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I am fairly young, but for as long as I can...

I am fairly young, but for as long as I can remember I have been very self conscience of my stomach fat. In my mind I could deal with having a thick pear shape, but my apple shape was defeating. I mean there are rap songs about big asses; haven't heard one yet about a fat tummy. So after dieting, gain weight back, and working out A LOT I opted to go under the knife.

Initially, I was going to get my stomach, flanks, and my inner thighs. But, I figured I could live with my inner thighs - plus the price difference was fairly steep, so I opted to keep the treatment to my torso. I met with a few doctors and almost got laser lipo, but I got into a car accident on the way home from my consultation and I figured it was a sign. I finally, pulled the trigger with Dr. Gonyon in Northern Colorado.

This is my summed up experience - mind you I only took off 2 days from work and then that ran into the weekend.

The day of the surgery, I had the first slot which was good since I hate not eating. I was nervous, but the Nurses at the surgery center were amazing and calmed my nerves. Dr. Gonyon was pretty business that day which was fine, but as with MANY doctors their bed side manner is sub-par - that being said the nurse more than made up for it. I went under with general anesthesia and the last thing I remember was making a, "that's what she said comment".

I woke up a lil later and the nurse helped me into my garment/binder. The binder sucks. I personally have a decent pain tolerance, but after reading some of the reviews I was nervous about the pain that would come later. As instructed earlier I had all my pain meds wait for me when my ride got me home. The initial day wasn't bad, I almost threw up twice because I kept belching up what tasted like some sort of gas and my appetite wasn't the best but I kept down water and crackers with almond butter.

I was alone that first night - which they did not suggest but I am a classic rule breaker. I crashed out the first night and I dont think I moved from my position once I got into it. The next morning sitting up and getting out of bed was basically like when your back hurts really bad and you slide to the edge and then roll out onto your knees then stand up. My abs were sore for sure, it was like I did an insane workout and then proceeded to laugh for a few hours. Standing felt fine and walking was a lil tense, but it wasn't bad. The main thing that hurts is going from one position to another. Changing the dressings was fine, they had oozed a bit during the night.

I kept my binder on for as long as I could stand - two weeks, (peeing is the most annoying fact of your life) and then I would alternate the binder that was heavy duty at night with a more mild one that I had purchased at target. The one issue I had with my binder - minus the pee hole - was that it was pinching me right where the main part of my torse bends.

Why this is important is because while I was healing it started to make a crease in my skin. You can this this in the pictures. Also, my skin started healing over my stitches (which itches like crazy) and when I had to have them removed it was pretty gnarly. It didn't hurt, it just cause more scaring that I would have preferred.

I returned to work pretty much right afterwards - I sit at a desk and that was fine - and I started working out (more than walking) about 2 and a half weeks afterwards. I eased into it, but was doing crossfit with a month.

I eventually stopped wearing my binder and weened off my other compression gear within the first 3 months. If I was feeling super bloated I would put it on or wear it at night if I started retaining water.
I saw progress for about the first 9 months and with working out and diet I have seen progress still.

I did go back in for a touch up to the 'horseshoe' over my belly button that was created by the binder pinching my skin just last month - it was free and I did it under local which was not painful at all.

Things I learned -
- your fat is going to start stocking up somewhere else, my thighs got fuller since then, but working out and diet have kept them somewhat in check. (Makes me wonder if I had gotten my inner thighs done where it would have gone then)
- Don't expect to look like Demi Moore or something... be serious with your results. I was and I am way more comfortable with my body now. Is it like a models? No, but I didnt expect that.
- Nurse rock and Doctors are Doctors...I like Dr. Gonyon, but his nurses are more personable.
- Don't eat whatever you want leading up to the surgery because its getting sucked out. You are not going to help you case.
- Be ready for scaring. Some of my sites healed nicely, others didnt because of bending and moving. Also, my touch up spot is internally scarred right now, its gone down a bunch, but I massage it every night and during the day when I can.

Feel free to ask me questions and I hope this helps! I feel so much better about my appearance now and feel like it was worth the costs!


Really weird to see near naked pictures of me online. Eek! Especially the before shots.

And I FYI - I would go back to Gonyon, I trust and like him


Just wanted to add a photo or two of after my touch up; its been over 3 months since my touch up and the hard skin that was right at the sight where I can the touch up has gone away. I massaged the area aggressively every night with a homeopathic balm and it really seemed to help. The scar that is above my belly button that the doctor cut out during the touch up is still irritated, but nothing like it was before. I feel like it fluctuates from barely notable to really obvious. Not sure what makes the scar stand out more days than others, but I keep massaging it to hopefully break it down. I have been really slacking at working out, so I feel like I am not at my best physical fitness, but I still feel really confident about my looks over all.
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