Just After 3rd Fraxel Restore Treatment for Melasma

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I just finished my 3rd (out of 4 scheduled) Fraxel...

I just finished my 3rd (out of 4 scheduled) Fraxel Re:store a couple days ago. Definitely more swollen this time around than after the first two treatments. Redness, pain about the same.

My primary goal is to get rid of melasma and anything else it will help with (brown spots from sun/acne, wrinkles). I'm in my early 40s with fair skin that tans easily. The settings they've used have been low since they're treating melasma, but they've gone up a bit each time.

I've noticed an improvement already with the clarity of my face and hope to keep seeing improvements. No longer feel like I need to wear makeup, just a little cover-up on the melasma above my lip.

I'm now about a week and a half after my final...

I'm now about a week and a half after my final (4th) treatment.  The last 2 treatments had stronger side effects, more peeling, more swollen.  I needed an extra day before I was comfy going out in public.  The settings for the 3rd & 4th were the same, no more increases.    Still very happy with the results and hoping to see more improvement as the collagen rebuilds over the next couple months.

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