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Hi everyone! I'm new to here but I have been...

Hi everyone! I'm new to here but I have been stalking this page for the last month. I am soon to be 36, have 2 kids (10 & 13). I was always that person who said I would never get my boobs done, but the tables have turned. I'm 5'5, 160lbs at the moment. I'm curvy and currently wearing a size c bra (tho i don't fill up the cups as much as I would like). My figure would really benefit with a nice rack lol. Once I started looking up breast lifts w implants, I was blown away on how great the after pictures looked and once I found RS, reading the reviews all day and night, I was hooked. I actually quit smoking cigs and started exercising. The thought of having new boobs made me want to reinvent myself. I had my first consultation right away just to see if I would get scared and know it wasn't for me. But it actually made me excited and more open to the thought. After months of searching, I was referred to Dr. Lombardo from a co-worker and never looked back. He was awesome and his office was great. Not like those other offices that are just trying to sell procedures everywhere you look. So I am scheduled for 11/8/16 and couldn't be happier. Leaving the consult we agreed to 475 ccs. But I know that might change. Since I have started working out, I already lost 6 lbs and want to be at a comfortable /stable weight when surgery day arrives. That being said, if I lose more weight, it might affect my implant size. But I was rest assured that at the pre op and before surgery everything will be finalized. I'm def one of those people who leaves it in the artists hands, so I'm not worried at this point. I know my Dr will make them look their best. I initially said a d cup, but the more I look at after pictures, I want to make sure they make a statement. Not a loud crazy statement, but you know they're there :)

Factor V Leiden disorder? Was worried...

One issue I knew I had to check into before I had my BL BA surgery was my Factor V Leiden. I was diagnosed with this blood clot disorder when I was pregnant with my 2nd daughter in 2006. I had to inject heparin 2x a day until my c section. That was all. But I've never had any other surgeries since then other than my wisdom teeth. So I found a great hematologist in West Palm and scheduled a visit to see if there would be any road blocks. He told me that he doesn't see any issues with having the surgery and would only be prescribing blood thinners if I would be bed bound for a period of time. I took it upon myself to see him before I even visited with my PS just to confirm there was no issues before hand and put my mind at ease. So before my surgery on 11 - 8 he has to just give me a clearance for surgery. Wow, sometimes it just feels weird to say before my surgery, I'm super excited and feel like my days will drag until Nov lol

So close. Getting nervous and excited

So in 2 days I will be officially 2 weeks away. I'm excited and nervous. I'm kind of, I don't want to say having second thoughts, but I'm feeling kind of unsure. Do I want to spend this big chunk of money on myself? Do I want to go through surgery just to look better? But I also can't wait to see what I'll look like once all is said and done. I get to pick my size on Wed (10/26) for my pre op. I've lost a total of 13 lbs since my consultation so I am interested in seeing what the dr will suggest for sizing. I want big, no super big, but big enough that it's noticeable. But I'll def leave it in the drs hands. I also received clearance from my hematologist, though he just reached me to take Lovenox got a couple days following surgery. So that's not too bad, I'll go along with the drs orders. I'll fill everyone in on what happens on my pre op... Just hope my jitters not talk me out of it :)
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