5'4 115lbs 28 and in love with my 505cc Sientra textured silicone implants!

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After giving birth and breastfeeding 3 children my...

After giving birth and breastfeeding 3 children my breasts have almost completely deflated. I also lost 25lbs from my pre pregnancy weight, after my last baby. While pregnant and breastfeeding my breasts were a nice full C cup. Now they area full A cup. I've always had much smaller breast in comparison to the women in my family. I grew up with my mother having breast implants and my sister having large natural breasts. Ever since I can remember I have wanted an augmentation. Now I am at a great time in my life to finally get some boobies! I have gone to my consultation and scheduled my surgery which will be in a couple weeks. I'm wanting a D cup so I'm leaning towards getting 475ccs or 500ccs. I don't want them too too large but big enough that I don't regret going bigger. I'm 5'4" 115lbs so I think 475ccs will be plenty. I'm anxiously awaiting my pre op appointment and then the final operation!

Breasts I'd love for mine to look like!

I really like the way these look in a bra!

This is before my BA and I'm so excited to see the after!

Before BA!

This pic is edited (due to a tattoo) and my skin looks a little strange! Not as strange as my tiny A cup boobies though! :)

Yeaa haaaay!

16 days 18 hours and 10 minutes until my BA surgery! Eeek it's getting closer! I can't wait!

2 weeks from TODAY!

I have my pre op tomorrow and my surgery 2 weeks from today! The time is passing by so slow! I do have a lot to do though before so hopefully that will make the time pass by a little quicker! :) My husband can't wait either lol! He says he loves my breasts the way they are but when I talk about how nice and big they are going to be, he gets super excited! I'm super lucky to have so much support from my hubby, family and friends. I told my MIL yesterday she was like " oh, OK cool! " She works at a rehab center right next to my PS' s office so she is familiar with him. I actually had her get me some ice packs from her work and she asked what they were for. I said "well I'm actually getting my boobies done in two weeks!" :)

Pre op appointment!

I went to my pre op today! It went well. I got a lot of info and my list of questions answered. I decided on 475cc, Sientra silicone textured implants. Because my rib cage is so concave I will most likely getting 550ccs but they will look like 475 sizers. For some reason I thought i was getting the Mentor but I was mistaken. I asked if there were more advantages for me to get textured over smooth and they said yes because I need a bit of a internal lift. The textured stay in place so there won't be much sagging. I know they don't move as much as smooth and natural breasts but whatever my PS suggests I will do. I completely trust his expertise! Now just to count down the days until the surgery! :D

BA in one week from today!

I can't believe my BA is a week away! I am going to be busy busy from here on out! I went and picked up my prescriptions today, have meals and help arranged for my husband and got ice packs! Now just to clean, do laundry and turn my room into a sanctuary! :)

Twas the night before BA! I hope I can sleep!

Well tomorrow is the big day! The day I have been longing for! I can't lie though! I'm extremely nervous for various reasons! I just keep reminding myself of the end result! I have everything in order around my house (well as much add it can be with 3 year old and 1 year old boys in the house lol). I hope they turn out great and everything I've ever dreamed of! I will try and post tomorrow with an update on how it went! :)

Yay! I'm all done with my Surgery!

I got my BA today! Everything went smoothly and I got new boobies lol! Yesterday I got my armpits waxed and let me tell you that crap hurt so bad! Hopefully it will be worth it so I won't have to shave them! :) Anyway I got 505cc Sientra, textured silicone! They look pretty good already! I'll post progress pictures over the next few weeks!

Day 2 post op!

I am not going to lie... I'm a little disappointed with the size of my breasts today! I was really hoping they would be bigger! :( I don't get how a 505cc implant looks SMALL on my frame! I told him I wanted a D-DD cup and you would think that large of an implant would easily take me to that size! I'm wondering if it's the taped bra I'm in or if they are going to be small like this!?? If anyone has some encouraging words I would greatly appreciate hearing them! :/

Feeling a little iffy on this site!

I wonder why some people have others post comments on their review all the time? It's rare if anyone Writes on mine! The individuals that have commented are very nice but what is the point of updating your review if no one looks at it!? Maybe I'm just being negative lol! I am also going crazy about all the emails I get that people are commenting on people's reviews that I have commented on. I do like to be notified about an update is made but sheeeesh!! Sometimes 50 emails in one day to notify me about someone posing on a review! I guess I'll keep posting updates for another couple days and see what happens!

Day 3 Post op

I'm starting to feel like these are actually a part of me! They changed overnight and I'm sure they will continue to. They seemed to have dropped a little. I know the tape feels much tighter today. I've been getting contacting like feelings the last 2 days. It feels almost exactly like letting down when I breastfed, it just occurs more often. I'll post a couple pics from today. You can see my left is bigger or drooping more. It definitely hurts more then the right! I hope this is all normal. I go to my post op Monday morning and get the tape removed. I'm sure I will get all my questions answered at that time.


This bloating SUCKS! UGGGG! I feel like a balloon! :(

Boobie Blues already???

It's day 4 post op and I'm already starting to feel depressed. I think I thought that these boobies would make me feel so much more confident and HAPPY! So far I'm kind of embarrassed about them because they still look so weird plus I'm trying to get used to them. These pain meds, being copped up inside, spending a large about of money, and not being able to take care of my kids and myself like I want to doesn't help either. All my friends that have implants say it was the best decision they have ever made. I hope I start feeling that way about them too! It's funny how I was so excited and I couldn't even wait to feeling like "ehhh Oh well I have boobs now! So what!?" I kind of feel regrets! Did anyone else feel like this? :'(

Day 5/post op appointment!

Today I'm feeling much better physically and mentally. I had a much better night's sleep last night which I think is contributing to my improvement. I also went to my post op app this morning. My PS said I look great with little to no swelling! Unfortunately he also said I have to keep this terrible tape bra in until Friday. :( He said though that after Friday I can wear whatever kind of bra I want. :) He is having me come back in 6 weeks instead of 8 because I'm healing so quickly. At that app he will clear me to resume all normal activities. They gave me some silicone strips to place on my incisions. I have to put them on for about 12 hrs a day for 6 weeks or so. I'll try and post a pic later today although it's hard to tell any progress with this tape on!

Day 6 Feeling almost back to normal!

I'm feeling so much better this morning! I feel almost back to normal, thank goodness! Morning boob is a drag but I took ibuprofen first thing and got in shower and by the time I got out they felt just fine. I'm starting to like these girls more and more everyday! I can't wait to see them without the tape! 3 more days and they're free! :) Sorry I didn't post a pic yesterday. There wasn't much change anyway but here area couple from today.

Day 9! Bye bye Tape bra

Wooo hooo! I got to take the tape bra of today and I'm in LOVE!! I feel great as well! Almost completely back to normal! :)

Day 11! Loving my new girls more and more everyday!

I'm feeling back to normal now! The only time I feel sore is in the morning fora few minutes but it goes away pretty quickly! :) Other then thati can't complain!

Before and after pics!

Day 12

2 weeks post op and experiencing boob greed BAD!

I was so worried that 450-500ccs were going to be way too big, but now I wish my 505ccs implants were more like 600ccs! How can a 505cc implant look so small?? I measured myself and the measurements came out to be a 34C! I told my PS I wanted a D-DD and now I'm thinking they are not big enough! Uggg! Maybe tomorrow ilk feel better lol! I am to love them one moment then wish they would D&F quicker so I can see what size they will end up being the next moment! Boobie greed is crappy! :(

Day 16

Starting to drop a little.... Maybe?

Comparison pic! 1 week difference!

4 weeks post op!

Everyday that goes by I love my boobies more and more! They are feeling great with very little muscle soreness in the morning now! :)

More pictures at 4 weeks post op!

5 weeks and 2 days post op!

Everything is going really well! I'm excited to go to my 6 week post op appointment next week! I'm pretty sure I will get measured officially by the custom bra shop in my PS' s office and I'll be getting my "first" bra! I thought that it was pretty cool that they include a custom bra! :) I measured myself just fir the heck of it a couple nights ago and according to the VS sizing system I measure at a 32 DD! :) I also did another US bra calculator and it said I was a 34 F lol! That just shows that you can't go off of bra size but you can roughly estimate what you would like to be in size! Here is the Web address for the VS sizing. https://www.victoriassecret.com/bras/how-to-measure-bras? :)

VS bikini top!

I was so excited to come home and see got the bikini I ordered from Victoria Secret! It's a 32DD! My daughter said it looked like my boobs were being squished and my husband said it looked great! What do you all think? Too tight or just right!? :)

vs top side view!

6 week post op appointment

I went to my 6 week post op appointment today and my PS said everything looks great! His exact words were "Holy cleavage, Batman!" HEHE I thought that was funny! He said they will still change and drop in the next year but that he was very pleased with his work. His nurse was like " I'm jealous! I want those boobs!" :) I also got my new bra from their boutique. They make specialty bras for breast augmentation and reconstruction. She measured me at a 34DD and I got a nice comfy bra! I'll post pics soon. Much love to all my lovely BA friends! XOXO

I lied!

So I got home and my daughter opened the bag that my bra came in and it's a 34E!! Holy cow! :) I'm in 7th heaven! :D

new bra from PS!

Bra from my PS!

7 weeks post op!

Yesterday marked 7 weeks post surgery! Everything is going great! They seem to be getting softer daily! I figured I'd post a few pics of the new bras and bikinis that I purchased! :)

2 months post op! Vegas fun!

It's been 2 months since my surgery and I can hardly believe it! Things are going great and I love these girls more and more each day! :)

10 weeks post!

I'm feeling a few twinges/pains in my nipples sometimes!? Hopefully that is normal! Other than that everything feels good!

Worried about symmastia "uniboob"!

So I went from absolutely loving my boobs and even considering myself "lucky" with my results, but now I'm starting to worry that I might get symmastia because my boobs are so close together! I couldn't even sleep last night because I am so paranoid! Idk if it's just me being crazy or if I should just make an appointment to see my PS!? :(

Went and saw PS about possibility of symmastia.

I'm so thankful for the encouragement words I got from a couple of ladies and so glad I went and saw my PS! He said yes I'm experiencing some "tenting" but that it's normal and that it should resolve in a few months. He also said I'm not at risk of symmastia (thank goodness)! He was so nice and said I can call him anytime and if I wanted I could come every 6 weeks to get them checked! He reassured me that the cleavage I have is what most women want to achieve! :) I feel like a weight has been lifted and that I can enjoy these boobies again!

3 months past! I can't believe how time is flying!

It's crazy that yesterday marked 3 months since my BA! I love my boobies but totally wish I went WAY larger lol! I think that the way my ribcage is shaped it makes them look like a smaller implant. My doc gave me exactly what I asked for though so I can't complain! All in all this experience has been so worth it!

6 months post op!

I cannot believe it's already been 6 months, but also can't remember what life was like before having boobies! The only thing I regret is not going bigger lol! Other then that I'm a happy girl! I'll try and update at 9 months and a year. I don't think they will change much from here though. They seem to be in the position they will stay in. Thanks to all of you who have read my review thus far and to all the ladies who have encouraged me through this journey!

6 months post op


Almost 8 months post


Weight gain after BA!

So I don't know if any of you have experienced weight gain after surgery as I did, but that is one thing that has made me regret getting a BA UNTIL NOW! Finally after almost 8 months I'm almost to my goal weight. I was 115 when I had surgery then almost immediately I went up to 125. A couple months later was up to 130! I honestly did not feel comfortable in my own skin and I didn't even get confidence from my BA. But a week ago I started a 10 day celebrity transformation /cleanse by purium and I'm already down to 121 in just 5 days! It's an all organic and non GMO product that seriously has changed my life for the better! I feel great and feel so much more confident. If any of you are experiencing weight gain after your BA and want to lose the weight plus detox your body please message me as I would love to share this with all you beautiful women! Xoxo

Weight gain and loss after BA

I finally am down to my goal weight of 120 lbs since my BA! My implants weigh about 2.5lbs together so I really weigh 118.5 which is so close to my pre BA weight! I am so thankful for this cleanse! Now I can really enjoy my boobies and not feel insecure about the rest of my body. If any of you have experienced weight gain after BA then please message me! This really changed my life for the best!

I was recommended to Dr. Gonyon through a good friend. She has actually had 6 friends go to him since her augmentation. He is board certified, was very thorough and nice. His office staff is incredible! Never any wait and always answering my questions promptly! I can't imagine this experience going any better! I would recommend him to all my friends and family in a heartbeat!

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