2 Weeks to Go - Johannesburg, CA

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Ok. So I worried that 300cc under will be to small...

Ok. So I worried that 300cc under will be to small for my 32B, 99 pound, 5.2" body, and not what I wanted. Went for a second fitting late last week. Then decided on 375cc Silicone under the muscle. PS said he is taking 350cc & 400cc with on the day of op, if he is not satisfied with the result of the 375cc, he will change it to bigger/smaller. I'm so excited at this stage. can hardly wait.

Before the op...

4 days left

Ok, so I'm freaking out a bit today. Something between excited, worried and stressed. Check in confirmed for Friday @6:30. Not worried to much about the cc input. Trusting my dr will make a disicion when i'm under. making me look like a lady and not a clown. I'ts the pain i'm worried about.

On the road to recovey!

Operation went well yesterday. Was sleepy the whole day and night. Struggled with my blood presure. Can't remember how much pain I had, because of the nice staff that took care of me and my roomie. Got our meds like clockwork. Got home today, and had a nice long nap. Started with fisio exercises after I woke up. Man you get stiff from sitting or laying around. Pain isn't to bad, but I can feel it.

day 2 post op

So today o'm stiff and sore. Especially at the inside of my breast and the outer side. Just wish we could get rid of this drain pipes. Started the fisio yesterday, man that's tiering. Photos taken day after operation. Swolen and very stiff. Dr went with 375cc silicon. Not sure of the profile.

day after surgey

8 days

Still have this kinda ouch in my chest, so still not leaving the pain killers completely. Still have the horrible plasters on. I get this" pins" feeling from the of my chest to well under the breast more than one a day. Slept on my side this afternoon for about 2hours and didn't feel to bad.

3 week post op.

Ok so it's been 3 week since the BA. Feeling good. Still sore when I wake up in the mornings, and still sleeping on my back with some extra pillows under the head . Saw the dr yesterday and I hardly saw the cuts. He's happy except for they havn't dropped as much, so I need to do the exercises for a while longer. Left side looks higher than right.

4 weeks post op :-)

So glad I hit the 4 week mark. The sensitivity of the nipples are better by now. I actually still can't sleep on my side. It feels like some kind of a knife stab in the right breast when lying down. Still thinking my left breast lloks fy. Maybe just because of the nipple size. But thinking, dr had to work with what I gave him. One hanging and one round.

4weeks yeah!!!

4 weeks yeah!!!

4 weeks photo

I need to get a new bikini lol

incisions on 5weeks

I can't believe these was 6cm long!

insicions - whow

I can't believe this is what's left of a 6cm insicion. My PS sure knows how to do his job. If this is 5weeks, what will it look like after 2 months?
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