28, 5'5" 122. 34b/36a. sientra mod 380cc under muscle/inframammary

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So, my initial plan was to have. Much needed tummy...

So, my initial plan was to have. Much needed tummy tuck, then my husband got the idea of implants in my head, so I was going to do both at the same time. After careful consideration and trying to plan this all out, I decided to hold of on the tummy tuck and just get the breast aug. Why?
1) tummy tuck takes 10-14 days recovery ( don't have that much time built up yet this yr to take off)
2) it will be a few more months at least until I get the money to cover both procedures at once
3) I'm impatient, I want something done now. :-)

The surgeon I'm seeing is currently using mentor, but is adding sientra so I chose sientra. From what I've read, the silicone is more cohesive, the warranty is better, and they have a lesser chance if capsular contracture. Also I get a little discount. Next wk I will go in for a second consult and the schedule my preop. Any ladies with sientra, please share your experience and results.

Tried out sizes.

Saw the ps on Tuesday for a second consult. Paid deposit. Tried on some sizes and we're thinking 350-400 range mod-mod+ profile. Blood work done. Preop this coming Tuesday.

Sports bra out of stock:-(

So, I've had these sports bras in my shopping cart on Walmart.com. I've been visiting the site frequently to check for other options or deals. I've been meaning to go to walmart for e last few weekends to try them on and maybe purchase in store if they have them, that way I can save on shipping and get the right size. So I finally make it to walmart on Saturday. They didn't have the fruit of the loom 2pack for $10.94. Only the 2 pack for $15 which comes with a black and grey and is lower cut. I prefer the higher cut one. Anyways, I purchase the danskin front zip sports bra I. 36c, I was looking for 34d; they didn't have it. Get home, go online to purchase e other 2 pack and it's sold out in the black/white/grey combo. So frustrated. I don't want any other color. He black and pink will match my scrubs everyday, but I have nothing else to wear the ore colors with. Bummed.

10days left. Post op tomorrow.

10 days until surgery. My post op is tomorrow. I sign my paper, pay my balance get prescriptions, go over sizes more. So nervous.

Pre op

Pre op appt was today. Signed paperwork, paid balance. Going with either 350cc or 380cc sientra smooth round silicone mod pro which is actually mid range. Their 350 mod is exactly equivalent to mentor mod+ 350. Super nervous.

Extra support sports bra.

Just purchased this sports bra from ebay for $10.99 free sh. Figured it would work well for compression, not only for my boobs but my abdomen as well. From what I've read and seen, a lot of women are collecting fluid in the belly.

Few days left

Less than 3 days left. So ready to get this over with


On my way


Surgery was about 90 minutes. Shortly after I woke up, I had pain in my sternum so the nurse gave me medicine through my iv. Before I left I had wAter and few crackers to take my pain Meds. The ride home was a little bumpy and I felt it all. By the time I got home I was really sore and throbbing and took another pain med muscle relaxer and took a short nap. I got sientra 380cc moderate under muscle

Post op 380cc sientra moderate silicone

Love my results. Not riding high. Perfect size. FYI sientra's moderate is actually midrange profile

Post op 380cc moderate sientra silicone under muscle

Love my results. Not riding high. Perfect size. FYI sientra's moderate is actually midrange profile


I keep clicking post before adding my pics.

Missed a pic

Implant not high or noticeable. I should,d have very good natural results.

not muxh sleep woke up sore.

Didn't sleep much last night. Although the meds had me pretty drowsy, I would sleep for a short time and wake back up. That's fine though cause I don't feel tired or exhausted. I am a lot more sore waking up now. I soreness is mostly on the side, in ththe middle and a little across the top. The rest of my breast is numb. Also from what I've been reading. The breast on the side with the dominant hand is higher, harder, more sore and taking longer to drop. I'm completely opposite go figure.

No tightness or heaviness.

Surprisingly or not, I don't have any tightness or heaviness in my breast or chest. Probably because I technically picked the perfect size implant for my body. They're just a little hard. Not likes rocks or anything. I actually can tell just from touching that I have room for a bigger implant because my skin isn't tightly stressed over these ones. 410cc was an option based on technicality, but I already knew I wanted to stay under 400. In 15-20 yrs when I have to get them replaced I'm sure I'll go a little larger just to fill in the extra skin from sagging over time.


Just woke up to use the bathroom and I'm pretty sore in the same places, but now underneath my incision as well. There's also swelling directly beneath my incisions. I knew I was gonna have problems with this. I should've convinced the dr to do periareola, but he preferred inframammary and my results did come out pretty good off the bat. Just gotta tough it out. Do really need the pain Meds. I've been taking them around every. 7 yes although my instructions are 1-2 every 4-6 hrs. My husband is encouraging me to take the just so pain won't creep up on me. Haven't taken ONI. About 12hrs though. I kinda feeling like I over worked myself at the gym. Just really sore. Breasts are still numb. I can move my arms around a bit.

Compression bra from ebay

2 days post op

A bit swollen but looking good

1 more day off then back to work.

Tomorrow I'll be home alone. Hubby going back to work and dropping the kids off so I'll have a day to myself. Maybe I'll shop online or just take a pill to catch up on sleep. Idk. I do feel well enough to go to work tomorrow but I'll enjoy some me time and also adjusting to doing things on my own so when I go to work Tuesday, I'll feel fetter and know my limits. No pics today. Will take some tomorrow.

4 days post op

Feeling great


I'm so happy with my results. If my breasts stayed they way they are now I'd be perfectly fine with it. I've had great recovery. No brushing, very minimal swelling which is gone. The only pain was riding in the car the first 2 days. Which were he only 2 times I felt like I needed the pain Meds. I took them anyways the first 2 days for preventative measures about every 6-8hrs. No muscle spasms. I can move my arms. Just a little soreness at the incisions.

Post op

Just had my first post op 5 days out. Everything is looking great. Incision is right at the crease, nice and flat and healing great. I could barely even see it. Got the ok to sleep in the bad flat on my back or on my side. Got strei strips, gauze and tape removed and replaced w/gauze and tape. Ps said to keep gauze on for 2 days, changing it if course, then afterwards I don't need it because I'm healing so great. Next appt in 3 wks. Also got the green light for massaging which I already started a little. No lifting anything heavier than a gal of milk, no underwire.

the girls

5 days post op. Will take pic of incisions tomorrow.


Inframammary incision.

Real self friends with inframammary incision. Does it feel really weird to you? Before my post op yesterday when I moved my breast around I felt what I thought was the tugging of the tape. One everything was removed yesterday, I realized that was my incision feeling that way. Weird feeling. It feels like exactly what it is though; stitched and glued. For those of you who has a different incision just imagine what paper tape or a bandaid feels like on you and when your pulling it. Only it's your actual skin.

4 days post op 4/7

6 days post op 4/9

Lighting makes the incisions look 10x's worse than they really are. The feel numb and leather like

Genie bra

8 days post op. Got my genie bras today I ordered from eBay a few days ago. Super comfy. Great to wear when needing a break from sports/compression bras.

10 day post op

Simple tank, no bra

Too big?

I like my size now. I'm hoping after they fluff they won't increase much because I think I might feel they're too big. I knew I was gonna feel like I should've went smaller. Just didn't want to have a gap, but going dine to 359 wasn't much change in diameter. Prob wouldn't have noticed. Oye :-/

Support bra

eBay $1.97 free sh

sports bras

Got these from Wal-Mart today(size L). Comfy.

15days post op

I'm 2wks and 1 day post op and so far I haven't had many symptoms. No hard nipples, no hypersensitivity. The worst thing is back pain from sleeping in my back and poor posture. But I have Meds and heat packs for that. Other an that, I'm doing great. Not much change.

15days post op

Simple tank from old navy. Bra less

15days post op

Taken 4/18 @15 days post op

Big ups to Ebay

Shop on eBay!

20 days

Cotton stretch maternity bra from target for last yr. Comfy but no support

day 22

Hanes sports bra. Size 38 eBay 2/$9.99. 36 is ok for a few hrs

23 days po

Bra from Wal-Mart I bought when I was pregnant. No support, but low enough to not show under my shirts.

too small

Vs bralette med. Hubby got this for be pre op for the new girls. Tried in on before surgery and knew it would be too small. Tried it on again. It's a no. Sigh... Too hard to get on and squeezing me.

random pic

Vs bralette from eBay 4/28


Picked these up from Sears today. They have a big sale going on. My sports bras were getting to tight and I needed something I can wear under clothes that won't show.

4 wks 1 day

Large. A little big. Had to make some adjustments

Sientra impants

I got smooth round

got my scar away sheets

So I ordered scar away silicone scar sheets from eBay. 2 month supply for $17.99. I ordered on Saturday and it came today. Not only was that the fastest shipping ever, but I got a 3 month supply instead of 2 months. Yay!!!

4wks 5days

Got this for 13.85 including tax plus free panty and free shipping. Used my $10 secret rewards card. Bra is not adjusted properly. Cute to wear around house or under a tee

Measuring for Proper Fit With Implants

You and your doctor may have agreed on the size you want to be, but factors can affect what bra size will actually fit you properly. Implants tend to run wider than a natural breast, and your existing breast tissue prior to surgery needs to also be accounted for. Therefore, even if you feel like you are a C cup, you may need to go up to a D cup to get the right size underwire and fit. Also, doctors will claim you as a "full" cup, which means that you now have an additional 1/2 cup size increase. This can also push you to a larger cup size. Breast implants are measured in cubic centimeters (ccs). 175 to 200 ccs is the equivalent to one-cup size increase. Knowing the size of your implants will also help you determine your new cup size.

Band Size with Breast Implants
Breast implant surgery should not change your band size. But, calculating your band size with implants is performed exactly the same way described in “Step 1” of our Bra size calculator where we explain how to measure for your bra’s band size.

Cup Size with Breast Implants
Measuring for your new cup size is not the same method as the measuring system for normal breast tissue. With your tape measure parallel to the floor, measure your breast from where your breast begins in your cleavage, across your breast apex, then over to where your breast ends near the armpit. With this measurement, and your band measurement, use this table below to determine your cup size:

6 dpo

Bad lighting

scar update 5wks 5days

Straight to the point. Surgery day 4/3/14. First po 4/8 bandages and strips removed. Sterile gauze with paper tape applied. Wore for 2 days then applied steri strips. Removed steri strips on 4/15 saw Dr same day. Reapplied steri strips. Wore for 2wks removed and reapplied for another 2 wks which was yesterday. Used scarway deminishing serum overnight, applied scar away silicone sheets today. I did not choose to use bio oil or vitamin e oil becaue I have oily skinand do not want to apply more oil . Also there is controversy with vitamin e. Some doctors and patients says it works some says it worsens the scar. Silicone is proven to help reduce scars. I wore steri strips as a barrier because I was not comfortable with nothing on my incisions. Steri strips also help close wound and the pressure of the tape flattens scars. Massage also breaks up scar tissue keeping them soft and smooth. For these reasons I chose silicone scar sheets and silicone serum which has massage rollers.

6wks po

Vs bralette large. I have room in this but the seam doesn't lay in the crease I guess because projection. I have room in this but the strapless in medium are too small

6wks po. haven't changed much.

Missed one. Not much change since I got them done except for dropping and softening

trying bra sizes

34d vs: band too small. Exchanged for 36c, for great for a few hrs then started getting tighter. I guess I just be swelling up throughout the day. Got 34d and 36c Maidenform. Same thing with 36c. Also the cup on one breast isn't wide enough ???? this is frustrating. On the upside they were comfy and didn't bother me at all. Will take photos with the other ones before I exchange them for a different size.

Just a quick update

Forgot to take pics at 7 wks

bra pics

So I'm very frustrated with vs. 34d too small, 36c cup not wide enough. 34dd band a little too snug, 36d cup a little toobig .

Vs ugh!!!

Purchased some things from vs online last night after trying on sat. Some of the dream angels bras I wanted were a bit too pricey so I passed on them. Went ahead with my purchase because there was 20% off one item hat ended yesterday. Just went on for the first time today and dream angels are $29.50 and $5 matching pang. Wtf

2 mo po

2 mo po

Boobs have def dropped and fluffed. I wander how much more they'l change. In this photo is the shapewear garment seamless. Sold on eBay but purchased from the seller's site for $18.50. Bra is Maidenform 36c demi I boughs few weeks ago. I love it but need a little more width in the cups. Haven't gotten a chance to exchange it yet.

photos not uploading.

Come on realself.

And again

Uploading for the 4th or 5th time

Vs sales and specials

For all you ladies waiting until tomorrow to go to vs to shop their so annual sale, it's already been going on online for over a wk. today only is b2get1 free bras. Any bras. Also last day for free standard shipping on $25 order and free 2 day shipping on $100 order. I have posted on my page how to measure yourself and it's accurate for me. Also every 150-200cc is 1 cup size. Also $10 off coupon to use after July 1st. I have been taking advantage of the online specials. Try on it store, purchase online. Or just purchase online and if it doesn't fit, return or exchange in store. Happy shopping and healing

Vs bras

Received some bras today and last Friday. Perfect coverage is not for me. 36d is too big. Don't know if I would like how it even looked in a sues that fits be a use it's just too much coverage. I love demis. I'll just buy Demi or something similar. They colors posted are what I ordered except that plain pink one I hog grey but returned it. Also saw ps today he said I gave great results and everything is going great.

9 wks 6 days.

Just felt like taking a pic

10wks 1 day

I started using scar away silicone sheets at 6wks but have only been using then about 50% wk 8 I went about 4 days without them. I just forget to put them on sometimes. My scars were flat and thin after I took of the steri strip. So scar sheets aren't needed for thinning or flattening for myself. Just seeing how they will fair with fading although I don't have much to fade. I knew I was a good healer but had I known they would've turned out this good I wouldn't have bout scar treatment. Not really needed for myself

11wks po

Not seeing much changes except more softening

11 wks 6 dpo


Something I thought I'd share


Surgery simulator

What's the plastic surgery simulator everyone is using?

it's my birthday!

it's my birthday and I just got headbut pretty bad by daughter. My nose feels like it's blowing up

14wks 1 day

So I ordered the body by Victoria wireless bra a while back in 36d which I figured would be to big because it's a fuller coverage bra and it def was. I finally tried it on in the store last wk. 34d was too small which I already knew but the sales lady insisted I try it on. 34dd they didn't have in store so I ordered one online I'm waiting for and 36c fits perfectin the band and the cups squish them a bit but still comfy. I'll see what works better when I get the 34dd although I'm sure the band will be too right, which I don't mind cause it'll stretch and I'm getting my back liposuctioned when I get my bbl

discount on bio oil

Walgreens had been having bio oil for at least the past fee eks. I finally decide to buy some since I've been slacking on my scar sheets and I don't wanna waste them. The 6.7 oz bottle is usually $29.99. It was $19.99 w/Walgreens card and I had $5 rewards. I love saving money andcatching deals .

Groupon for bio oil

2pk 4.2oz bio oil for $29.99

Rs website update

I Juste noticed this site now has a like button. When did that happen.

4 mon 20 days .

Its. Been a while since I've updated, just kept forgetting. My breasts have dropped a little more and gotten even softer. Still wearing 36 d and 34dd band I think may have gotten tighter. (I think I gained a few lbs) it's ok though. I'll be getting a bbl so that back fat will get sucked out. I picked up two bras the other day from target. Maidenform self expressions super soft super sexy plunge push up. And a Gilligan and omalley balconette for $5 both 38b

forgot one

1 more

21 wks today

Nice cleavage laying on my side

Random pic

Jumper/romper from AE, bralette VS

quick pic

Yes it's been a while. 7 months to be exact. I'll post more pics another day.

Time flies

It's been 9 mo already. Can't believe it. My breasts continued to change just slightly a little past 6 mo. Photo attach is with the same Hanes bra in my 4 wk po except it's a medium instead of large which is now a bit too small. I have also gotten my tummy tuck which you can check out.


10 mo po. Will do full review by the end of the week


1 yr po BA 4 mo po TT. I know I've been MIA. with real self not sending updates for a few months and house hunting I simply forget to come on here but know I'm receiving updated again so I should be getting back in the swing of things soon. Just a quick recap...

BA under muscle inframammary incision
Sientra moderate (mod + or mid-range in other brands) 380 cc

Bra size pre-op 34b current size 34dd, 36c, 36d depending on bra style and manufacturer

Pre-op weight between 122-130 diff scales. Lol. Current weight 137

most changes tool place with in the first 3 months. Lesser change between 3-6 mo. Very little change after 6 months only noticeable by myself.


Starting weight 140lbs. Went up to 150 most likely fluid retention. Currently 137lbs. Still wearing the same size. Tt was easy. Lipo ducked. Still a little sore in some lipo areas. A little soreness in butt. Will do a better review another time. Just checking in For now.
Stuart Plastic Surgeon

2 thumbs up. I saw one PS before meeting Dr. Lipschitz. From the moment I had my had my first consult, my husband knew he was the one and although I really liked him, I thought it would be a good idea to see a few more as I had planned. A wk later I decided, he was going to be my PS. Dr. Lipschitz is a very personable and knowledgeable Dr. He has great training and expertise. He always made me feel comfortable and I showed him what I wanted and he assured me he could make it happened. I'm less than a day post op and I love my results. Unlike the majority of women I've seen, even those with small implants, mines aren't riding in up to my collar bone even though I got them under the muscle, nor do they look boxy. Size is perfect, not too big or small. The anesthesiologist did an amazing job. (He numbed my hand before putting in the IV). I was out cold during the procedure and awoke with ease and wasn't totally out of it like most. I would recommend Dr. Lipschitz to anyone and I plan on seeing him again in the near future for my tummy tuck. Thanks Dr. Lipschitz. You've made me very happy.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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