Brow lift healing in progress

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First I should probably provide some background. ...

First I should probably provide some background. I am 47 years old and ever since I was I college I knew that someday I would get a facelift. At this point I am not ready for a facelift but my eyes were starting to droop so even if I am not "face lift" ready I am ready to start on the small things. I originally went to see Dr. Pax at the Wheaton Eye Clinic for an eye lift but he promptly informed be that I did not need an eye lift but in fact I needed a brow lift. He does not do brow lifts and referred me to Dr. Jose Rios. I can tell you right now, if I needed an eye lift Dr. Pax would be the absolute top on my list, he was great.

So I went to Dr. Rios first and two other doctors for consultations. One was down town Chicago at Water Tower Place but the fact that I had to wait for more than an hour just to be put in a room for another 30+ minutes turned me off. When that Dr. showed he was very nice but not being kept informed as to the delays and thinking that my pre-op and post-op appointments would be the same I decided to cross him off of my list. He was by far the cheapest option and very highly rated on this site but I was just too annoyed to sign up for surgery. I will not name the doctor because my experience may not be the norm and again, he is highly rated for his skills on this site and I don't want to harm his reputation. But time management is important to me and if his staff would have just said "hey, an issues has come up with a patient and he is running an hour behind" I would have probably calmed down. Heck, I would have been happy to pop back over the the mall section of the building a did a bit more shopping.

The last doctor I saw told he he would do an eye lift, by this point I was told by three doctors I needed a brow lift, so basically I was being sold something that I did not need, or he was not interested in explaining anything.

My brow lift is scheduled for this coming Tuesday morning. I figured now is as good of a time to post my pre-op photos. I hope I fell well enough to keep posting my progress.

Day of surgery

Day one post-op recovery

I still have some pain in my scalp and have had a headache the entire time but the meds have calmed it all down.

This morning I was not so swelled but this afternoon it has kicked into high gear. I have been sitting upright the whole time so I am not sure why I swelled so much but it must be part of the process.

Day two post op recovery

I still have been having headaches but I have no pain where the incisions are. I had a lot of swelling yesterday during the day but overnight it went down. It swelled a bit more today after going to see the doctor. He took the main bandage off today and I can gently wash my hair.

Day three post op

It is getting better but the swelling is still there along with the bruises. I cannot feel any pain in the scar, I would have thought it would hurt but it does not. I just have tenderness in my forehead due to the swelling but it is not bad at all. It looks worse then it feels.

Staples come out on the 9th, I don't mind because I cannot feel them at all.

Day four post op

I am very happy with how the scar looks after just a few days, I don't think in a couple weeks you'll be able to see it at all. I was thinking it was going to be worse but I am glad it looks so good.

The bruising continues to fade but I'm still having a hard time covering it with make up, I think in a few more days it should be much better.

Post op eight days

I can't believe the changes in 8 days. My bruises are almost gone, but I've been using Arnicare up to 4 times per day so that may be why and my scar along my hairline was stitched up perfectly so you can't even tell.

The only weird part is I can't feel the top of my head, I liken it to having an epidural when giving birth, you can feel but very faintly. I know that will come back soon.

Bruises all gone

This will be my last update for awhile. All healing well, I get the staples out Monday. I'll post in a few weeks when the swelling is down more.

How about the top of my head

I thought I would add that I cannot feel part of the top of my head. It is funny that he worked on my forehead and that has slightly reduced sensation which is not a surprise but the top of my head has considerably less feeling. Yes I was warned about this but it is weird to brush your hair and not really feel it at all. I was also told not use my hair dryer for a few weeks so I did not burn it on accident as well. So for those of you whom are mothers and had an epidural during child birth, this feels similar, you can touch it but you can't really feel it. And just like child birth, it is so worth it...

Surgery Jan 27th, Feb 27th update

All is still going well. I have had a few random headaches which is not usual for me but isn't that is what Advil was invented for? I saw my regular doctor yesterday for my physical and he said it was normal to have headaches. He also looked at my scars and said they looked great.

It is strange that when I look in the mirror I feel normal, like not much has changed but all I have to do is take a look at my before and after photos and I know I had a lot of work done. I think it is a result of it looking so natural, more like I did probably 10 years ago.

I do put makeup on the scar a bit, I will take photos of the scar without makeup and post them. I know progress photos are helpful for those that are behind me in the healing process or considering a brow lift.

Just for disclosure purposes, I had eyelash extensions put on, I started using Latisse about 3 weeks ago but thought this would be a jump start. I'm hoping that as the extensions fall out the real ones will be thicker and fuller. Once they are all off I will post before and after photos .

Scars healing

Here is the photo one month out. It looks better in person but I figured I'd post anyway. I'm actually wearing a ponytail right now and you can't see anything.
Joliet Plastic Surgeon

Really RealSelf, you only let me score Dr. Rios a 5? Wrong, he is a 10+ I could not be more pleased with my brow lift, Dr. Rios delivered results that were better than I ever could have expected. I also cannot thank Dr. Pax (Wheaton Eye Clinic) enough for the recommendation to get my consultation from Dr. Rios. I have been to the office (Dermatology & Plastic Surgery Associates) four times so far, the office is run efficiently and I have not had to wait all that long at all. Everyone is nice and helpful, Beany gets right back to you if you call or email. What else can you ask for?

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