Asian 5'5" 125 pounds

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As the title suggests, I am a mother of 4, 34...

As the title suggests, I am a mother of 4, 34 years old, and Asian; basically means I have no butt whatsoever! LoL! I've been doing research on this Brazilian Butt Lift almost forever now. Four kids, I rarely have any money left. Anyhow, today I have decided not to dream about anymore and start to take matters into my own damn hands. I called Doctor Jimmerson's office, spoke with Xenia, she has the best customer service ever, answered all my questions and didn't pressure or annoyed of all my million questions--Amazing. so 1 out of 10 for front office etiquettes: this office gets a 10 for this section.
Financing? I have horrible credit! Yet, it is still possible for me! Dr. Jimmerson offers "plan-a-way" it works like a layaway. I'm done! I will need $9,800 for the procedure, airline tickets, hotel, extra money for food, and a lot of pain killers. She also mentions that I should expect to stay in Georgia for 9-14 days. Wish I had a friend that lived in the area. $9,800, i will make the $1,000 deposit in three weeks and make payments every single month of $200, and every 4 months $1000 and tax season in January i can put in the remainder. I will probably have my procedure done in February 2015. That is such a long wait. I will keep everyone updated of my progress to a curvier body, bigger booootay new me.

considering dr. hughes in Culver City, Ca now.

I have been emailing doctors pics of my butt and wish pics all over California. lol...I swear that almost every doctor in California has a picture of my butt. omg...hopefully this doesn't come back and bite me in my (hopefully by then) big ass. Researching like crazy.
So, I've been thinking of changing to Dr. Hughes. The price is the same and he does good work too and with many positive reviews. I won't need to spend money on plane tickets, hotels, etc.. The plane ride might be too crazy for me. he does the "plan-a-way" too. decisions, decisions.


I've finally convinced my sister in law to co-sign for me. She just moved to California so she's maxed out her credit with furniture and blah blah blah. How much would she have to pay off to get approved for CareCredit? What credit score do they require? Does anyone know?

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