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Its been almost 7months n I'm finally getting...

Its been almost 7months n I'm finally getting sleeved 2/8. After years of dieting n exercising. Weight watcher's , slim fast, pills joining countless gyms. I finally decided to seek help. I would lose 20 pounds n gain it back my highest weght 215, height 5 '3..current weight 203. My daughter n Son are very supportive. Im nervous, this forum has help me with the thousands questions i have. Thank you all

Count down

Well the night before my sleeve, im trying to be brave! Im nervous any last minute tips from the sleevers out there.

Day 2

I must say i feel great, I've been walking lite pain, no nausea. The Doctors n Nurses are wonderful st Overlook Hospital in Summit, N J. Terrific staff very attentive. As of now I haven't drank anything. My nurse will bring me broth and jello a little later its about 8:11am. My family has been very supportive, which makes healing much smoother. Hopefully i'll get discharged today

Home now

Well i made it thank God! My stomach sorw if course the gas pains are kicking my behind otherwise im good. Sipping on shake n water.

4 days post op

Well its four days in still experiencing gas pains lite pains, stomach growling everytime i sip on a shake or c hi icken broth. Its not happy these days lol...havent weigh myself waiting until my follow up appointment next week 2/18.

Day 7

My daughter said she see a difference already...i said of course inhavent eaten in a week. It made me feel good tho. I have my first post op appointment Thursday, I'll wait until then to find out my weight... i cooked a nice meal for my family and couldn't eat none of it. Will power is key! Ok....im fibbing im upset i couldn't eat any of the food i was like this is bullshit. lol Anyway until my next update. Happy Valentine's day everyone

First Post Op appointment today!!

So it's been 10 days, I'm down 11 pounds!! I can start eating cream of wheat, oatmeal and yogurts.. So I made myself some cream of wheat to test the waters, I ate two spoon full maybe and I was full.. I was shocked! I could never image myself eating a spoon full of anything and getting full.. So my highest weight ever: 215, pre surgery: 201 and first post op appointment 192!!

Last Day home before returning to work after two weeks

Well, I will return to work tomorrow, last time I checked I was down 11 pounds. I haven't gotten on a scale since my first pre op appointment, last week. My daughter passed by yesterday and said, "mom let me take a look at you" so I stood up. She was like oh, no.. You're not getting skinner then me "lol" then she stared jogging in place lol we were both laughing so hard. I teased her and said. I will pass by your place next week to raid your closets. It felt good hearing that from my babycakes!! While I was sitting on the couch watching TV, My 18 years gave me his 5 pound weights and told me to start working on my arms while i'm sitting there. I looked at him and said ok. He said once i'm able to do sit ups he's going to help me get a four pack.. lol he has a six, I said bet let's do this. I will post pictures soon!

Weigh in Day today! 2nd Post Op Appointment

Today, I have my 2nd post op appointment with my Dr. Goyal. I haven't weighed myself since March 22nd last weigh in was 188.00.. I'm 6 weeks out.

Highest weight: 215
First Appointment Weight: 208
Post Surgery: 203
1st Post op weight: 192
2nd Post Op weight: 188 (March 22nd)
Current??? will find out today!

My daughter Birthday was 3/13. We went shopping for a dress for her, While looking around, I forever 21, walked over to the plus size section, she said "Mom why are you going over there" I said, I'd like to find a blouse. She said you don't wear that size anymore!!! I just looked at her... I was able to purchase a little sexy blouse...I tried it on I was shocked! I look different in the mirror full body. I had to regroup.

Updated! Weigh In

Ok... visit the Dr. yesterday... Couldn't wait to get on that scale lol down another 6 pounds. I'm currently 182.00 6 weeks. I'm feeling good. The ladies at the asking me what's going on what am Im doing to lose weight. I just said cutting back.

Happy Easter!

Not feeing well stomach virus fell ill Saturday while at the mall. Not cooking my family a nice dinner today... they understand. Hope everyone is good

Its been a while since I've Post

Well, I have lost a ton of weight not sure how much I don't get on the scale. Im smaller then my daughter now and she's having a fit lol... I feel great. My finance says I changed, I'm still the same person he changed since I've lost the weight he having issues with it. I've been shopping something I rarely did..
Westfield Bariatric Surgeon

New Jersey baratric center the team are wonderful!

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