Extreme Makeover Part 1 - Johannesburg, South Africa

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I have an apple shaped body and I've always felt...

I have an apple shaped body and I've always felt self conscious about my belly. It is the first place that I pick up weight, which really annoys me. If you are proportioned like Sophia Loren and you gain a few kilos you look curvy. I just look like a barfly with a beer belly. Or pregnant. Even when I was really thin I still had a belly and double chin. I am not overweight (BMI of 24) and I just want to reshape my body a bit, I want a waist! So I have considered lipo for quite some time. I started looking into it properly earlier this year when I decided to sort out my nose and I figured that I would do both procedures close together so as to only take time off work once. I am going to do lipo of chin, belly, and upper back, and flanks (which my surgeon said is necessary to get the waist curve that I want).

Selecting a Surgeon:
There is really not much info online regarding plastic surgeons in South Africa. Many of the surgeon's have their own websites but there aren't really any review sites like Realself giving objective experiences. There is a local lipo surgeon that several women have mentioned on this site, and although they were all happy with the procedures they had with him I didn't want to go to him as he is not a plastic surgeon. So I shopped around a bit and found a plastic surgeon in Rosebank Jhb that I am happy with who is registered with the APRSSA. I will fill in the surgeon section of this review after the op is done.

Hopes and Fears:
Well obviously I'm hoping to be nicely proportioned after all this is done! I don't have much of a waist curve at present and that is what I am really hoping for, for the belly to be gone. Mostly I'm afraid of having a bad result - particularly I am scared of having an uneven or asymmetrical result. I'm also a bit fearful about the recovery and how much pain I am going to be in. I am a little scared about having the nose op so soon after as well, I hope I'm not putting myself through too much in one go!

I must say the Realself site has been a great help with information on what to expect and how to prepare. I have stocked up on everything that I think I will need, including a second compression garment so I can wash them regularly. I also took the tip about getting some maxi pads to soak up leakage from the incisions but now I'm wondering how to use them? Do I take off the garment and put the pads underneath? I guess I will figure it out tomorrow. I also got some linen savers to protect my bed. I don't need to get any meds as I will get them from the hospital tomorrow.

Well right now I am sitting here the night before the op and feeling quite excited but also quite scared. I am a person who likes to be in control and I guess the whole surgery thing is scary because I will be totally dependent on other people doing their jobs well tomorrow. I'm sure it will go ok, but hold thumbs for me!
I will post some pics after.

A note on the pricing: I was quoted ZAR33000, I have converted it at today's exchange rate of $1 = ZAR8.40

Well it's the day after now and I'm not feeling...

Well it's the day after now and I'm not feeling too bad. I have had some pain after the op, it kinda feels like something stinging me under my skin, and when I try to move using the muscles under the lipoed areas that is quite sore. But I'm up and walking around by myself. I would definitely recommend having someone stay with you the day of the procedure, as I needed help sorting myself out last night.
I don't have any drains in, and the compression garment is not too uncomfortable, it has a very sexy split crotch thing going on so I don't have to take it off to use the bathroom (TMI?). I did leak quite a lot from the incisions yesterday, but taped some maxi pads all over the outside of my garment and didn't have any blood on the sheets after sleeping. I'm going back to the doc today to change the dressings and put on the clean compression garment. Then it's off to doc no 2 for the rhino tomorrow!

Day 5: I'm recovering pretty well. I have very...

Day 5:
I'm recovering pretty well. I have very minimal bruising under my chin and the incision can only be seen if you really know where to look for it, I am a little swollen around the chin though, and have a numb area under the chin. On my body I have a bit of bruising, but not nearly as bad as some of the pics I have seen on this site. I'm still quite swollen though. I also have a numb area on my lower back. The incisions on my body are really tiny too, I don't think they will be visible at all once they have healed, which I'm quite pleased about. I only feel pain if I move around, and I only really need paracetamol (acetaminophen) for the pain. TBH if I had an office job I could probably have gone back to work yesterday, my job is a bit physical though, so I will probably wait until Weds. I have booked for some Endermologie sessions to hopefully help the swelling and prevent lumpiness.

So far I am happy, and I think this has been a good experience. I would definitely recommend my doc to others.
I will post some pics when the swelling is down a bit more.
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