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In February 2013 I made a decision to become more...

In February 2013 I made a decision to become more fit. I worked out, meal prepped, and ate as clean as diets! I lost over 40 lbs and my stomach looked great! but my butt lost all of its roundness and volume. I stopped doing cardio to stop loosing weight and began weight lifting. I also started eating more because I wanted to have my round butt from before. My stomach started to look bigger although my butt started looking full again, that is when I realized that achieving this hourglass round butt body type would be long and difficult. For this reason I would like to get laser lipo w/ Fat transfer to Rear area. I hope to reduce my wait and abdominals while keeping a fuller backside.

Current Thoughts, Before Pics, Wish pics, and workouts for muscle in buttock area

Hello Dolls! I have been spending more and more time on this website as well as doing research on my own although Dr. Lalla told me to be careful what I believe on the internet (he's partially right) but I just want to ensure I get the results as well as make sure I do things correctly. Anyhow, on my second consultation with Dr. Lalla I asked him how many CC's of fat did he think he culd remove and how many CC's did he believe could be successfully transferred. He told me about 2,000 CC's could be removed but that would include fat from my inner thighs (something I hadnt really thought about but now I am willing to do for the sake of having enough fat). He said that out of the 2,000 CC's about 800 CC's could be injected in each buttock. That seemed like a good number since i do not necesarrily have a flat butt as it is. However not all of the fat transferred will survive. I am assuming only abut 400 CC's will survive. I worry if this will not be enough but the truth is I wont know until it happens which makes me anxious. I told all of this to Dr. Lalla and he explained that everybody is different. if your butt is larger not in volume but just in size in general, than it would require more fat to fill the area. That is why larger women sometimes need a lot more fat. These things should be common sense but my anxiety tends to get in the way of that LOL. I'm posting current pictures, wish pics, and the workouts dr. lalla suggested a try.

1 week Post Op!

Hey everyone! So im finally able to gather my energy to write an update. Today is now officially Thursday (1:30am) and my procedure was last Wednesday, 9/10/14. Which means im 1 week post operation. Im going to summarize all I could remember and after that im open to questions on details I maybhave missed. Here It goes...

Day 0 (day of procedure):
Pre Surgery:
I arrived to my appointment 20 minutes late due to traffic. I contacted Gina, Dr. Lalla's wife and office manager as well as RN. I told her I would get there late and she told me not to worry, that she would contact the office for me. When I arrived there the front desk lady was all worried... she greeted me by saying "oh my Gosh, you were supposed to be here 20 minutes ago!" ... I wanted to sarcastically say "Well Good Morning to you too" but instead I exllained I had contacted Gina and that she told me she would inform this office. In turn she told me... well Gina doesnt even work at this location which was besides the point. I was not going to argue with this woman so I stopped answering. She handed me paperwork and asked me to fill them out as soon as possible. I filled them out in less than 5 minutes and I was called in right away. They asked me to pee, and then to remove all my clothing. I left my mom, boyfriend, and brother in the waiting room. My nurse's name was Sharon... she was the best nurse in all of existence and universe. I hope you read this someday Sharon!!! Anyhow she took my temperature and told me she would allow 1 person to come in and wait with me until the doctor arrived and the anethesia is put in. Prior to my mom coming in, the anesthesiologist came and asked me questions. He explained what would happen... he said, we will put a gas mask on your face which will begin to make you sleepy and then I will put the anesthesia through the IV and you will be fast asleep. My mom came and waited with me. Dr. Lalla showed uo and told me we needed to take some quick pics and mark me up. We did just that. He commented on how I already had a cute butt and that my figure was perfect for the results I wanted. Once we were done Sharon put in the IV and they gave me fluids. The IV was the most painful part prior to surgery lol. My mom sat there and just spoke to me until it was time for her to go. I gave her my phone and then they put the gas mask on... the doctor's assistant came out and while she commented on how beautiful my eyes were, i asked "am I supposed to feel sleepy?" And I was out for the count.

Post Surgery:
I woke up literally 30 minutes after my procedure was over . When I opened my eyes I was laying down side ways chivering although I had many blankets on me. The nurse asked, are u cold and I said yes so they brought more heated blankets. She then asked, do u want someone to come in and i said yes, my mom. They broughtbher in and she sat there and told me... well that was fast! My procedure lasted 2 hours. The nurse came and said.. on a scale of 1 to 10 how bad is ur pain and I said 9! So they gave me drugs through the IV. She checked on me again 30 minutes and I told her thebpain went down to an 8 so she agreed to give me a little more. 30 minutes later she came back and I told her my pain was back to a 9 and she said wow.. we cant risk giving you more so what we will do is get u to eat something and then give you 2 percocets. They gave me pretzels and apple juice followed by 2 percocets. I started feeling a bit better. The nurse explained that I need to attempt to pee. I asked.. right now? And she said yes. They called my boyfriend and brother in. My boyfriend helped me off the bed. I walked super slow with my mom and bf to the bathroom and felt soooo dizzy. I managed to sit on the toilet but said I needed to throw up.. I was given something to throw up in but instead I pee'd as I was supposed to and suddenly began shutting down. The nurse screamed "open your eyes! Open your eyes!" And so I tried so hard. They put me in a wheel chair and back in bed. My blood pressure had dropped. They let me sleep for about 3-4 hours while monitering me and I woke up feeling SO much better and excited to go home. I got dressed, listened to my amazing nurse's instructions and my IV was taken out. I was put in a wheelchair and into the car's front seat which was pulled back and I layed sideways with a body pillow. I got home and pretty much rested for the majority of the day.

Day 1-3
The next day I felt like complete shit. I was sore, nauseas, uncomfortable. I ate, took meds, and threw up. But I was able to see my butt and it looked nice! I basically just layed down face down all day. All I did was wake up, check my phone, watch tv, sleep, eat, and take meds. Gina called and checked up on me. I told her I was swollen in my vaginal area and she said it needed compression. The second day felt the same and so did the third. Miserable!

Day 3
On day 3 I felt a bit better energy wise. Gina said I could shower so I ate heavier for the first time and took 2 percocets and took my first shower. Well mg boyfriend showered me and it wasnt bad at all. The shower felt good but my skin was tense. I had a blister on my left hip which popped. We put neosporin on all incisions, covered them with gauze pads and put arnica gel on the bruises. Then we put the same garment I was given from the hospital (it was a midsection wrap with velcro). I slept well that night.

Day 4, 5, 6
I showered again and started walking without the cane I had been using. I still looked a little bent over. I basically ate heavier again and took my pain killers and just spent the day laying down face down. The swollenness from the vaginal area went down. By day 5 I told myself that maybe it was best to try the garment I bought. The full body one. So after my shower I wore it and I was so right... having all around compression felt so much better. My blister had puffed up with blood but again i just washed it and put neosporin. I walked drastically better with my new garment. On day 6 I woke up, got myself ready and took a cab to see Dr. Lalla for post op. Turns out my stitches werent the type to dissolve on their own and Dr. Lalla was going to remove them. I never ever had stitches removed before so I was nervous. However, it was quick and painless. He told me I was doing great despite looking pale.. he told me he removed 2,200 CC's of fat but was only able to use 750 CC's per butt cheek but he said it fit me well. I told him I loved my butt and he said well everyone loves it the first few days but beware it will reduce about 30 percent. I hope miraculously mine doesnt and if it does, I hope its less than 30%. Anyhow he told me I had to come back next month so I have an appointment for October 21st. He did tell me I had to get massages... im scared of them but gotta do them. It felt good to be outside after almost a week of bed rest and walking inside the house.

Day 7/8
I showered alone today... I felt alot better on my 1 week mark. Im still swollen. My blister's top layer came off and now its smaller which is good. I realized Dr. Lalla forgot 1 stitch which ill remove myself tomorrow. I have been getting little migraines today :-/

All in all im happy and grateful to have fotte. Past the first week... I cant wait until im atleast 1 month post operation. Im calling for my massages tomorrow. I cant wait to see results. Anyhow input up some pics for you all to see.

Thanks to the few that have commented and supported.

Any questions... feel free.
West Orange Plastic Surgeon

I had my first consultation with Dr. Lalla on April 1st, 2014. I went with a friend and shared consultation. We were basically acquiring information and asking questions. We then continue to do our own research and look into other doctors and decide to go with dr. Lalla. We each scheduled 2nd appointments to basically further discuss the individual procedures and get a fixed pricing rate. We each booked for September 2014. I am currently Working out by weight lifting. Dr. Lalla actually gave me a few print outs of good exercises to do pre-surgery. On the mean time I am trying to gain a few more pounds for better results on the fat transfer and drinking my multi vitamins daily. I have already saved the majority of the money for the procedure but also applied for care credit financing and got approved. I will try to update on my experience. On the mean time, feel free to ask questions or leave any tips.

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