Life after boobies (Mentor 400cc, HP silicone, unders)

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So I have been reading thousands of reviews on...

So I have been reading thousands of reviews on this site and I am a self proclaimed addict! I cant wait to join all you beautiful girls in boobie land! I am a mother of 3 beautiful kids and after 3 pregnancies and breastfeeding all of them I sadly have no boobs left :(

I saw my first PS yesterday and I must say I didn't learn anything new from him because ive been reading so many reviews and knew exactly what to expect.

He suggested going half under the muscle and half over. Unfortunately I cant have an areola incision but will have to go under the breast. I haven't gotten as far as the sizes yet.

I will see another PS in September just to get a second opinion and to compare prices. Man its so expensive and my husband almost had a heart attack when I gave him the quote.
So hopefully PS no2 can give me a better price and same good quality! #fingerscrossed

Body stats

I forgot to add my body stats: I am 5'9 and weigh 135lb. I bearly fill an A cup :(

Hubby not very supportive :-/

I cant wait to see my new PS. I think I will feel much better once I have set a date and know exactly what the cost will be.
I must say I have come a long way with my husband. He did not want me to get a BA but after about 6 years I finally got him to agree to it. He is still not very supportive, he said he is not interested in coming to the doctors visit and he doesn't even want to help me choose a size! I KNOW he will love them once I have had them done, but at the moment he is just so disinterested. Did anyone else have this with their hubby or boyfriend? And what were they like after you had the BA?

Boobs are taking over my life ;)

I am completely obsessed with getting a BA! I look at new updates and photos everyday. I wish I could make time go faster!
Tomorrow I will see my second PS. I hope that I can try on some sizers and maybe even decide on cc's as I have no idea what size to go for.
I am very active and am scared to go too big but I love how a D looks. Hopefully I can get a D and still be able to exercise comfortably.

I bought myself 3 of those cute triangle bralettes for when I am new and improved. They look fabulous on all the ladies on this site. Im hoping that I willlook just as hot and that my hubby will love them all "dressed up" yay ;)

Looking forward to meeting my new surgeon tomorrow :))

New Ps

Hi ladies :)
So today I saw a new PS. He was much more enthusiastic and I liked him a lot more than the previous guy. He explained everything really well and he said that I would get really great results. Yay

I am still waiting to receive a quote from him but I think I will go with him as he made me feel much more at ease.

He recommended that I get the teardrop shape implant. I am a little scared to go for them as ive heard that they can turn. What do you ladies think about them?

Good bye sad little boobies!

Yesterday I had a loooooong chat to the Hubby and after we looked at our budgets and discussed it some more he said I can have my boobies in October! yay! I am super excited because I don't have to wait till December.
Even though my hubby feels very negative about my decision he Is being very sweet in understanding how badly I NEED this and he has really helped me a lot!

I hope and pray that the procedure will be without complications and that he will see that it was nothing to worry about.

I have taken some pics in a few sexy nighties that I never wear for him cause I feel so self conscious about my itty bitty titties. Hopefully I can fill them out nicely after my BA :))

32 Days and counting

I think this is going to be the longest 32 days of my whole entire life! I cant believe its actually happening!!!! It still feels like a dream. I am already super nervous. So many thoughts going through my brain and I cant help but think of everything that might go wrong! I hope and pray that it will be a success and that I Will love my new girls.
Last night I was playing with the rice sizers and my hubby looked very worried and said it looks huge. I reminded him that you lose about 15% under the muscle and assured him that they wont be as oddly shaped as the rice Ha ha ha :)
Anyway, everyone knows that I am having the surgery done. But I just haven't had the guts to tell my in laws. It just feels so weird! I know they wont approve and Im a bit scared to tell them because I don't know how they will react. I guess I will have to tell them soon but I think i'll wait till a week pre-op.

32 DAYS!!!!!!!!

Lower back ache and big boobs

On Monday I hurt my back at work, im an instructor and I wasn't concentrating while doing the exercises and somehow I injured myself.

So anyway naturally my hubby couldn't wait to take the opportunity to lecture me about big boobs and back problems. He is still very anti-boob job. I am way past the point of return and no matter what anyone says I am having my boobs done. But I was just wondering if any of you ladies have experienced problems with back pain after?

On a happy note, only 26 more sleeps! I still can not believe that this is actually happening! It feels like a dream. I am feeling somewhere in between extremely excited and nervous. I actually just want this done! I have been obsessing and researching for years and I cant wait for the day that I will actually have boobs.

I was thinking about my hubby and his negative vibes towards my boob job. He has always said that he loves my boobies and he loves me the way I am blah blah blah. And I do believe that he honestly means that. But I thought back to when my babies were born and I had very large engorged boobs, I remember how much the big boobies turned him on (TMI sorry) But my point is he keeps saying that he doesn't mind my small boobs etc but I know for a fact that he loved them big. So I think he is going to love them as much as I will.

Cant wait!!! I feel like a little kid on Christmas day! :))))

Im in the teens :)))

Im in the teens!!!! Nineteen days!!!! Yahoooooo!
I am so super excited and so so scared all at once! I wish I could stop obsessing! But I cant stop thinking about boobies!
I have wanted this for so long, and now that it is FINALLY happening it feels so unreal.

I have been driving my poor hubby nuts. LOL every morning when we wake up the first thing I say to him is "Guess what? Only 19 DAYS!" Ha ha ha he is so sick of my boob addiction.

So this evening I put one rice sizer in my workout top on one side and I showed my 7 and 3 year old sons. I asked them which side looks better? Both of them liked the bigger boobie. LOL men!

I am a bit nervous of life post op because I will have to go back to work and my normal life routine on day 7 PO. Hope that I will manage ok. Do you think that is too optimistic? I am just scared of all the driving around and lifting baby into her car seat and cot etc.

Cant wait the have my new girls :)))

Mini Freak out!

These past few days I had a mini freak out about my BA wich judging from this site is pretty normal. Anyway I read about muscle contraction distortion and also that the pectoral muscles can push the implants to the sides over time...eeeeek. I do thousands of push ups every month and was worried that the implants could get in the way or distort or move!!!!

So I researched some more but I have come full I am sticking with the unders as they have less complications and look more natural. So now I am just hoping and praying that everything will just work out like it should and that I will have great results :)

Next week is my last week with itty bitty's! I feel super excited but also very very scared!

I have major headaches every night because im so stressed out about this and my neck muscles are rock hard.
I just want the surgery to be over now so I can continue with my normal life.

Anyway sorry for my silly post, I just feel better once I have all this off my chest.And my poor hubby and bestie are so sick of my boob rants.

Happy healing ladies! And good luck to all the girls going in next week!

Boob nightmares

As I get closer to my surgery date I too am experiencing the boobie nightmares! Last night I dreamt I went to see my PS and he told me that my nipples point way out to the sides and that there is just nothing he can do about it. He said I will just have to live with it. Ha ha ha what a ridiculous dream!
Anyway seems like most ladies on here are having these funny dreams before the big B-Day.

This is my last "itty bitty titty" week! I told my hubby to enjoy his last few days of small boobies and that he will never again feel small boobs. Lol

I am as nervous as I am excited...although I think at this stage the nerves are overlapping the excitement. I feel like the days are just draaaaaaaaggggggiiiinnnngggg by and no matter what I do I cant stop thinking about things to come. Im such a mess!

My hubby keeps saying that he loves me just the way I am and he likes my small boobs and that he is a butt man anyway. But somehow I feel like he is just saying that because I have small boobs and he doesn't want to hurt my feelings. Last night he said he wonders what I will obsess about once I have my boobs lol.

Counting down the days.....

Paid in full!

I just paid for my boobs in full!!!! EEEEEEEEEK! That was really scary! I don't think ive ever paid that much money all in one go 0_0 turning back now!

Tomorrow is my B-day!!!!! Yahooooo

I am surprisingly calm. I really thought I would be freaking out today but so far its been good. Ive been keeping myself busy with last minute house work and its really helped to pass the time.

I still cant believe that I am ACTUALLY going to do this!!!! After dreaming about it for years it just seems soooo unreal!

I am slightly worried about everything at home, I don't know how my hubby will cope with house work and kids. But hopefully it will all go well, and im probably freaking about absolutely nothing.

Ive taken a few more pre BA pics to compare.

Please pray for me tomorrow Realself friends!

Hugs and kisses xxxx

Surgery day

I slept surprisingly well the night before surgery, but the baby woke at 5am and after making her bottle I couldn't sleep any more. So I showered and scrubed myself wit anti bacterial soap.
I got to the clinic at 7am. My PS had 3 surgeries before me so I only went in at 10:30.
Ps went over what I wanted and marked me and then I went to sleep. Next thing I woke up and I was extremely nauseous. They gave me an injection to take away the nausea. As soon as that kicked in I was crying because I was in so much pain.They gave me another injection and I started feeling a tiny bit better. My pain level was a 10!!! I honestly think it was worse than all my C-sections.

Unfortunately I am not one of the lucky few with no pain. When my hubby came to pick me up I couldn't get up. My blood pressure was so low I kept wanting to pass out. When my poor baby girl saw me she burst into tears! And my 3 year old kept wanting to jump on the bed. So we decided my mother should pick me up and ive spent the night here. Bless my sweet sweet mommy.

So I got home at about 4 and had a pain pill and the pain felt so much better. I was very cold after the op. Make sure you dress warmly. I had my soft yoga pants and a zip up top on.

I slept on and off for a while. Then had some dinner. Couldn't eat a lot though. Just enough so that I could drink my meds.

I fell asleep at about 8pm and woke up at 12 from terrible boob pain. Took more pain meds and fell back asleep, slept till 5am and was in very bad pain. Took more pain meds and then I felt sooooo nauseous.
My mom made me some soup and toast and after eating a bit I feel much better. My pain is about a 4 at the moment.

Im going to have a shallow bath now and be careful not to wet the boobs :)
Im sure ill feel better after that.

So my high hopes of minimal pain was very optimistic....
I have a bit of frankenboob going on here. Looks weird. But hope they will drop nicely

First day post op went much better

This morning when I woke I felt horribly nauseous. I think its because I took my anti biotics and pain meds on an empty stomach...Needless to say I felt terrible. After I had some soup I felt better.
I have had a few shooting pains here and there and i've been itching like crazy... everywhere. And especially under the bandage which really sucks!

Yesterday mu back was so sore on the left just under my scapula. Thankfully that has gone now. I am still feeling "high" from all the pain meds but I suppose that's normal too?

My boobies seem to be swollen all the way up to my collar bone :-/ and I think they look like torpedoes. Yuck
I hope they will drop nicely and become soft. They are pretty gross at this stage. I haven't shown the hubs as I don't want to freak him out.
I shall keep them under wraps until they look better.

I still have the drains...pretty gross if you ask me. But the amount of fluid coming out of it is scary. So its probably a good thing. IDK?

I am happy that the pain is much less today. If I keep taking my meds it stays at a 4, but goes up to a 7 after 4hrs. The elephant sitting on my chest has thankfully moved on and I can breath normally. I am just hoping and praying that my results will be good once the bandages come off. #fingerscrossed

Happy healing boobie friends! xxxx

Day 2 PO (pics)

So last night I fell asleep quite comfortably. I do recomend investing in a neck pillow. It has been my saving grace. I woke up at 1am with boobs from hell (novomama's spot on name for morning boob) drank my pain pills and stuggled to get back to sleep.

Something weird ive experienced is a side effect of pain meds is difficulty peeing. I have to sit there and tell myself to relax. Weird.

Anyway boobs are still weird looking and wrapped up tight. Im also getting quite a bit of fluid in my drains
I cant wait to hhave them out. I still get tired quickly and am spending most part of the day in bed.

Ok I got

Ok so I phoned this moring and i got mentor silicone, 400cc's high profile. My stats again: 5ft9, 135lb, 29years

Feeling very down

I feel terrible. I dont know why but im really struggling. Everyone else seems ok and I am in bed feeling terrible. Yesterday after noon I threw up. Then I tried eating last night and drank all my pills. But it was about half an hour later I threw up all my pills and dinner. I was too nauseous to drink more pills. So just went to bed. I woke up so so sore, but too afraid to drink a pill. For fear of throwing up. Eventually at 4am I drank pain pill cause the pain was unbearable. Got up at 5am, very nauseous. Tried some fruit and ONE little sip coke
And had to dash to the toilet and it all came out :-/
Why am I having such a hard time?

Sorry im a Debbie downer today but feel horrid :( and feeling sorry for myself

The hubby is acting weird

So like most ladies on here I have been ferling quite emotional. I think in part because its much worse than I expected but a big part is how my hubby has been towards me. I get the feeling he is angry for some reason. This could br because he had to take care of our 3 kids by himself. I feel like he is angry at me for not coping well and getting sick. He has not said 1 word about my boobs and has hardly looked at me :(
Why do men have to be so complicated? Now he has me questioning myself, did I make the right decision, was I horribly selfish in deciding to do this for myself? Does he think I look horrible with boobs. Or maybe im just imagining everything??!!

Oh gosh I hope I feel better about everything tomorrow when they set my girls free.
Sorry For being so negative, just an off day I guess.
Happy healing ladies. Thanks for all the great

I rock my babys to sleep

I always rock my baby to sleep for afternoon nap. Just had to share this photo. Poor darling fell asleep next to me like this. So sweet


Wow what a difference a day can make

Hi lovelies

Yesterday this time I was feeling horrible. Today things are really looking up for me :)

Let me start with my night. I had my last pain pills at 8 then got to bed at 9. I woke up again at 1am from morining boob. Drank two more Pain killers adjusted my pillows and got to sleep again when they kicked in. Then I woke up at 5:30 again in pain and my left arm was completely numb.

I had brekkie and all my pills. I had a bath and the hubby took me to the doctors offices to have the drains and bandage removed.

It felt weird when she pulled the drains out but not at all sore. Then she showed me how to massage and put me in my surgical bra (34D yay!) I had a good look at them and im very happy. They are obviously still pretty swollen and high but for the first time since monday I felt happy.

I think they are going to look amazing and I also feel more confident to show my hubs now. :)

I am going to do my massages religiously now and fingers crossed they drop and fluff asap.

Pics for comparison

Amazing changes

I am home

Good morning realself friends.

Last night my hubby fetched me and the kids from my mom. I slept at home for the very first time since monday. The night we had a shower together as i needed him to wash my hair. I asked him what he thinks of the new girls. He said it'll take some getting used to but he thinks they look good.

We watched a movie and I fell asleep right at the start. Lol poor hubby. We went to bed and I woke again at 2:30. I took only 1 pain pill and slept fine till our son woke at 5am.
My boobies aren't as sore as they were! Yay! My left feels really great, righty still a bit tender. I can definitely feel them softening. And I started my massages yesterday so im sure that will help the proses along.

All in all I am feeling way better and starting to feel like my old self again

My left arm feels weird.

Hi Real self friends.

I have a weird feeling in my left arm. When I lie on my back for a while it starts tingling. And ive woken up a few times with my arm completely numb. Is the implant pushing on s nerve?
Its kinda freaking me out.

Silly me

Oh silly me I think it was just my bra that was squashing me in a weird way that caused the numbness. I let the girls hang out for a bit while siting on the couch and it felt better. Lol

It feels so good to have them free. But the doc gave strict orders to keep the bra on 24/7. I guess sneaking them out for a short while is ok though ;)

PO Day 6

Hi ladies

Today is my 6th day PO. And today my pain is worse than yesterday. I think I might have done too much yesterday and this morning. I also have 2 sick kids. I'm freaking out a bit for tomorrow because I have to take kids to school and instruct my classes. Eeek.

I fear having to pick my daughter up to get her into her car chair and cot etc. Oh gosh I hope I manage...
I originally only would have had my BA in Dec so I would have had 2 Weeks off, but ofcourse I was impatient and now I will have to make it work.

I am extremely frustrated with the state my house is in. My hubby is trying his best but honestly his best is not really up to my standards ;)

Anyway something weird aswell ive noticed is my tongue feels sore. I think it might be because I was so completely dehydrated for the first 3 days. Im not sure if it's all due to the pills or maybe it's also because of the drains? Anyway my tongue feels weird.

All in all im feeling great and im really liking how my new boobies look. I can even feel them getting softer :-D

Here are some day 6 pics

Boobies getting softer :))

I just wanted to say that ive noticed my boobies getting softer and squishy. Yay I can even squish them together. Yay for soft and squishy boobies!
Also I think the hubby is warming up to them. I set them free again last night after a hard day of being squashed up in post op bra. And my hubby got frisky. TMI sorry, but we broke the no sex for 3 weeks rule. Lol.

I love my new girls....

im so happy with my boobies

Few new pics. Will update tonight.

Work and sick kids.

Hi ladies

So sorry I haven't updated in a while. I have been so busy getting back to the real world with work and kids. And my little ones have been so sick and still are. Im just exhausted. As it goes with sick kids I haven't had much sleep.

Anyway, on to boobie things.
I am feeling MUCH better these days. The pain is very manageable now. I only really get sore at night and it is still uncomfortable to pick my daughter up. Holding her close does hurt my boobies. But...she has been very sick and needed lots of cuddles and love from mommy so I have been holding her a lot.

I still feel bloated...not nearly as bad as it was, but my tummy is definitely not as flat as it normally is.
The boobies are getting softer and if I walk without a bra, like when I takea shower I can see them jiggle a bit. yay.

The massages are also a lot easier and my boobies also starting to look more natural.
Last night I thought it fun to measure, I know that its still early and im still swollen but it was just for fun. I measured a 32 DDD. Wow... So I will probably end up a 32D?

I have been sending my hubby a few pics to get him used to them ;) he is really loving them now. He is still scared to touch them too much. But he definitely likes them. Yay :))

In south Africa most people drive a stick. Driving has been fine but changing gears with my left hand was pretty uncomfortable ( we also drive on the Left side of the road so the stick is on my left)
I spend about 3 to 4 hours a day driving so that really hasn't been great...but what can you do. Life doesn't just stop because I had a BA.

At this stage I am very happy with my new boobies. Im still a bit scared of what will happen when I start training again...especially push ups. But ill cross that bridge when I get there.

I am only seeing my PS again next week but I am looking forward to it. I have a couple of questions that I want to ask.

I hope all my boobie friends are well.

Still bloated or is it due to period?

I find I still get quite bloated. But then I also started my period yesterday. Hmmm

I have full range of my arms agsin. Although it pulls, not really sore just uncomfortably when I stretch up.

My incisions look okay. Left better than right. But its only 11 days post so that should iimprove.

I have more of an appetite again. I was just not feeling like food for a few days but im much beter.

I am soooo inlove with my boobies now!

oops more pics

I cant believe how time flies

You know how it felt like forever to get to your B-day...well once you have your boobies its like time just speeds up.

So I do not have as much pain anymore. I actually feel ok during the day. It feels a bit weird/uncomfortable when I bend over. I cant really push myself up on my arms yet, its not really painful...just uncomfortable.
Also i've noticed a weird feeling in my right boob, when I lift my arms up I get this weird sensation in my nipple. Uhm hard to describe...but almost like someone flicked me on my nipple. lol. My right boob also still gets sore at the sternum, i'm guessing that's where he released the muscle.

I can sleep sort of on my side for a short while, but im still more comfortable on my back. And I still have a mountain of pillows for support. I also get sore at night.

As far as rest goes I haven't had any. Having 2 sick kids and having to clean my house and cook etc. But everyday is an improvement and normal things get easier with each passing day.

I have lost a bit of weight since my BA but im convinced that its just my muscle mass :(

Also I still get SO bloated. I wake up with a flat tummy and as the day progresses It swells up. Its so gross. When does that go back to normal?

The skin under my boobs and just above the incision feels very sensitive, almost like a sun burn. I think that is due to nerves reconnecting.

Im still doing my massages 3x a day and it doesn't hurt anymore, yay. My husband grabbed them this morning and he said he could feel they are getting softer but they are still quite "stiff" LOL.

I am so happy with them and already feel more confident and sexy. I haven't really noticed any men looking at my cleavage, but then I am not the most attentive person so I probably wouldn't notice anyway.

I hope all my boobie friends are healing nicely. xxx

A few pics

Just a few new pics. Boobies are getting so soft.

pics look small.

Why di they look smaller in pics?

A week I never want to have over

Hi to all my realself friends!

I hope everyone is healing nicely and enjoying their new assets :)

I had such a crappy week, this is one week I NEVER want to have over again!!!
My hubby was out of the country on business this week and me and my kids were so ill. My kids have been very sick for 2 weeks with flu. Lots of couching and little sleep :-/ Then to top it off I had a HORRIBLE stomach bug that lasted for 4DAYS! I lost more weight as I was not keeping anything down. Ugh. Today is the first day I felt almost like myself and thank heavens my hubby is back.

Anyway, on the boobie front. My boobs are looking great! They are really getting so soft and squishy. I went to my PS office and the nurse took my stiches out and gave me some Scar repair to use on my incision.
I have noticed that I am lightly peeling on the sides of my boobs. Under my arm pits but I had a shower now and used some scrub and put a lot of vitamin E oil and cream on. Hopefully that's the end of that. Its weird though cause I cant really see why I would be peeling?

I am feeling so good these days and I have no pain during the day. It just feels kinda weird when my muscles flex. For instance when im mopping the floors. I can pick my children up with ease and hold them close with no pain. I just get a bit sore at night when I sleep at the sternum where he released the muscle. I hope that pain will go eventually. IDK?

My incisions are looking good. It feels weird when I massage the scar repair into them. But all in all im very happy and feeling good.

On Monday my boobies will be 3 weeks old, which means in about 9 days I can start training again. Yahoooooo! cant wait. I don't think ill do too much hectic training of upper body but I cant wait to do some squats and lunges. My body needs those endorphins!

That's all I have to report for now. I will post new pics soon ;)

Kisses girls xxx

Life with boobies

Hi realself friends.

Wow I can hardly believe ive had my boobies for almost 4weeks!
They have changed so much and only for the better. They have dropped quite a bit and are so nice and soft. I think they will still soften more. But they are just great.

I have started training this week. My PS said 4weeks...but ive been feeling so good and I just figured doing a few squats and lunges couldnt hurt. They felt great after training too. No pain (in my boobs at least, my butt on the other hand is pretty stiff Lol)

We are going to a wedding this weekend and I cant wait to dress them up a bit. I am posting a pic of the shirt I think ill wear.

I never told you ladies this, it was so funny. When I told my 3 year old on the morning of my op that im going to the hospital he asked "why? Did the zombies bite you?" It was so cute. So whenever he sees my scar he still refers to it as my "zombie bite"

I read in anothr ladies post about her boobs not being exactly the same. And I must say mine are also not exact copies. My left has a different shape to my right. But I knew that before I had the op. I saw 2 different PS's and both pointed this out to me ( although I never noticed the difference begore then. Lol) Anyway I think its only normal and most peoples bodies arent exactly symmetrical anyway so im not too bothered by this. Having said that, it easy to stand infront of the mirror and scrutinise your new boobs looking for faults. I just have to remind myself then that what I have now is SO much better than what I had before ;)

I also noticed the othet day that I have mondor's cord under both breasts. This shows when I lift my arms up. Left is not really painful. Right pulls all they way into my ribs when I lift my arms straight over my head. Ive read up on it a bit and seems it will resolve on its own with time. So im not worried.

Well, i cant really think of any other interesting developments. So thats it for now. Im adding a few new pics too.

Happy healing ladies and good luvk to those with up coming surgeries.

New developments

Hello boobie friends

I am still super happy with my new boobies. I have noticed something though that I don't like although its not terrible but I thought id share with you ladies because we do share the good, the bad and the ugly.

When I bend over 90 degrees, I can feel definite ripples. I knew that it could happen but I thought it was more likely with saline. Anyway its not terrible...but I guess its to be expected because I had practically NO breast tissue to start off with.
I can live with ripples though....I would rather have a bit of ripples than no boobs ;)

I tried on an old bikini and I can still fit...yay :) I sent a pic to my hubby and he loved it...said he got palpitations..Lol :)

My left boobs skin and nipple feels awesome...just like before. Righty is still a bit tender but so much better.

I have been training like normal, doing jumping jax and burpees etc and it feels fine. I am still holding off on the push ups as it just feels weird...maybe ill start with ladies push ups next week and see how it feels.

I love my boobs and im so happy I did this. If there are ladies out there still considering...I would say you should definitely go for it!


5 weeks pics

I will update a bit later. Just wanted to share my 5 weeks pics with you :)


6 Weeks

Hi realself friends

My boobies will be 6 weeks old tomorrow. Yay! I one very happy girl. I love my size and shape. At times I feel like they are a bit far apart (have I said that before?) but I guess the doc did the best with what I gave him. And that is really not an issue. I can get great cleavage with a push up bra and that's all that matters.

I feel so much more confident about my body...but I must admit at times I feel a bit weird about them. Im a very shy person and at times I feel like they attract too much attention...but I think that is mostly in my head because I never wear flashy clothes. All in all im very very happy. I love being naked now and I can "parade" around in front of my hubby without feeling self conscious. (lol not that I actually parade around...but I could if I wanted to)

My eldest son (7) keeps telling me how great I look. He is definitely a boob man, lol.
Although my boobies are already so soft I hope that they will still soften up more over the next few months.

I went bra shopping and bought 3 bras in 32D. The cups are a bit too tight and squishes my boob a bit but I figure its fine. Its so hard to find a DD.

I am completely pain free during the day but at night my boobies tend to get a bit sore from sleeping on my sides. Right at my sternum. Im hoping that this will eventually go.

I hope everyone else is healing nicely and loving their new boobies :)

8 weeks PO

Hi lovelies

Im sorry that ive been missing in action. We had a rough couple of weeks. My poor hubs was in hospital for a week then bed rest at home for another week. So I have been a "single parent" and just havent had time to update.

Anyway on to boobie news :)
My boobs feel great and they continue to get softer. I can play them up or down. I think clothes fit me better and I am just more confident.
I am also definitely getting more male attention but I must admit i dont always like it, im a shy person and I get very self conscious. Just yesterday the guy at the video store told me how hot I looked (note I went alone so had no kids to hide behind) and I just wanted to get out of there. It makes me really uncomfortable.

My hubby seems to like them fine...but he is still not a boob man.
I have noticed that they are sore at night when I sleep if I have done alot of push ups in class that day. But generally they dont hurt.
Im still massaging twice a day. And my right is still a bit firmer than the left. She is also a bit higher. But I did have a slightly droopy left boobie before.
All in all I love them. Im adding a few pics with early photos and 8 weeks to show changes

sorry more pics

Dr. J. van der Merwe

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