Laser Lipo......26 Years.......Female.......Was Terribly Nervous About Results - Its ol good the results!!

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So i actually started considering Lipo after i put...

So i actually started considering Lipo after i put on a huge amount of weight after being underweight most of my life, i had put on weight due to medication, thereafter i started being called names just because of putting on weight by people who were not used to seeing me "bigger", however i didnt become so big where they had to actually pick on me, because my BMI: my weight vs height was normal, but i started gyming really hard and continued dancing nevertheless, and have been losing the weight, but there are some stubborn areas which refuses to go down, i have been losing the cm's, i had changed my whole eating lifestyle which helped me lose the kg's as well and thereafter i considered doing traditional lipo, but this was quoted at R40000-abdomen + R15000-arms, i then went on to do more research and came across Laser Lipo - what attracted me about this was the "tightening of skin" as well, whereas with traditional lipo, the doc said it should happen naturally. I've decided to go with Laser Lipo, and this is costing me R38000 for my abdomen, love handles, inner thighs and arms. I am excited about the procedure, but i'm also so nervous about the results,
Like the swelling - if its noticeably visible? How long will it last?
How long before i can start gyming and dancing again?
How are lumps caused and can it be avoided?
I'm not very afraid of pain, but i am worried about side effects later on when i do start dancing again - will there be anything to worry about?
i'm also afraid of the inner thighs procedure as i noticed someone on this website ended up with lumps and a difference in the size of her thighs - and she went to the same doc that i am going to......
Has any1 been to any docs in Johannesburg or Durban that would be good to go to for this procedure?
I will put my journey i've read so many other journeys that has helped me and i'm hoping mine will help others also.
I have put pics up, will put more from my procedure day and thereafter.
Wish me luck!! :)

3 Days before I leave for my procedure.....

Been having dreams about what i'm going to be looking like after the procedure, am so excited but nervous at the same time......hope the results are as per my dreams, i'm being optimistic about it and cant wait for Tuesday........
My current weight is 67.4kg
My body fat weight percentage keeps fluctuating between 14% and 33% which is so weird (between weeks), currently its 33% - i wonder if this will change after the procedure
My height is 1.66m
My measurements are currently:
Waist: 78cm
Navel area: 92cm
Muffin top: 95cm
Thigh: 64.3cm
Arm: 27.5cm

Hoping all these measurements will change after the procedure.....
Still not sure whether to go with 4 areas or 5.......the 4 would be upper abdomen, lower abdomen, love handles and arms........the ones i'm not sure about is bra line and inner thighs and if i do a 5th area, then which one to do between thighs and bra line.
I want to get maximum results, hence i'm thinking twice about doing too many areas.
Hmmm.......have til monday to decide!!!!

Just 1 more day left........

So today i'm packing for my trip, not sure exactly what to carry.....carrying just loose fitting clothes, nerves are getting worse, as well as the anticipation!!!!

The day has come, its the morning of my procedure....

Am up bright and early, had my pre-consult yesterday and my doctor made me feel very comfortable, I asked a whole lot of questions and he answered me. My measurements were taken as well as photos, and I had an in-body scan as well. Am looking forward to the procedure, but hate that I have to take a whole lot of meds and stuff, but I will follow everything religously as I would like to recover asap. Going in at 8.30am. Its going to be a long day.

Laser Lipo Done!!!!

So I just returned from getting my laser lipo done....I eventually did my upper and lower abdomen, inner thighs, arms, love handles, dorsal bulge and bra line.
I love the results-i know its a bit soon, but I look like what I wanted to look like-my previous slim figure. I was also worried that my thigh gap wouldn't be possible, but from touching about 10cm long, its now touching very little like 3cm. But I will try to work that of at gym.

I went at 8.30am, had like 10pills, and I usually hate pills.....thereafter had a drip attached and then was taken through, I was very nervous, the doctor came in and the procedure started.
Started with my abdomen, the painful part was the injection and the incisions, and a little when putting the anaesthetic in, but after a few seconds I couldn't feel anything. He kept asking if I was fine, I usually have a high pain threshold, but I did experience some pain.....something like a burning sensation. After the procedure I was cleaned up and plastered up, and left to rest for about 2 hours. Everywhere was ok except for my lower abdomen, it still hurts now, so its a little hard to walk, but I managed to be "normal" and get back home, although I did my thighs, my legs are fine. Also the part that's really sore is just below my navel only, not even the sides, I guess its coz I told him that's my main area and I need that perfect. My tummy is now flat like it used to be 2 years ago, and my arms are visibly smaller.
I will put up pics soon, I just need to fine someone to take them out. I'm using my compression garment, I have no bulges at all which is great. They took out approximately 3.5litres.
Can't wait to see the results in time to come but the pain is very horrible in my belly.
Oh and the best part is that it is tight and not shaky or wobbly or saggy :D just love that.....finally....
Will post pics soon!!!!
Take care for now....

2 Days Post Lipo

I do have a lot of bruising and very little swelling, am taking my pills and trying to us my garment all the time. My tummy is still very sore and now my back has even started aching a whole lot.
Yesterday morning when I awoke I was very light headed and faint, the doctor and nurse came to me to my room to see how I was and redressed my "wounds". I was then made to eat and drink a whole lot so that I dont dehydrate. I walk very slowly now as the pain is still very heavy, hopefully that gets better soon. I've put pics which were taken out right after procedure.

3 Days Post

Feeling a whole lot better now.......can move around more freely, just hurts a little when getting up from sitting position, have to give it 5 seconds and then straighten myself......compression garment is annoying but am using it nonetheless as i want the best possible results......
My weight hasn't changed much, but my muscle mass percentage has increased weirdly enough.
but i like the way i look, cant wait to start dressing up again :)

10 Days Post

Thankfully my pain has subsided drastically, I can walk better and sleep better. I still take time to sit and get up, but don't have much aches and pains anymore.
My measurements as of this morning:
Waist: 77cm
Navel area: 90cm
Muffin top: 93cm
It has made a huge difference to my appearance in the abdomen area. No bulges anymore, and from a size 36 (12), I am using a size 32 (8) today - very excited and relieved to be close to my old size....just need to drop 1 more dress size and that would be the best thing ever!!!
Some lumps has formed on my inner thigh - not visible, but I can feel it, have been massaging with arnica oil. Still have a lot of bruising on my arms and thighs, still taking medication for that and am massaging as well.

3 weeks far so good

So the pain has finally gone, am normal again, except for some tenderness on my arm-but nothing drastic.
My measurements as of this morning:
Waist: 76cm
Navel area: 88cm
Muffin top: 91cm
Thigh is still 65cm, but the "touching" has decreased a lot and it doesn't toucj when u walk.
Haven't measured my arms yet-but I have noticed a change, coz before I would neva use sleeveless tops, and last week I did, and my arms looked so slim and (good)muscular.
I am still using my compression garments, I love it now and have noticed a huge difference when I use it and when I don't use it.
I went shopping on friday and purchased a dress which has a snug fit and shows all my curves, and its the best thing ever bcoz it shows no horrible bulges/muffin top, etc, it just makes me look slim and beautiful.
I still watch what I eat, my eating lifestyle has changed tremendously, but its not such an effort now----its a way of life. I still eat stuff that I love- like cinnabon, but I have it once in a while and very little of it, I also tried drinking a soda(125ml) the other day and felt very upset afterwards as if I cant drink that anymore (which is great).
Some pics that I've taken out last week...........
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