BBL/LIPO Consultation Set! YAY! - Tijuana, MX

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I have finally set my consultation to meet with Dr...

I have finally set my consultation to meet with Dr. P on the 3rd of Sept. I will be paying $50 cash for an in-person consultation . I also sent my very specific pics for a free quote giving to me online . I should receive an email back with in 48-72 hours with the online quote . I really wanted him to see every curve of my body . Through photos and in-person,I could look a lot slimmer in person but have such a gut . I lost 37 Ibs. this past year to get a leaner shape and to feel a lot healthier and this procedure was always set to happen. I basically wanted a slimmer frame to start with during my journey .I have never loved my back side and I am very big chested . My body to me just doesn't even out. I cant wear certain dresses , clothes and hide most of my chest because some times it makes my bottom look even flatter . I dont want to feel like this anymore . So hopefully the doctor can help, by giving me my desired body frame that I have so been wanting for YEARS to the best of his abilities.I will post my experience after the appointment . Take care until then .

**Forgot details**

I am 5'0 ft. tall ,145 Ibs. and I have 2 children . I plan on loosing 10 -15 Ibs before my surgery date. I will be staying at my Sisters for the beginning of my recovery (2-3 moths ), She lives in Real Del Mar . Where the the Golf club is going towards Rosarito. I am looking forward to it. Bye for now

Met Dr. Pantoja

OK, so I met with Dr. Pantoja .It was short and down to the point . I told him what I wanted ,He told me where he will take from .Total was $3,800 and $50 for the consultation will go into that .So I will be paying $3,750. The next time I go. The down side . He told me not to loose anymore weight . I prev. mentioned I wanted to loose 10 more Ibs. but he said not to. He also said I would probably have saggy skin . I dont want that. Honestly , I think my skin is pretty firm .Have any of you Ladies had lipo., I guess like at least 10 Ib. difference ? PLease help ,How did you come out ? I guess when I'm well I will have to work on my abs. I hope he takes his time doing the lipo I wanted ,and doesn't just hurry to get the to the next.I did schedule My surgery for Sep.29 . I am not so excited yet , but only because I have a sick kid and I dont want to catch the flu or even a minor cough because I hear they wont do surgery if I get a throat infection ,so I can understand but This sucks . I may have to reschedule if I do get sick .I have to go on the 21(9/21/16) to get my blood work down stairs of their building.

Its coming, but not until the 30.=) I'll keep you updated.

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