooner I healed and it is imperative in attempting to prevent blood clots.
6) Take your meds. There is no reason to try and gut it out and be miserable. Ask for a stool softener and eat fiber cereal.
7) The drains do not hurt when they come out. I clipped them to a bandana/head band during my showers.
8) Have a gazillion pillows.
9) Have someone to take care of you...they will literally need to wait on you hand and foot for at least three days and modesty goes out the window.
10) Day one is completely different than day three. The pain is manageable but each day gets better. Keep reminding yourself of this and drink and walk, walk and drink. Listen to your body.

To sum it up:
Pros - a new way of looking at yourself (physically and mentally)
Cons - moderate pain, drains which are a nuisance, down time for recovery....but worth every penny for me!

I have had the best experience and have felt like every day is Christmas with my new belly. Because I researched so much I felt like I knew what to expect and was able to ward off any negative thoughts as a result. Again, this is only my experience and my opinions and I hope that by putting out this information someone might benefit from it.

Best wishes to all of you who have posted and to those of you considering the Tummy Tuck.

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