10 Weeks After Eventhough the Results Are Not As Expected, It Was Worth It

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I'm not living in the States, I live in Riga,...

I'm not living in the States, I live in Riga, Latvia (Europe...) I had my TT 10 days ago, after 3 pregnancies my belly skin looked awful, though I'm thin and exercising a lot that's something you can't get rid of in the gym, so I had it, the pain after is terrible!!! I didn't know what hurts more my belly or my back, cause you can't stand strait, I'm still walking bended, but I must say it gets better each day.

I'm not swollen, but I still have my bandeges on, so I saw my belly only when they change them (I'm going every day to the clinic to change them) but it looks like the scar is very thin and even, and the belly button looks nice, so I'll update when they will take of the stiges on Nov. 3rd.

10 weeks ago I had a full TT. After 3 pregnancies...

10 weeks ago I had a full TT. After 3 pregnancies each with big babies, I had a lots of extra skin and big distance between the muscles. The pain in the first week was awful, but after a week - 10 days it was really okay. for 3-4 weeks I was walking bended and it causes a lot of back pain. After the operation I thought it was successful, but I had an hematoma right above the scar which didn't want to heal and the skin above it got dry and was pealed off so there was a wound which didn't heal and the doctor decides 4 weeks after the TT to make a correction operation and to cut off that part which didn't heal. He said it's because my skin due to the pregnancies was so thin like a paper, and that's why the skin didn't heal. So I went through the second operation and it left me with pigmentation around the cut which looks ugly, I just hope it will gradualy fade away. I plan to polish the scars with lazer, maybe it can help the pigmentation too.  So I'm happy that my belly is flat now and I don't have this pregnant woman look, but I'm not happy that I have the extra scar from the second operation, and the pigmentation, and that the scar is higher than I thought it would be.

Dr. Jursevich

he's concidered the best here

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