36 Years Old...2 kids, 2 BAs and 1 Revision and now drained - Jenkintown, PA

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Hi ladies you were my inspiration! Got my first...

Hi ladies you were my inspiration! Got my first set of saline unders in Aug 2008. Capsular contracture on right so went in for revision. Still looked horrible so went to new doc and got a new set of saline unders. They were too big and I've been thinking of taking them out for a year. I went today and had them drained in the office. We wait 6 weeks to see if I need a lift then go into surgery to remove bags and do lift. I'm deformed. Trying to keep it together but it's horrific.

So depressed

I swear I have the worst luck. I've been looking at so many pics on here and everyone looks so good after Explant. My right breast looks like it has significant tissue loss...probably from trying to fix capsular contracture and/or double bubble. My poor breast is mutilated. The bags are still in there but I can tell there's much less tissue in my right breast. The edge of the implant is literally sticking out in my cleavage area. I'm going back to PS on Tuesday and scrapping the plan to wait 6 weeks. I need these out ASAP. Wondering if I should have fat transfer to my right breast. I do not want more implants. I'm so done with surgeries! I found a very padded sports bra that I look okay in. I'm feeling like I never want my husband to see me naked again :(. Here are pics from today.

Light and free...

Even though I am totally disfigured under my shirt and bra, I feel so light and free and I have new respect/love for my body. I can't beat myself up anymore for what I've done to myself...just have to accept it and move on. Here's Day 3...pretty sure my right breast will need fat transfer to match left. Wondering if he can take what little I have in my left breast and share with my right? Lots of questions when I go on Tuesday. I pushed the edge of the implant in so it's not sticking out as much. I think if I compiled all my pics including my horrific contracture pics I could have a new career speaking at high schools to scare them away from implants and to love their bodies as they are perfect just the way they are...

Surgery scheduled

Hi ladies-I met with my PS today. He has a cancellation for Friday so I'm taking it. Friday he will remove my implant bags, try to release the crease and do a bit of fat transfer to reconstruct my breast. I really can't believe I've done this to myself. Knowing my luck the fat transferred will die and become infected and hard as a rock. I'll post some more pics over the weekend.

2 days post op

Hoping when the stitches and tape come off things settle and look somewhat normal...wasn't hoping for perfection just better than mangled!

1 week post op

Getting better...right now bigger than left but some of the fat transferred will be re absorbed so he overfilled. I've been keeping righty in a tape sling trying to shape it!

Timeline of pics and current pic (with tape sling)

Hi Ladies-I wanted to show you more pics from before Explant. Also here I am today 2 weeks post surgery but I have my tape sling on still trying to shape the right.

Another boob pic

The reconstructed boob with fat transfer is still bigger but I'm pretty happy with the result so far...could've been a lot worse! How long does the fat continue to re-absorb? I've read anywhere from a few weeks to several months!

Operation Explant/Reconstruct (hopefully) complete today

Today I had my PS try to reshape/lift my nipples a bit to be more symmetric. I'm hopeful for a good outcome under those steri-strips! These boobs have come a long way since deflation day!
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