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I took 1 year post-op photos of my abdominoplasty...

I took 1 year post-op photos of my abdominoplasty (Abscape procedure) and also had my friend take a picture of my backs musculuture since I have been exercising regularly since the "tummy tuck" (I hate that word for guys). There in the photo was the evil twin of flab that used to be on my belly. So I started researching the procedure. My understanding of a Brazilian Butt Lift is the injection of liposuctioned fat into the buttocks area to augment the size and shape. I would rather have my rear end be a true size and shape with exercise (squats, lunges, dead lifts, hill sprints...) but I know from experience the loose skin from weight loss is not going to tighten.

So on August 19th I am going back to the surgeon for his opinion while I am there for my one year follow up. I'm thinking, without proof or much information, this procedure will cost less since there are no muscles to plicate back together, and the incision will be shorter. Then again I could be wrong, but cost is a factor.

I am so happy with the results of the abdominoplasty I know this procedure will complete the circumference around my waist. I'll keep you posted.

NOT Brazillian Butt Lift

I hate this terminology and as a male resent this review being listed in this category. A BBL is a completely different procedure than the one I am considering. A buttock lift is a backside tummy tuck without muscle plication. I have excess sagging skin from the back waist covering my rear end, which I am considering having excised. I am not planning to have augmentation of the buttocks with fat grafting, lipo injections, or implants. I'm enhancing my posterior shape the tried and true a gym with weights.


This morning I met with Dr. John L. Williams for my one yeat abdominoplasty follow up and consultation regarding the flab, as I call it, on my lower back, waist, and rear end.

Dr. Williams confirmed my suspicion that I am not a candidate for liposuction since their is no fat but excess sagging skin that no amount of diet and exercise is going to help. Nor will any magic laser beams or infrared secret devices create the backside I desire. The scalpel is the only solution and frankly that is exactly what I wanted to hear.

He explained that the procedure is easier than abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) since no muscle reconstruction is involved. The time to complete the procedure is less than abdominoplasty therefor the cost is lower.

An overnight stay is not required but 2 drains are, which are usually in about 3-5 days.
The price his office quoted me was right in the ballpark of what I expected and frankly lower than the posted averages. I will be scheduling the procedure for October, 2013.

Total Cost $$$$$5,998.00

Today i paid all of the fees for the scheduled procedure to remove the excess sagging skin on my back side.
Surgeon $3000.00
Hospital $1819.00
Anesthesia $1124.80
Incidentals (binder) $55.00

Butt Lift (lipectomy) happens in 10 days.

I remember when I had the abdominoplasty I was having thousands of things going through my mind. I was making plans, worrying about things, suspecting things, on and on...
What I discovered during the more serious procedure was that things go rather smoothly. None of the horrors I worried about came to fruition.

This time I probably wouldn't even think about the surgery if the surgeon hadn't called to confirm and give me the contacts which I pay in advance.

I'm not even going to have anyone stay with me at home when I get there from the hospital (maybe an hour or so). These procedures are major surgeries YES; but a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon like mine does these several times a week and they are so skilled it becomes second nature.

There is some preparation of course and that is in the gym. I squat and deadlift like a beast, so when the sagging skin is gone I have a real butt of real solid muscle.
One thing I learned from comparing my abdominoplasty TT with others was one essential element. Those of us who went into the operating room in great shape fared much better than those who planned on starting an exercise program afterwards.
Shoot I was doing YOGA stretches in the hospital lobby before they called me back.
Better yet the night before I was so wound up I went to a 24 hour fitness and worked out like a champ.

I'm not comfortable taking a selfie photo of my my butt so I'll wait until the surgeon takes it then I'll post it. There are already photos of my back and flanks and if you are reading this you probably have a sagging butt so you already know what it looks like.

"Butt Wait, there's more!"

I was at John L. Williams office today for pre-op consult and off the cuff (because I had been reading about Gynecomastia on REAL-SELF) asked about my chest. Even though I work out It is still flabby and not flat. So after a few minutes of examination he said on a scale of 1-10 I am a 3 with breast tissue and would also benefit from lipo of the chest.
So we are also doing this procedure since I know I will regret not asking about it and doing something about it later on.

It's kind of fun.

Surgery is no doubt serious business, it is my opinion though that my attitude not only affects my outcome but affects all of the people involved with the process.
My butt lift and gynecomastia surgery were yesterday in Scottsdale, Arizona.
I made a concerted effort to be pleasant, patient, kind, and appreciative to every single person I came into contact with at the surgery center yesterday.
I had a good experience and am resting today.
I remember reading on RS about the pain with lipo and yes it has more discomfort than incisions do.
I'm sore from the lipo of the chest and flanks. I asked the surgeon to use mu iPhone for pictures because I learned after the abdominoplasty that you get about 40 minutes of amnesia from anesthesia. I couldn't remember the surgeons drawings on my body even though I was wide awake when he did them. The anesthesia wipes out your prior memories.
All is well. I only have drains from the lipectomy but not the chest.
I'm sore but since I've done this before I also remember that I forget all of the discomfort in a few months.

7 WEEKS Post Op, open incision

Three weeks ago I was 4 weeks PO from butt lift and knew not to push it with heavy exercise. Well I decided leg presses were fine. Then I decided 300 pounds on the leg press machine were fine. The pressure on the incision right over my tailbone from the seat popped open the incision. I didn't even know it happened until a dude walking behind me a few minutes later saw blood on my shirt! I got home and started showering. I reached around back to assess the damage and there was a quarter size hole right at the top of my butt crack which is in the center of the lipectomy incision.
I researched DermaBond skin glue and other remedies. Of course I washed, and bandaged. I had some MediHoney which is a special medical grade honey for wound care and thought I had nothing to loose. I did embarrassingly consult my PS who said not to worry and he detailed a "wet" saline/gauze pack, which to me was the same as the MediHoney route. I'm happy to report the wound is almost closed, it's more like a pencil tip than a quarter.
Funny part is it never hurt at all!

One year follow up.

Last Friday, November 21, 2014 I visited Dr. John Williams for the one year follow up on the two surgeries: gynecomastia and belt lipectomy (aka back side tummy tuck).
The Dr. Commented about the increasing number of men getting uncomfortable enough about gynecomastia that they are seeking help when the diet and exercise advice continually fails. Dr. Williams is such a comfortable guy for dudes to visit with I can see why they choose him, not to mention he is very surgically skilled.

Anyway, he took photos and I'll post them as soon as I get them.
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

See my ABSCAPE review, this is why I am going back to this doctor. I am a guy in a very small percentage of men having this procedure and I appreciate being treated so well on a guy to guy basis.

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