24 yrs ,no kids , saggy boobs after rapid weightloss, 420cc silicone unders - Johannesburg ,ZA

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(sry for any spelling or grammar mustakes,I'm not...

(sry for any spelling or grammar mustakes,I'm not a native speaker)
hey there. so i was pretty overweight as a teenager and when i discovered sports for me i lost 25 kg within 9 months. i loved my body but my booby who where a full c small d before, went to be a saggy a cup (redundant skin from the weightloss)

so i finally decided to do something about it caus being 24 yrs old and not having kids i looked like i breastfed 3 children allready .


so i went to see dr braun in johannesburg. he was nice and all but i didn'tfeel like he was explaining enough he just said thats best for you,period, without considering my desires AT ALL. wich i found highly unprofessional

next i went to see dr. mark steinmann and from the beginning i was smitten with him :D
he measured me out well took pictures and explained the different options super well. he took time for all of my questions and was very exact with explaining . he also showed ma a ton of pictures and how i more or less would look like. he made sure that thi girls he showed me where my age with simular brests amd also about my hight which is very important to me since i am 5'9 and most of the girls are smaller than me.

after the consultation i was sure he is the man for me and i booked my surgery for the 27.7..

surgery day

so i was booked in for the clinic at 6.30 my surgery was scheduled for 7.30.
i got changed into hospital clothes and the nurse measured my blood pressure and pulse . also i had to fill out some sheets with medical questions for the anesthesiologist who also came to see me bevore surgery. he explained the anesthesia to me and checked my vitals. looked for signs of infection or urethra and so on. after i was called "a picture of good health" :P he left and reasured me that everything is gonna be just fine.

shortly after that dr steinmann came to mark me up. and we agreed on going with 420cc under the muscle extra high profile. since i had so much skin from previously being fat i needed rhe xhp to fill up the tissue.

i was rolled down to the theatre got a dizzynedss injection and after that the anesthesia .
i woke up an hour later extremly tired but just fine. no nausea or smth. i really was lucky to took the anesthesia extremly well. so well that i was able to leave at 2pm already.
when i saw my boobs for the first time i was like..oh wow..thats f"in big :). but i also was very happy.
i went from an a to a full d.

pain was bearable. i would describe it as a really bad muscle stiffness like you get it after an intense workout.
got painkillers and antibiotics and went home ..

1st day post op

so the first night was good more or less. had some pain but it was takable. cooled my boobies with gel packs which helped a lot with the pain.

half of my boobs and nipples are either unsensitive or numb but i know that is normal and normally goes away after the first couple of weeks. so im not to concerned.
my boobs make gurgeling noises when i try to massaged them but i also was rewsured thats normal in the first few days.

now i am lying around and i am sore but like u said.. i imagined it much worse. some girls really experienced horror storys or smth. i mean yes its sore (the left one significantly more than the right one btw) but its not like i am its an agony or smth.
i can do everything alone. open doors, go to the toilet,sit up on the bed , open water bottles or tupper boxes. my husband brushed my hair this morning caus i cant lift my arms above my head but thats it. everything else i can do alone.
i really have to say at this point, i am so thabkfull for my wonderfull man. he is so sweet and caring and was there the whole day of surgery and took care of me wherever he could. having a lobed one during this procedure is really a blessing.
anyhow pictures are attached.
24h post op

1 day post op

more pics :) from a saggy a to a d cup

day 3 post op

so my night was good. i slept well and i hardly had any pain. the painmedication i use is called ""stillpain" and i use two tabletts every 6 hours now.
and that works perfectly for me. i hardly have any discomfort.

my boobs are still pretty numb around the nipple and on the bottom but like i said. i heard that problem is common and hardly ever permanent. so ill just be patient.
they still feel quite hard due to the swelling but massage them 3 times daily and that should prevent capsule contraction and is supposed to make them softer over the weeks.

i wear surgical bras wich looks like normal sports bras and i have to wear them for another 3 weeks. thats quite shitty caus you cant decently hide them under tops or shirts. but once again patience is the key here.
by now i am really thrilled with the size. no boobgreed or regrets at all.
i look down and i am happy with what i see.
so far so good.
they still are swollen and "torpedo" shaped but i mean im only day 3 post op so no worries at all and the are going to lower a lot still

day 4 post op

so all is good. got myself some new sports bras caus nude colors arent really my nr 1 choice hahaha. i still have a little pain..mainly on the sides /ribcage but otther then that all is good. my boobs start to soften a little. i massage them 3 times daily. still so happy with the results. today i uad ma first sponge bath . im.btw not allowed to get my insicions wet for 8 days so now showering. but spongebaths doi it for the moment and i feel refreshed and awesome.

day 6 post op

so i haven't experienced a lot of pain lately. just preassure and numbness. but i guess thats normal. i am seeing my doctor again on thursday afternoon to get the stitches out. i am done with the antibiotic course and anti inflammatory medicine now. i wasn't bloated at all or had any digestive problems while being on the meds.
the numbness is annoying but like i said,no pain at all.
by now i just take my pain medicine as i need it but not regularly no more. and that works fine.
im able to walk around as i want to just after a couple of hours standing up the preassure in my breasts geats sore and i have to sit down but other
than thant i am feeling really good.

on wednesday its a public holiday here so since i am.not on medication no more i am planning on going out tomorrow. not excessively but just have a nice meal and maybe a drink.
ill let you know how that went ;)

8 days post op

so like i said im not on medication no more at all. not even pain meds. all is "lekker" and i am happy with the outcome.
massaging made them already quite soft and i am.able to move them,push them together and jiggle them :D
lying on the sides works also but after a couple of hours i wake up caus it gets uncomfortable. especially the muscle really hardens /cramps up ....

like i said , i did go out on thuesday and it was really fun. i had a couple of drinks and good food and really enjoyed the night out.
but its really funny how the boobies attract attention even if you just show a tiney little bit of clevage. i still have to get used to that caus some guys really stare at them. even though i "just" have a d cup now and not watermelons or smth.
and like i said i am 5'9 so i didn't become a dwarf with huge boobs. i think they fit my body frame and dont look out of proportion.
i guess i just have to accept thr fact that they are nice to look at.... not only for me hahaha

i went back to see dr steinmann and he trimmed my stitches and i got rid of the plasters. i know have to wear a brown tape over the insicions and apply scar cream once daily. he moved my boobs around and told me that everything looks just fine and i really recover amazingly quick. have to see him again in 2 weeks. oh and i am now allowed to shower normally again wich is truly a blessing. also by next week im allowed to do easy exercises like walking on a treadmill and lower body stuff...and i really cant wait to get a little nore active again.

3 months post op

hey guys. here is a little update on my boobies.
everything is still fine and i love em. they are very soft and i would do it all all over again
Dr Mark Steinmann

he did a great job as far as i can tell. i absolutely love them

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