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I have always wished to get breast implants ever...

I have always wished to get breast implants ever since I was younger. I have very small breasts. I am leaning towards silicone 375cc and inframmatory incision. I want a small incision obviously and I know that saline will provide that. I've just seen some rippled saline jobs that scare me. I'm honestly up in the air still tho. I have another consultation to go to before I actually pay in full and order the silicone. Would appreciate anyone's feedback. I really like Draya Michele's boobs however she has saline.


So I have finally decided to go with an underarm incision silicon high profile 375cc. My surgery date is march 18th. I'm so excited I just can't believe it's really happening! I was first going to go with 350cc. Now I'm at 375 thinking maybe 400.. Not sure. I weight 115 and I'm 5'5. I currently wear a 32a. Any suggestions?

me right now 32A waiting game.. surgery in 2 weeks.

Still not set on cc size or incision placement help!!!

So torn on cc amount.

I go for my pre op tomorrow. I still don't know on cc amount I should choose. I originally told dr joe 350cc. Now I'm not sure if that will give my semi curvy 5"5 120lbs figure the full C small D I want. Can someone please give me some insight?????

Here's what I'm going for plz help

Currently 32A (basically no boobs)
Pretty curvy but slim 120lbs
Looking to get Small Ds.
Help determine what cc amount!!!

Week after post op

I'm in a lot of pain. The right one hurts so much more then the left. If I touch it, lay on it, anything hurts!! It's so sore and swollen. My arms are hurting. My chest is hurting. A lot of pressure and sharp pains in my right breast. They look good and I'm sure I'll feel it's worth it soon but right now I feel like hell. I will add some photos.

Just trying to figure out why this implant is sitting like that

One of my implants makes an unnatural looking side of cleavage. I don't think in sitting correctly :(

Starting to fill out

I was freaking out for no reason they are starting to fill out and look great. I'm also in minimal pain. I get my stiches out on the 7th :)

Got my stitches out

It's finally been 1 month after post op Everything is healing great. Dr joe did an amazing job. I highly recommend him!
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