First Round on Miradry Treatment. Baltimore, MD

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So this review will be fairly short. I have been...

So this review will be fairly short. I have been suffering from axillary Hyperhidrosis since the age of 13. I have tried everything known to man (topical deodorants, Botox, acupuncture, axillary curettage aka suction of sweat glands) and nothing has worked so Miradry was definitely my last resort. I had my first consultation Feb 19th at John Hopkins Hospital with dr Malcom Brock in Baltimore. He's awesome by the way. ????????????????????I have never felt so comfortable at a consultation. Everything happened very fast, had a consultation and one week later did my treatment (today). I definitely appreciated the fact that I did not have to wait long to get my first treatment.... lord knows I don't want to live one more day with this condition if I don't have to. The only thing that actually "hurt " was the numbing injections but the Miradry itself didn't hurt. It was done using level 5 and I go in for my 2nd treatment in May. I went in at 3:30 and it was done at 5pm.
I'm laying on the couch with ice packs as I'm writing this. I'm going to take to pics so you guys can see what my pits look like 3hrs post treatment. I'll do another update tomorrow.

Day 2 Mirady

I am definitely more swollen today than yesterday. I had plans on going to work today.., but no Bueno on that. I'm hoping the swelling will be a lot less by Monday
......the icing continues

Day 3 miradry

So I started getting damp under my arms yesterday when I was out and about but nowhere near wet or wetness of m clothes. I was little more active today and I noticed wetness again today in the exact same area as yesterday. The area circled in white is where I'm experiencing dampness/wetness and what the area in red is completely dry. I don't know if the lower part of my arm pit is dry because there's more puffiness of swelling in that area. It's definitely too soon to see final results but if this is how much I would sweat for the rest of my life I'd be THE happiest girl in the world!!!! I'm not doing any updates until day 7 but I'll take notes every day and on day 7 I'll give you guys a full report.

Day 4 Miradry


I'm still sweating in the same area. I should I say damp in the same spot. The swelling had gone down a little bit more... But I still have lumps and bumps in certain places. If this is how Im going sweat for the rest of my life.... It would be amazing!!!
I have never gone a whole day at work without being completely wet or stuffing my armpits with paper towels so that the paper towels absorb the sweat instead of my clothes. I was dry all day without odor or wetness and it was 60+ outside today.

Day 5 Miradry

Day 5

I woke up this morning with a little more swelling in the left armpit vs right one .... could be because I could feel the heat in a small section in that armpit when I was getting the procedure done. It feels so good waking up in the without sweating. Normally when I wake up (somedays) I'm already going through an uncontrollable sweat session with wet armpits. Yesterday my left armpit was itching really bad around bed time so I know the healing process is in full effect.

7:00p I put myself through the ultimate sweat test yesterday ... Aaaaallll day.....drum roll. I decided to wear a sheer really cute bright colored top for. As we know sheer, polyester, bright color armpit sweat and odor don't go together........ but I'm glad to report that I stayed dry all day and no odor either and this folks has never happened before. If I even dared to wear a top like that I would always wear a cardigan along with it and of course stuff my pits with paper towels.

Day 8 Miradry

Day 8
I've went from living in darkness to living in light and flourishing. I've been wearing colors and different types of material all week with NO wetness in sight. Some days I've been damp in my armpits but no sweat marks on my clothes yet.

Day 9 Miradry

Day 9
First day getting back into some physical activity after treatment. I take dance classes every Sunday and we utilize our arms A LOT. In the beginning of class my pits felt a little tight when lifting my arms but once I got my flowing - I was good. My classes are 4 hours long so I definitely had major pit stains which made me a little nervous because I thought that I had triggered my Hyperhidrosis all over again....(like the Miradry was all in vain) but it turns out I was only sweating excessively while taking the class. I think it was because of the intensity and the lengths of the class. I basically went from 0-100. My pits were normal for the rest of the day. No sweating... Just occasional dampness but not enough to form pit stain.

Day 10 Miradry

Day 10 3/8/16

So we had a little hotter temperature here yesterday and I was running errands and wore a bright colored shirt. At some point of the day I started to sweat. As you an see I'm sweating a little more in my right pit vs my left.

Day 11 Miradry

Day 11 3/9/16

So for the past 2 day I've been really soar in my left armpit and it's felling really tight. I'm not quite sure what's going on. So it's going to be 80F today where I life. So I'm nervous and excited to see if there will be ANY sweat stains today.

Day 21 and 31 Miradry

The swelling is completely gone but I still have lumps in both arm pits....not visible at all.
So these two pics where taken at work. I was dealing with customers and started getting really anxious because I thought I was sweating and when I finally checked ..., I actually was. Mind you it was 50F degrees outside so it wasn't that hot at all. The stains are still smaller than what I normally would have without Miradry BUT it's still dissapointing to see this. I usually sweat more from my right pit then left. It dried up fairly quick and there was no odor which is a good thing. I'm hoping the 2nd treatment will reduce wetness even more if not totally take it away. My hair is definitely growing at a much slower rate in the treated area and there's no comp sweating anywhere. Dr Malcolm did explain to me that because I had the axillary suction curretage procedure done prior to Miradry there might be some scar tissue which makes it harder for the microwaves to reach all the sweat gland since the waves only go to a certain depth in your skin. The skin is thicker when there is scar tissue. I think that as why I'm always sweat more in my right pit vs left post Miradry IF/WHEN I sweat.

Pics day 21

Pics day 23

Pics day 31

These pictures where taken this morning. As you can see there's no swelling and no visible lumps. In the right arm you can clearly see the scar that the axillary suction curretage procedure left.

Pics day 31

Right arm
Malcolm V. Brock

Dr Malcolm is awesome! I would recommend him to anyone who suffers from Hyperhidrosis in the metro area. The staff at the location were very friendly and took great care of me. I'm excited to go back and see him in May.

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