Derma Roller for Light Acne Scars and Large Pores - Johannesburg, South Africa

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I've had problems with acne for many years. I was...

I've had problems with acne for many years. I was really hoping that in my 20's things would get better and that I would be less prone to outbreaks.

The acne left me with light scaring and large pores on my cheeks. And I still get pimples.
I've tried various treatments such as chemical peels and mircodermabrasion but nothing has left me satisfied. I've also been on accutane three times, and while on the medication my skin was nice (although I still had the scars and large pores) after each treatment the outbreaks came back - I won't consider doing another round of accutane, the side effects in retrospect were not worth it. (this includes a massive deterioration in my eye sight)

I had been looking at getting some laser resurfacing done, and went as far as going for a consult, but I didn't feel comfortable with the doctor. They had suggested I do Fraxel. As I was doing more research on the resurfacing and other doctors in my area I came to realise that the reviews on fraxel were very mixed. Some people had great results and others experienced a fair amount of damage. I also found reviews with people saying that initially their results were okay but two years after their procedures their faces had started to sag and that collagen seems to be lacking. Many people said they looked older than before and that they now had to seek out other treatments such as fillers to plump up their skins. This (and with a heavy heart - as I desperately want to believe everything will work) put me off the fraxel lasers.

So I searched for other treatments they may help me and came across the derma roller. I liked it as it stimulates your own collagen production and it doesn't take off layers of your face.
I saw online that one can purchase rollers rather cheaply but ultimately decided to go the professional route as I didn't know how hard to push down and what depth of roller I needed.

I went in for a consult and was told that I may get great results from doing 3-4 treatments.
I would have to buy my own roller (from them) as they don't use rollers on different people as it's an HIV risk. I didn't mind this. My roller cost me R1000 (about $100), this is a once off expense, and my roller is 1.5mm deep. One thing I didn't like was that the doctor would keep the roller (even after my treatments were done). The treatment itself would cost R700 ($70) per treatment and the doc suggested I do a light mango peel the first time with the treatment to jump start my skin. The peel cost another R300 ($30).

I went in this morning and a numbing cream was put on my face and neck for about 30 mins. Then the doc came in and did my face section for section. She cleaned the numbing cream off my forehead first, and started rolling there. It does hurt. Even with the numbing cream you can feel needles pricking into your skin, but it's not unbearable and luckily it doesn't last long. She did my face section for section, first cleaning the numbing cream off and then doing the rolling. I must say I needed that time while she was cleaning the cream off before rolling again to prepare myself for the discomfort.

After doing the face and neck she applied the peel, I think it was mango - definitely some fruity peel and not a harsh chemical peel. The peel burnt a fair amount but it was only left on my skin for about a minute. Then my face was neutralised and a collagen cream was applied.

As you can see my face was pretty red, and felt hot.

It's been about 5 hours now. Face is still red and feels hot, like a really bad sun burn.
I have another appointment in 6 weeks. Will keep you posted.

2nd and 3rd day after treatment

On the second day I had a fair amount of little whiteheads. The redness had reduced but was still visible. My skin felt tight and dry.

Today the 3rd day I had dubbed peeling day. I was told this would happen. The redness is very much reduced. My skin feels dry an rough to the touch - like a person who works with their mans rough.


Lol I should really review my reviews before posting - not a person who works with their man (lol) rough but a person who works with their hands.

5 weeks after 1st treatment

It's now been 5 weeks since I have had my 1st treatment. I'm not sure if my scares or pores have diminished yet but what I can say is that my skin texture and tone is so much better, I'm also having fewer outbreaks.

I have my second appointment next week. Will keep you posted.
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