28 No Kids and Praying for a Change - Mexico

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I have always been a little bit on the chubby side...

I have always been a little bit on the chubby side but once I move to the states permanently I blow up to my current weight of 307 lbs. I can't control myself if I get mad, sad,happy, nervous or any other emotion I eat????. I'm in love with food but it doesn't love me back so now I've decided to break up with it. I'm sick of feeling sorry for myself and always feeling joint pain and back pain because of my weight. I've decided to make a change. I don't have insurance to do this procedure in the states I would need $15,500 which I don't have so Mexico here I come ????????????....I've done research and choose this doctor... But I am so nervous and afraid you guys.....has anyone on this website used Beliteweight? They ref me to Dr Jose Rodriguez Villarreal with StarMedica in Juarez Mexico? I've tried emailing two of the people on Beliteweight Facebook page that had pictures on their website to see if they could give me more information but none of them answered my messages. Maybe it's because I am not friends with them on FB Idk ...BTW I'm a real person (just felt that I should mention that)

Feeling Ready

So after some more review of the doctor I chose...I've decided to push through ????????????...struggling with my pre op diet but I know I can make it

Pre-op diet....big change

I had to change my surgery date to 10/15/2015 due to me needing school. I'll tell you what! This pre-op diet I'd no joke!!! Everyday is a struggle but I'm up to the challenge. If I fall I get right back up......I think I'll start drinking some of my protein shakes maybe that will help with this constant need to eat.... Either way I'm focused

Hey hey hey today is the day

Well today is the magic day I'm getting ready for the airport. I can't wait to get my surgery! Wow it has been a very stressful wait. Unfortunately I'm going through a break up with my boyfriend and currently much heart is killing me but I have to be positive! So here I go

Sleeve done!!!

Ok I'm finally able to update wow! What a process. I arrived in Mexico on 10/14/15 had all of the required testings done and had my surgery on 10/15/15..I really don't remember anything about the surgery...I was just taken to the operation preparation room given medication...fell asleep and woke up with the worst gas pain ever created!....I asked when would the surgery began and was told it was already done. Wow I touched my stomach and could feel the bandages and incisions...when I returned to my room my mom told me I was gone for 3 hours!!! but I felt like I just left the room. I didn't throw up thank God but I was really out of it salivating everywhere loll. I've been having a hard time with the IV because I have very small veins but everything went smooth and I've been walking a lot to get rid of this horrible gas pains. I thank God and my mother for helping me through this process. No regrets as of yet. Pictures coming soon

Gastric Sleeve I'm in love!!

Hi you guys..I'm doing very well I don't have as much gas as I had before due to the excessive walking I've been doing. I've lost an additional 7lbs so now I am 277!!!! I'm so excited... I've learned that I must must sip my drinks or I will get a rapid heart beat and chest pains...my incisions are starting to heal up nicely..thank God no infections....The only problem I'm having is the dreaded head hunger! Loll it's crazy you guys... I'm physically full but my brain keeps telling me that I need to eat and I catch myself dreaming about all kinds of food and my mouth waters whenever I'm around food! I've learned that I just need to walk away fast lol. Dr Jose Rodriguez Villarreal did a great job on me! I would recommend him to anyone. I know it's early in the game to say that but I really feel my journey is going to be successful. Sorry for the jumping around I'm just so excited!!!!!

Feeling my self ;)

Ok you guys I'm 6 months out from Gastric Sleeve surgery and I'm so happy that I did it....I'm not going to lie I had moments that I cried and asked myself why did I do this to myself but that was in the beginning when I didn't understand how to eat and the process but now I'm so grateful for this gift I gave myself... 93 lbs lighter and so much confidence whooooooo!!!!!!. But of course now I have loose skin and need a TT, breast reduction, lipo and arm lift so I'm looking into doctors in DR but I'll take loose skin over fat body any day of the week lol I have 40 lbs to lose to reach my personal weight goal and then it's cut cut snip time loll either way I have to wait a year before I can have any major surgery but I'm ok with that...I'll just continue to go to the gym and eat correctly.....anyone who is reading this and is apprehensive on doing this surgery......please don't waste time!!! I promise it will be the best thing you've done for yourself just make sure you choose a great doctor... My only regret is that I didn't do this sooner in life.... I'm ecstatic I'm on this journey ;)
Dr Jose Rodriguez Villarreal

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