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So, I'm 4 days away from my surgery (9/29/2016)!!!...

So, I'm 4 days away from my surgery (9/29/2016)!!!. I'm 29, no kids, 5'2, and about 230lbs.....I currently wear a 42H. I don't know if I want to go to a D or DD. If anyone that's around my size would post before and after pics, as well as if you had any fluctuation of size (if any) once you were fully healed that would be greatly appreciated TIA.

2 days before surgery

Well, I'm 2 days (actually less than that) away from surgery. The nerves that everybody mentions have hit me. But, overall I must say I'm still more excited than ANYTHING! I go in at 9:30 for my labwork then 11 for pre-op. I'm praying that all goes well and that nothing will have to be postponed...I'll post an update tomorrow after all that is done.

Ok, as promised I'm writing about my experience...

Ok, as promised I'm writing about my experience today during my pre-op visit. Here's a time line of events:

Arrived at 9:20 to Dr. Majewskis office Dr. Was given a few forms (pictured) to sign

more measurements taken

Decided that free nipple graft would be best for me

Asked me about my concerns the only concern that I had (other than coming out alive) was that I didn't want my nipples pointing in some crazy direction. They called in all the mess that I would need before/after surgery so that I would have them once it was done.

10:06- made it down to admissions to get registered

The nurse took my vitals (pulse, height, weight, blood pressure)

Was called back for blood work it was maybe four or five things they were checking for I only remember what two were for (HnH, and iron level) 

Went over a questionnaire (smoker, drinker, overall mood etc.)

Was given surgery prep forms and hibicleanse with instructions (pictured)

By the time we were done my labs came back that I had the green light for surgery in the A.M.

The whole visit took about 1.5 hours.

(I tried to keep it brief but detailed and I do realize that I didn't use proper punctuation and grammer). If there's anything I didn't answer let me know.
r W. Tomasz Majewski

*Dr. W. Tomasz Majewski

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