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Hi! I am 43, an ex-sun worshiper, and I used to...

Hi! I am 43, an ex-sun worshiper, and I used to work at a tanning salon...needless to say I have skin issues! Even with all the tanning in my younger years ( I quit at around 32 or 33.) I have always looked younger than my age, but since I turned 40 I'm really starting to notice the sun spots, fine lines, and wrinkles, especially around my mouth. I just started using Retin-a this week and wow, I only thought I looked old and terrible before, now I have deep set wrinkles under my eyes, redness, my skin is so flakey, and it feels like I have a sunburn. I bought the Obagi skin care to go with the retin-a, I'm hoping to avoid laser treatment.
On Monday when I got the Retin-a the doctors office I bought it from showed me how to use it all in the office, so I wore it all day and then used it that night. So by Tuesday night my face was really red and irritated looking so I didn't use it Tuesday or Wednesday and then used it again last night. From what I've read so far, your skin looks way worse when you first start using it , and then it looks better, is this correct ? So my questions are; 1. Will the deeper looking wrinkles under my eyes eventually peel and show younger looking, prettier skin? 2. How long does your face stay red and Peel?
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