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I was at John L. Williams office today for pre-op...

I was at John L. Williams office today for pre-op consult and off the cuff (because I had been reading about Gynecomastia on REAL-SELF) asked about my chest. Even though I work out It is still flabby and not flat. So after a few minutes of examination he said on a scale of 1-10 I am a 3 with breast tissue and would also benefit from lipo of the chest.
So we are also doing this procedure since I know I will regret not asking about it and doing something about it later on.

When I got fat right at the same time as puberty set in my breasts grew thick and almost pointed. That was not a good time in life to gain wait as it is common for pubescent boys to have enlarged breast for s period of time during puberty, but getting fat simultaneously made a mess.

I lost 50 pounds a while ago, gained 15 in muscle, and had abdominoplasty which is another review. Its been over a year and I work out lifting weights with full commitment. My pecs have thickened immensely from exercise and I started working on my back muscles.
I had a friend photograph my back so I could track the muscle development and that is when I saw all of the looses flesh on my flanks, backside and down my butt. So I am scheduled for posterior lipectomy (male butt lift) surgery this Friday October 11, 2013; in addition Dr. Williams will remove the glandular tissue and lipo the chest area.

I figure if I have worked this hard to build the muscle of the pectoral region I might as well have it look good. The additional cost is $2500.00 since I am combing it with the butt lift (different review).

Pictures will post soon.

Pre-Op Chest at Plastic Surgeon's Office October 7, 2013

As mentioned earlier in this review my plastic surgeon stated that my gynecomastia on a scale of 1-10 is a 3. Diet and exercise did have a lot of effect on the protrusion but there is still a lot of fatty and breast tissue which can be felt when flexing. he will do Tumescent Lipo and breast tissue excision through An aureola incision.
I am already having Posterior Belt Lipectomy so this procedure is an "add-on" afterthought which will save a lot of money.
Since I was a teenager I have hated my chest. This surgery creeps me out a bit. I am not watching anymore YOUTUBE videos, they just freak me out; I guess in my mind this area of the body to me is hyper sensitive.

I asked my surgeon why don't more men do this? I look around the locker room and this condition is sort of rampant and in some cases rather severe.

He replied that men in general are more afraid than women. If they would get over their fears they would not be so embarrassed by their appearance.
Gynecomastia IS embarrassing. It just looks weird to me, almost unnatural.

Worth every ouch. Keep on the sunny side of life.

Surgery is no doubt serious business, it is my opinion though that my attitude not only affects my outcome but affects all of the people involved with the process.
My butt lift and gynecomastia surgery were yesterday in Scottsdale, Arizona.
I made a concerted effort to be pleasant, patient, kind, and appreciative to every single person I came into contact with at the surgery center yesterday.
I had a good experience and am resting today.
I remember reading on RS about the pain with lipo and yes it has more discomfort than incisions do.
I'm sore from the lipo of the chest and flanks. I asked the surgeon to use mu iPhone for pictures because I learned after the abdominoplasty that you get about 40 minutes of amnesia from anesthesia. I couldn't remember the surgeons drawings on my body even though I was wide awake when he did them. The anesthesia wipes out your prior memories.
All is well. I only have drains from the lipectomy but not the chest.
I'm sore but since I've done this before I also remember that I forget all of the discomfort in a few months.

It worked!

I'm three + weeks post op and have been waiting for swelling but there hasn't been any that I have noticed. Soreness is another issue. My surgeon approved a SPANX compression tank top. He realized it was the amount of pressure he prefers. I'm a large and ordered a large, last time I ordered a size smaller and was very uncomfortable. The large is pretty tight as it is. But the SPANX shirts really keep the nipple soreness at a minimum. Without the pressure my chest gets pretty sore on both sides, pain which I did not have the first week. Aleve pain reliever works much better than Tylenol.

My chest is flat!, well the skin is laying against the muscle. It's fun to see a regular male chest.
I'll post about the butt lift and a great product I use for that and a mistake I made.

All healed up

The gynecomastia surgery is healed, it was sore for several weeks but now 2 months post op it's only sore if I apply pressure. There is dimpling if I flex, but I wanted to be able to look good in a t-shirt, and I look and feel better than I expected.


I knew before I had the gynecomastia surgery that I still had skin laxity but chose not to have anything done about it. I have some dimpling in the nipple area from the removal of the tissue. My doctor also did some liposuction of the chest bilaterally. This picture shows the dimpling at its worst due to the lighting. Pardon the mud but I had just finished a grueling 8 mile obstacle course race called The Spartan Super. At the time this photo was taken I was exhausted, dehydrated, and so sore I could barely walk. I am going to use the same photo on my abdominoplasty review. Yes this is my belly almost two years post tummy tuck. For a 54 year old man who used to be flabby and fat I am happy with my results. Also notice my giant love handles are gone; and take my word for it that there is a really nice butt back there!

Flanks 1 year PO

My flanks 1 year PO as seen by the general public. I was thinking about this procedure in particular the other day and it did sting for the second and third night after the surgery. I think LIPO had a lot to do with that and it is very difficult getting comfortable during sleep with drains on each side and I'm a side sleeper.

Getting a Revision

After 16 months for gynecomastia it us apparent that the chest skin is not going to retract any further, and the dimpling from the tissue removal is evident.

Dr. Williams advised me prior to surgery that this might be the case due to all of the factors I had going into the procedure. I am scheduled for a chest revision on April 24th, 2015.

I will write a separate review on the entire experience. I have no regrets. Thanks to the plethora of information on REALSELF I had a pretty good idea that this was going to be my story long before I signed up to have the surgery. No regrets!

Still happy with it all.

Just a picture from tonight's gym session, hoping my fellow guys take the leap and consult a surgeon to correct those physical details that create more burden than we realize. I'm on Instagram @Colonelmann
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

For this procedure I did not get any other consultations or opinions. My reason for this being after he performed the abdominoplasty I am completely comfortable and confident with his demeanor, skills, attitude, professionalism, and ethics. His fees are very reasonable, his office staff are comforting. I am completely comfortable with my decision, not even the slightest hint of second thoughts or apprehension. Dr. Williams is THAT good.

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