Lower Facelift

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I'm in my mid 40's and decided this is what I...

I'm in my mid 40's and decided this is what I would like to do. More of a maintenance procedure, have looked at and carefully evaluated non invasive procedures for the lower face and jowl area and decided the results from surgery speak for themselves.

The procedure will take approx. 4 hours and will be done under sedation with an Anaesthetist present. I'm happy about it as I would prefer not to electively have such a long GA.

I've opted not to have any fat transfer done (price is included) as I've seen some bad results with asymmetry.

Before photos

4 days and counting down...

Surgery is scheduled for Wednesday. Am trying not to think about it too much! Have not been on any sort
of special diet/ or diet. Have been taking Vitamin A, B and C supplements- not at suggestion of my PS, just to help with the recovery process. I bruise quite easily so the post operative process should be interesting!

Post Surgery...

The deed is done :) The procedure took 4,5 hours. I was very woozy from the sedation and don't remember much of the first 30 after waking up. According to my husband, I was bossy and demanding (sounds about right)

The swelling is quite severe, there is no acute pain, more discomfort. For those that have had their Wisdom teeth removed, there is a similarity to the discomfort. The drain will be removed on Friday am.

Day 1 of recovery

Very swollen and more painful today. Unfortunately during the night I was nauseous and threw up several times. possibly a reaction to being sedated for so long yesterday. Managed a coffee this morning so fortunately the nausea is over.

Day 2 of recovery

Had the bandages and drain removed this morning. Feel a lot better, not much pain at all. Swelling still severe. Bruising is starting to show, have a bit of a black eye. My Dr was very pleased with the result and I've been instructed to keep the face bandage on 24/7 for the next two weeks. Suture removal scheduled for 24/3.

Day 3 of recovery

Less pain today- neck a bit stiff, but not sure if it's from sleeping propped up on pillows or from the surgery at this stage. Had a peek under face bandage & despite the swelling was delighted with tighter and improved jawline.

Day 6 of recovery

Not much change appearance wise. Minimal discomfort- neck very yellow. Still a lot of swelling from fat transfer in temples and mid face. Yeah, originally said I wouldn't to it but softened stance. My teenage son says I look like a brick face ????
The swelling is diminishing daily, but think it will be another week before I frighten people in public!

Day 8 of recovery

Had to nip to do some grocery shopping today so a bit of make up for 1st time since procedure. Swelling gradually going down and bruising fading BUT it is a slow process!
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