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I'm scheduled for TT w/lipo and hernia repair...

I'm scheduled for TT w/lipo and hernia repair on May 10. It's been an interesting mental process. When I was in the doc's office she said, "I'll throw in a breast reduction for half price." I said, well, actually, I like my breasts the way they are. She seemed pretty stunned by this information. I'm in the unusual position of NOT hating my body. Yes, it has taken a lot of work to get here, and I don't mean dieting, I mean learning. Learning to love myself. My decision to do the TT, other than the hernia, is for physical comfort. But I would be fine either way. I suppose that eliminates the possibility of being unhappy with the results!

Good news! My tt was moved up a week to May 2. I'm...

Good news! My tt was moved up a week to May 2. I'm happy because it gives me an additional week of recovery before my trip. It is now NINE full weeks before I fly. Feels better to think I'll probably be up to most activities by then (can you say camping in Glacier National Park?). I found some "before" pics on this site that look just like me. The results are amazing. I can't imagine it. I'm going to take some pics and post them. I'm starting to have really anxious dreams. Need a pep talk!!!

I spend WAY too much time reading reviews on this...

I spend WAY too much time reading reviews on this site! Glad I do, though, because I am so inspired by everyone's results. Here is a bit more about me: I'm turning 49 in a month, sort of mid-way through my recovery. I have 4 kids, 21, 17, 15 and 11. I'm recently divorced, but that's another story. I was unfortunate enough to grow up with 3 extremely thin (can you say ballerina?) sisters, while I was always kind of healthy-normal. I looked HUGE next to them, so I was dieted nearly to death. I have always worked out and eat a healthy, mainly veggie diet. I don't have issues with food or junk or sugar at all. I was weight stable all my adult life until my first pregnancy. i gained a normal 35 lbs, and basically 21 years later that's still my weight! i suppose I'm grateful I didn't end up 140 lbs overweight! Anyway, my trainer is totally stumped. I just don't lose weight no matter what. So finally I decided the problem is that I'M NOT ACTUALLY FAT! I'm all belly, and I've given it an eviction notice. I'm very, very ready to go into this next stage in my life. Two things are not going with me, my belly and my wedding ring. until the next lucky guy comes along, that is.

Here come the before pics!

Here come the before pics!

Had my pre-op today. I came in with a list of...

Had my pre-op today. I came in with a list of questions, and the surgeon answered them all. She started out with a bit of an attitude, because she really wishes I was 15 kilo less than I am. Well, too bad. I'm not. So let's move on. Then, when I undressed for the photos (yuck!) she changed her tune, and said, Oh! It's really mostly skin. I'm going to make you very happy. Good to know.
My surgeon does not leave open drains, does not believe in excessive lipo, and uses a very light anesthesia. She fills the belly with anesthetic after the surgery, so her patients usually do not need narcotics. Also good to know.
I asked if she would do my inner thighs, which she agreed to, without extending the surgery time. She also gave me the phone number of the anethesiologist so I could speak to him if I'm nervous. I'm much more relaxed now.

I had my final pre-op today. Was impressed with...

I had my final pre-op today. Was impressed with some of the things my ps said. She is very conservative with surgery, does not go to any extremes and does not like to do multiple surgeries. She said "the happier people are with their results, the more surgeries they want. It's an addiction, like money." I thought that was interesting, and probably true. I liked that she was not trying to get me hooked, just aiming for a good result I'll be happy enough with without risking my health. Got all my supplies, now if only I could sleep!!!!

Day 5 post op! I finally feel like I came out of...

Day 5 post op!
I finally feel like I came out of the fog today. On day 3 I stopped all the pain meds, including tylenol. It's not so bad, just a little achy around the incision. My first doc follow up was very good. She said it's all healing very nicely. No drains. I have a bit of swelling, but it's not too bad. The binder is very annoying, but I really like the spanx tights I got. A word of advice on Spanx: before you use them, take scissors and open the crotches more. I'm sorry, those holes are way too small!
My ps told me "just wait, you're going to look just lik eBar Raphaelli." hahaha. I'm 49 years old and, btw, much better looking than some skinny model!

10 days po got my stitches out today, ps says...

10 days po got my stitches out today, ps says everything looks great. took a long walk tonight, and feel very swollen now, but not too bad. All in all I would say I've had very little pain, which is saying something since I never had narcotics and stopped even the Tylenol on day 3. The discomfort of the hernia repair and not being able to sleep on my tummy have been the hardest part. Going back to work tomorrow for a couple of hours. I'll sit most of the time. Will take and post some photos now. I know I'm far from the final results, but already feel my tummy is a better match for the rest of my body.

Uploading my first "after" photo! Still very...

uploading my first "after" photo! Still very swollen and bruised, but wow! Feeling pretty good, back to work part time tomorrow!

Went back to work part time, which was fine, but...

Went back to work part time, which was fine, but wow, was I tired! Spent most of Friday laying around, recovering! I can't wait to get back to swimming, hope that will be soon. My belly button looks infected. Will speak to ps about it at Monday appt. Feels so good to lay down in bed! YAY!

3 weeks po and feeling pretty good. My bb is...

3 weeks po and feeling pretty good. My bb is healing now, ps said a stitch opened. BTW when I searched this site for info on that, I found a ton of sources that said exactly what it was. Good to know! Still have trouble walking the dog. He pulls on the leash and I'm afraid of falling. Speaking of the dog, my cavapoo also reacted to the surgery. He hid under my bed and didn't eat for 3 days! I'm posting new pics. Still very swollen but can start to see ab muscles in the contour. PS says bb will shrink also. I can now engage my abs pretty well.

4 weeks po, and oh, the swelling! Aside from that...

4 weeks po, and oh, the swelling! Aside from that and an occasional twinge in the muscle/hernia site, I feel pretty good. Walked with my kids to the park today, was aware I was walking pretty fast and normally. I do get tired very quickly, but it feels good to move!

Just had my 4 week po check up. My doc says...

just had my 4 week po check up. My doc says everything looks great. Swelling sucks, but it's normal. And the best news of all: NO MORE BINDER! NO MORE COMPRESSION GARMENT! NO MORE ANYTHING! YAHOOOOO! All of this is great news since it's 95 degrees everyday now. My bb is still gooey, she switched to an iodine treatment. I'm allowed any activity with the exception of swimming, due to gooey bb :( But happy happy happy with my healing!!!

6 weeks post op. Feeling better all the time,...

6 weeks post op. Feeling better all the time, though because I'm working more and doing more, I'm tired! BB is finally healing. Incision itches like crazy and this is driving me nuts. Swelling is annoying, but is not as bad if I lie down in the afternoon for a half hour. Sleeping better, waking up with a flat belly!!!

7 weeks po and feeling pretty good! I'm back to...

7 weeks po and feeling pretty good! I'm back to most activities and feel less tired. I still notice that I swell less if I take a few minutes to lie down in the afternoon, so most days I do that. I tried on some summer dresses yesterday and was so surprised when I looked in the dressing room mirror! No belly! I was in a shop I have gone to many times and the owner calls me by name. She kept bringing me baggy things that were a size too big. I didn't buy anything but I did have some fun. Don't worry, I WILL buy new clothes when I get to Macy's in NYC next month :)))
My only complaint is that I still can't swim due to slow-healing belly button. I had an allergic reaction to both the iodine and the surgical tape, so it's just taking its sweet time. It doesn't look bad, just oozy. Other than that, all is healed nicely. I'll do some pics when I get a chance. Feel good, everybody!

Almost 9 weeks post op and I was finally allowed...

almost 9 weeks post op and I was finally allowed to go back to the pool. The good news is I felt great, though I took it easy and resisted the temptation to overdo it. Bad (?) news is my swimsuit is too big in the tummy and I need to buy a new one! At my last check up with my ps I went in wearing this cute little dress I bought at H&M. She nearly fainted with joy at how I pulled off that dress :)
Bianca Rosenberg-Hagen

Israelis are not known for a warm bedside manner, but she definitely warmed up to me. She was technically and medically thorough and careful. Always answered our calls even at off hours. I would absolutely recommend her.

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