Breastfed 4 babies. Breasts need a little lift! 5ft3.5, 117lbs -

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Hi R'selfers! This is will be my second...

Hi R'selfers!

This is will be my second instalment for an over all mummy makeover! I have 4 beautiful children but, they ruined my body! My boobs are left deflated like a couple of t-bags! I am a 32C at present. Went right up to a 34F when Breastfeeding which admittedly was enormous and way to big for my tiny frame! Went for my consultation today and it seems I will deffo need a mastopexy with implants :-( as the implants alone won't give a good long term result! My PS thinks 240cc high profile will be enough. Although reading lots of reviews on here I have the feeling I may need bigger. I don't want big boobs just want to be able to not wear a bra and they look perky!

Some wish pics

Here are some wish pics. I would really like some lovely perky girls like these! :-)

Op all done! Ouch

Had Op 2 days ago! Feeling sore, and quite nauseous! Still in bandages. Will have to wait until these come off to see the results. Surgeon said all went well! They don't look too big which is good, and they appear to be perky even without a bra! We did go with the 240cc high profiles in the end!

Feeling better!

I am 4 days out from surgery now. Was busting around the house yesterday doing my normal chores feeling quite well, then I spoke to my P.S. Nurse who told me off for doing too much!!! Apparently less is more where boobs are concerned as I don't want to get encapsulation of the breast implant! Well that's it now! I shall resign myself to being a lazy sod! I woke up this morning without needing to take any pain relief which is progress! Dressings don't come off until the 23rd! Feels like Ages away! Want to see my boobs!! Luckily it's dissolvable sutures so won't need any pulled out! Can't wait to sleep normally on my side!

2 weeks out and quite worried about asymmetry!

Hi R'Selfers.

I am now 2 weeks out from Surgery. I had all my bandages off yesterday. Felt good to FINALLY have a lovely shower. When I eventually got to see my result after 2 weeks I was more than a little upset to find my left breast was quite small and the nipple retracted. The right looks huge in comparison. The P.S nurse didn't seem worried at all and says they will right themselves but I am not convinced they look markedly disproportionate from one another and the nipples 2 completely different sizes! My breasts before were pretty symmetrical and nipples the same size! Has anyone got any experience of this happening and by 3 months all being well.

Really Down and regretting having this surgery.

I am very disappointed in how my nipples look. I can't understand how any surgeon can get the sizing of them so wrong. How hard is it to draw around something circular to make them both the same? Feel like I've paid all this money, only to get a deformed nipple and asymmetrical breasts. I am also worried about a haemotoma under the left breast where all the bruising is. All in all it's looking quite likely that I will need a revision, and now I don't have a lot of nipple left on the left side I am not sure what they are going to be able to do??
London Plastic Surgeon

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