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I am SO excited! I finally scheduled my BA for Nov...

I am SO excited! I finally scheduled my BA for Nov 27...I have always been fairly flat-chested (I'm currently a 32B), and I've wanted to get my boobs done since I was in high school. I'm 20 years old and some people may think it's too young to get implants, but I've thought about this for years now and I can't wait to finally get them!

At my first consultation with Dr. Barbara Howard, I told her how nervous I was and what I was hoping to get out of the BA. I want to be a full D, so she suggested 425cc moderate plus profile silicone implants. I've thought about it quite a bit since then, and I've decided to go with 450cc implants because I've heard a lot of women say they regret that they didn't go bigger.

I go in for my pre-op appointment tomorrow and I'm super nervous! But I'm so excited!!! If anybody has any advice, especially things to do to prepare myself for the surgery and recovery, don't hesitate to message me or comment! Thanks! I'll try to post some pics as I go along, and I'll DEFINITELY post tomorrow after my pre-op!

Soooo I've decided I'm not going to be getting my...

Soooo I've decided I'm not going to be getting my BA with Dr. Howard. I was scheduled to have it done tomorrow, but I'm going to hold off a while. I have another consultation this coming Friday with Dr. Madhukar Chhatre in Lee's Summit. A friend of mine got hers done by Dr. Chhatre and they turned out great! I guess I kind of got cold feet with Dr. Howard. My pre-op wasn't as comfortable as I'd hoped it would be. I just want to make sure I have the right doc!!

Thanks for all of your comments, by the way! I'll try my best to post after my next consultation. If this one goes well, I'm going to try to schedule surgery for early January before I have to start spring semester classes... Wish me luck!

I had my consultation with Dr. Chhatre today, and...

I had my consultation with Dr. Chhatre today, and I must say, I feel wayyyy more comfortable with him! Nothing against Dr. Howard, but the level of professionalism Dr. Chhatre exhibits is mind blowing. He's extremely knowledgeable about what he's doing, and that's obvious, especially since he does over 200 procedures each year!

I scheduled the procedure for January 9th. Since the office is over two hours from my house, we arranged for my pre-op paperwork to be mailed and emailed to me, prescriptions to be called in early, and before pictures were taken. I'm so excited!!!

Dr. Chhatre informed me that I'm slightly asymmetrical, which saddened me :( lol but he also said that nearly 99% of the women he's operated on have had some sort of asymmetry. So ladies, if your boobs are uneven, have no fear!! You're not alone!! I had no idea that mine weren't symmetrical.

As of right now, I'm going with Natrelle 450cc high profile unders; pretty different than what Dr. Howard suggested. Anne, the nurse, and I were talking about sizes and we agreed that 450s were probably the smallest I should go. I liked the look of the high profile sizers much better than the moderate plus profile sizers I had previously tried on. The high profile didn't look as unnatural or "saggy" as the mod plus. And they stick out farther :)

I should be getting my pre-op instructions in about a month. Maybe sooner. I feel so relieved to know that I've found the right surgeon. As soon as he walked into the room I knew that I would be scheduling surgery!
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I'm no longer going with Dr. Howard. My new doctor is Dr. Matt Chhatre.

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